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Where to begin . . . After being overweight...

Where to begin . . .

After being overweight pretty much my entire life, I had finally conquered the weight loss battle and lost 160 pounds. Oh boy, what a toll losing that much weight can have on a 38DDD breast size. When I started my weight loss journey, I promised myself that I would do something decadent when/if I ever met my goal. For me, that was fixing the sagging boobies.

A friend recommended a surgeon here in Houston, so I made an appointment. His office was lovely, the staff was friendly enough, but the personality of the doctor was, at best, not good.

We went through the usual question and answer session, when he finally told me what I wanted would require three surgeries - a lift, implants, & tummy tuck.

He then proceeded to tell me that there was a possibility I could lose my nipples, and with being a red-head and having very fair skin, the scaring had the potential of being pretty bad. Needless to say, I cried all the way home. I didn't want any of those things.

By the time I got home I had stopped crying. I was now intent on finding another doctor. Whenever I am searching for an answer or have a question, I ask "Mr. Google!" I typed in the search results "breast lift without scaring" and out popped Dr. Horndeski's name and picture on Real Self. I read all the reviews, looked for negative reviews (I found none) and I found this procedure quite fascinating. I mulled it over and finally decided I had to go hear what this doctor had to say.

I called his office the next day and they set up a time for Dr. Horndeski to call me. I could not believe the time he took on the initial call explaining everything in detail. What doctor does that? Dr. Horndeski, that's who! By the time he finished, I knew that I had to make another appointment to meet him at his office. I remember the day clearly - January 21. I was early. There was absolutely no wait and he took me right away. We then discussed what the procedure could do for me and what the surgery entailed. He was patient with all my questions and he made me feel comfortable talking to him.

When it was all said and done, I knew this was the doctor for me. Not because his office was fancy, because he wore pricey suits, or gave out the pretty black folders with the big price tags inside, but because he was genuine, real, and his patented procedure was cutting edge cosmetic surgery.

I scheduled my surgery date for May 23, 7 days before my 47th birthday. This was going to be the best, most expensive birthday present I have ever given myself and I could NOT wait!

Surgery day had finally arrived. I was scheduled the first surgery of the day 7:30. I needed to be there by 6:30a. I was in the parking lot at 5:45a. I am always early -- haha By the time 6:30 came around I was being taken back to pre-op to get ready for surgery.

When the doctor came in to do all the markings, he reminded me of a mathematical genius hard at work. It was all a very calming process and I wasn't nervous at all.

I don't remember the rest until I was waking up with my chest bandaged tightly and it was all over. The nurse was lovely and really cared, making sure I was comfortable with everything. She worked to get me ready to comfortably go home, explaining all the post-operative procedures to my husband. He was going to need to zip and drain the lines that were uncomfortably coming out of my armpits. Hubby is extremely squeamish about blood or anything medically related, but he listened intently, absorbing all the information like the loving husband he is. I slept on and off all the way home and slept in the recliner until the next day. The pain medication & muscle relaxer kept me comfortable.

The next morning we drove back to Sugarland to have the bandages removed. I have to say I cried once again, but not in sadness, but in pure joy. I finally had the perky boobies I had dreamed about for so long. Dr. Horndeski examined his work, took a few pictures, and made sure I had chosen the right bra.

On first visit I failed the bra test. The bra I bought from Soma didn't work. It was too tight (38) and WAY TOO BIG (size G). I knew it was going to be too big, but the girl assured me with swelling it would be fine, yeah right! I was suffocating because the thing was too tight and the cup size was huge rubbing on my new boobs. I could not wait to get home! I went back to an older bra that seemed to fit, maybe this one would pass the test until next week.

Post-Op Week One: I was feeling good and ready to get the drains removed. They had really become painful, uncomfortable and I just wanted them GONE! I showered, put a smile on my face, and gave the doc no reason not to remove those terrible things. He examined me and said "Are you a ready to get the drains removed?" "Yes," I answered. "Take those babies out!" He did just that! He ripped that sucker from my arm pit.
I screamed in total agony, then cried like a baby. (I highly recommend taking a pain pill before this happens) It was an instant pain, then instant relief and it was over. We still had to remove the second drain. Another RIPPP and PAIN, then relief....ahhhh it was finally over!

I failed the bra test once again, but he was really happy with the surgery results. I left his office on a mission that day to find the perfect bra. I ended up going to Kohls. I chose a "Vanity Fair" full coverage underwire bra - a perfect size 38D. I knew I had finally found the right one and on week 2, the doc confirmed I had chosen perfectly!

Tomorrow I am four weeks post-op. As I sit here writing this review I can hardly believe its been four weeks. I am still sore with some tenderness in my breasts, a tingling type of sensation. I don't consider this bad, but very reassuring that I have full sensation in my breast and can feel everything!

I have just begun sleeping back in the bed. Oh what a relief that is. I was able to go back to work at 12 days post-op but the lack of sleep was really beginning to weigh on me heavily.

I am happy to say my sleep problems are finally over and the boobies are looking really great! There is light scabbing around the nipples and the outer stitches are almost gone underneath the breast. I think the - what they refer to as "dog ears" will take the most time in healing so I look forward to that. I am hoping the doc clears me for exercise soon.
I am really missing that part of my life.

It was not an easy surgery by any means. It was probably one of the hardest I have ever endured and I have had a few surgeries in my time for various medical issues. Was it worth it? YOU BET! Every minute of pain will be replaced by pure joy in so many different ways.

As for my expectations on the whole "Ultimate Breast Lift Procedure" I couldn't be happier with the office staff, the doctor, the surgery center, and most important of all the results! This is the most innovative, advanced procedure out there giving the most beautiful results WITHOUT implants.

While I have turned 47, my boobies look 27, natural and perky. From what Dr. Horndeski says, they are gonna stay that way for many years to come! It was the best 10 grand I ever spent and Dr. Hordeski IS the best well kept secret in Sugarland! I cannot wait to have my tummy tuck!

What A Dream Day!

I cannot believe the fantastic experience I have had just speaking the truth about the best thing that has ever happened to me! I wanted to let this community know I am open to any and all questions you may have about "The Horndeski Method"

Please check out our appearance on Great Day Houston. I even got to have hair and make-up with Louis Gossett Jr. Just an over all fun day with Deborah Duncan!

Tummy Tuck Next!

On December 4, 2014 I will undergo a tummy tuck to rid myself of the last of the 200 I had to lose. I will be posting pics and my journey along the way for those that are interested in Dr. Horndeski's abdominoplasty with mesh procedure. I cannot wait!!!!

2014 Pics

I wanted to add a few recent pics 18 months later
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Couldn't Be Happier -- Dr. Horndeski is a pure genius!

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