Bellesoma Reduction and Lift - Sugarland, TX

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I had a reduction and lift with the Bellesoma...

I had a reduction and lift with the Bellesoma technique and it's genius! I love that I don't have the extra scar. My breasts are so much more youthful looking than my friends who had the traditional lift. The pain was minimal and well handled by the meds. His Office Manager is top notch. Jana was fabulous and so helpful with all the zillion questions I asked. I'm loving that the top of my breasts look so full now instead of deflated...and for the first time in a couple decades, I was able to buy a cheap bra that fit.

6 weeks out

Apparently my body doesn't like the sutures very much but I'm not surprised. I've had a lot of surgeries and this happened with one of my other procedures about 15 years ago. But as I'm healing I'm still loving that my breasts are so high and look great in clothes. Still no neck and back pain!! ???? My skin is peeling and itches on the bottom scar but the girl at work who had hers done months before me still has itchy peeling skin, so I'm in good company.


I started typing this the day of my appointment and the app closed on me so I thought I lost everything. I guess it saved it. I had a follow up appointment today and I am pleased to say that things are starting to look a lot better. My scars are a little bit red on the edges of my cleavage and they weren't before but the shape has me happy, happy, happy! They are starting to get there! ????

Valuable lesson-Bra shopping

I learned a valuable lesson. I bought these bras that fit perfectly. They were pretty and cheap and seemed a dream come true. The first one I wore weeks ago, I now believe, caused my Mondor's cords. The bra wasn't tight at all. As a matter of fact it perfectly fit around each breast and my torso. But something about the cut, after hours of wear, made it feel like it was tugging my breasts upward. I don't know if I swelled more during the day or what. Today I worn the same style in a different color and I wish I hadn't. I kept having an intense stabbing pain. It made no sense because the torso was still comfortable and not cutting into me at all. But again I had that feeling of being tugged upwards even though the straps we very loose. It's a brand from Wal-Mart. I love them. I've never been able to wear cheap bras before. I just think they will be better once I'm totally done healing.

Feb. 19 1 month, 1 wk, 2 days post op

Well my body is still spitting out sutures. This is what it looks like for those of you that may wonder.

1 month, 1 wk, 4 days

More suture spitting.

1 month, 2 weeks, new issue

Now this stuff called keratin is coming out. I need to ask Dr. H to explain to me what it actually is. Totally loving the shape they're developing, they are so high and look amazing in a bra, chest muscle pain was better at this point, still spitting sutures.

Loving the "girls"

For all of you ladies out there that have this procedure done and freak out because you look like Frankenstein at first, let me tell you the upper pole fullness is worth it!!!! Yesterday I was having one of those days that after wearing a bra for 24 hours a day, seven days a week for over 3 months, my incisions were just itchy and I needed something comfortable to sleep! I put on one of my sports tops that is tight but doesn't have the underwire support I'm supposed to be wearing. I made a point of sleeping on my back so that at least I wasn't ruining my shape totally. I woke up this morning and they still look glorious! ????

3 months 2 weeks out

Now that I am three months and a little over two weeks out they are really shaping up nicely and the scarring is looking fantastic since I've been using the new gel plus silicone sheeting! That stuff is amazing. My scars look a little jagged because of all the sutures that I spit but they are looking so much better. It hasn't been the easiest road but I will say that seeing all of the results from people I know versus mine, I'd still pick Dr. Horndeski's technique! I love the upper pole fullness without an implant! I still have have virtually no neck and back pain! I'm HAPPY!

Someone asked about upper pole fullness with this method - no implant

I love it!

Upper pole fullness

Someone had asked me about a side picture and I tried to upload it before but apparently it didn't upload. I love my upper pole fullness.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Horndeski is knowledgeable and to the point. I liked that. I expressed my desire to utilize this method because I wanted to reduce the strain on my neck and shoulders, even out size and lift my breasts with minimal scarring. He showed me pictures of the process itself. It's genius. I'm now 3.5 weeks out and I'm not sure how I feel about my choice just yet. I love that my breasts are a high and look great in a bra. As a matter of fact...I LOVE THE WAY THEY LOOK IN A PROPERLY FITTING BRA! I don't love that they look to me to be significantly smaller than what they were and there's a couple things that may need to be tweaked once I'm done healing. But hey, that's motive to shrink my body next. One of the things that you might want to note, if considering this procedure, is that forward projection of the breast is decreased but the base is significantly increased; and that's an adjustment in the way you view your breasts. I mentioned to him that I felt like the top of my breasts were somewhat flat. He said they looked good and were progressing well. At one point in time they were very triangular. The right one has significantly rounded out. So he was right. The left one still has a little bit to go. To clarify, I'm aware that this is a process and the results aren't apparent overnight. So for now, I'm still optimistic and patiently waiting. I think my shape, the feel of them and their placement in my chest is going to be fine. I am mildly concerned that my nipples do not look the same but I'm happy they are level and think this will be a quick, simple fix. I've had some complications but nothing that the doctor caused. Google Mondor's Disease. This happened to me and is a perfect example of why it's important to follow the instructions in the packet his office provides. When you're still swelling your bra can become tight causing this condition. Fortunately this is a temporary and isn't a major problem, but is definitely uncomfortable. After I read about how rare it was I was impressed that he immediately knew what I was talking about and provided insight. Today, one incision started weeping and I contacted his office staff. Jana was amazingly prompt, very helpful and gave me care instructions and called out a precautionary antibiotic immediately. Overall, I have to say my experience has been pretty positive and I'm confident my end results will be as well!

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