24 Yo, 2 Kids, 143 Lbs, 5'4 LOVE THEM - Sugarland, TX

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Okay so let's start from the beginning. I went to...

Okay so let's start from the beginning. I went to my initial appointment and got measured and we decided which size I was going to go with. I have two kids and my boobs seem to be deflated and saggy so I decided to just do it. I'm not a big boob person and neither is my husband but I still was sick of my droopy boobs. the doctor said did not need a lift thankfully even though they were pretty saggy. He decided to do it above the muscle which I was happy about. I had a lot of tissue to work with so we went with 520 and 560 cc in each boob. The writing my my boobs after surgery was kind of wiped off but it looked like one said 520 but I know for a fact the right one said 560. All I know is they were different sizes since I started off with uneven boobs. Ok so I left the initial appointment and went home for a few days to figure out financials and who would finance me. I already had a care credit account and was approve for a lot of money and their website said they accepted it and suddenly I could not use it even though their website said they accept it I guess because of "security reasons". On top of that my file ended up getting "corrupted" so on my pre-op appointment I was told I may have to come in. I told the girl I was very busy and wasn't sure if I could. She said we would just try on sizers to see what I liked and they when my file was back up and running they would call me with my original sizing that was lost. I get a call later on saying the file can not be recovered and i need to come in. I was very upset. I have two kids and things to do, places to do, places to be, appointments on appointments plus about to go on vacation and the last thing I needed was to drive an hour there and back and Bring my kids along but she basically said I had no other choice. I didn't get an apology at all and I don't even think they realize they didn't apologize. It was more of a "it's not our fault" type of thing. Well it's definitely not my fault your file got corrupted so why inconvienance me ? Closer to their fault than it was mine. I don't know any other surgery place that has things constantly corrupted which didn't sit well with me. So I went to my 3rd appointment with my daughters which they quickly measured me and I left. (The pre-op appointment was pretty much a waste of time and the 3rd appointment was pretty much the pre-op). The preop was literally her reading directions to me that I could have been emailed lol. So the only downside is living kind of far away and having to go up there. Anyways. I got a call from the office on the Friday before my surgery but I was out of town and didn't answer. Monday was my surgery in the afternoon so I called her back that morning. She asked me if I had questions and I told her about my prescriptions. I told her I only had my care instructions and directions to the surgery center in my folder she gave me so that was another annoying thing that they forgot to give me my prescription the 3rd time i was there. She called it in to my pharmacy and everything was fixed. About an hour and a half later It was time for me to drive up to Houston so I stopped to pick up my prescription and they said it was still not ready. I could not wait or i would be late so I had to leave . I went to the hotel in Houston close to the surgery center, got early check in. Settled in for 15 min and headed to the surgery center. I filled out the papers, was sent to the back, changed, gave a pee sample and went to lay down. She did my vitals, wrapped my legs in these massage things for flood flow and gave me my iv. The anesthesiologist came and was very nice and said I could just do oxygen and wouldn't need a breathing tube down my throat which was great. He said it's easier to wake up that way and easier to recover and not feel so groggy after surgery. They gave me a "cocktail" shot which was amazing lol and the last thing I remember was them about to transfer me from the bed to the operating table. Next thing I remember was someone calling my name but j couldn't open my eyes. I guess I had been in the recovery room for about an hour and then my wake up nurse was calling my name over and over. Finally I was able to open my eyes. I was a little sore but overall felt fine. He kept talking to me and we had a nice conversation which helped my wake up more. He gave me crackers and two things of juice and about 30 more min I was awake. My caregiver came to drive me to the hotel until my husband came. I told her she could leave tho Bc I was fine. A little dizzy walking but surely didn't need a caregiver. Fortunately she was only $60 for the 3 hour minimum but I only used her about 30 min. I facetimed my family and my husband ended up not being able to come because his truck was smoking but I was ok so it didn't matter. Surgery was at 3:30pm and I was in the hotel relaxing around 6:30. I watched tv and ate carrots and green beans and water then took an hour nap. I woke up around 8pm feeling wide awake. Mind you my prescriptions were never picked up and I have to get them when I'm back in my town which is an hour away. So I haven't taken any pain relievers. I took a bunch of pics around 930pm the same night and I love them. I know it's the same day hit they're so perfect already. The nurse in the surgery center was my exact height and weight and she got 425cc and hers looked huge under her scrubs so I started to freak out knowing I was getting 560! My surgeon assures me they would look great and so I trusted him plus it was too late to change sizes anyways lol. I am beyond glad they are this big Bc if I love them now and they are swollen, they will definitely be perfect once they drop and stop swelling. I ordered a pizza around 11pm and ate that and fell asleep around midnight. I slept so good even sitting up in the bed and woke up at 8am. The pain was way worse in the morning since I hadn't taken anything but it was bearable. If you have had kids then the feeling is similar to engorged breast. They actually probably felt less worse than engorged breast yesterday then today when I woke up it was a little worse than engorged breast but if I had my pain pills I think i would be completely fine. So after i woke up went downstairs to the hotel breakfast and now I'm hanging out until check out at 12pm in an hour. I will head back home, pick up my prescriptions and rest in my own bed. As far as pain: the sides of my boobs and under the boob are the worse. Lifting my arms up isn't bad but lifting them outwards does. getting in and out of bed is the worse but other than that it is just tight and I can't wait to get my pills ;) I will continue to update and can't wait to share my story. I would really recommend Dr. Ravi. Despite all the appointment nonsense I can really only judge the beautiful work on my breast but definitely wanted to share my WHOLE experience beginning to end. :) I provided my before and after pix.


So it is now 2 days post op and I am in some pain. The first day was a breeze and the second day was uncomfortable but today it's pretty bad Bc I can feel it in my back. Feels like my ribs are broken lol. The part that hurts the most is under the boob where the incisions are. They are sooooo itchy and the band on this bra is making it hurt worse. I am taking my meds but it isn't making much of a difference which is weird because Tylenol 3 usually works wonders for me. I took my first shower today and was scared but it turned out fine. The bandages were wet so I blow dried them on cool after the showerBc I hate the feeling of being wet when I go to bed. They look so good and I am still very pleased. I will update at my 1 week mark after I get my stitches taken out and my new bra from his office. :)


So I made the mistake of taking my Tylenol with Codiene religiously every 4 hours. I even had two alarms at night to take them and woke up so so sick. I haven't taken one since 4 am Bc I feel so horrible from it. Ladies remember only take them as needed instead of every certain amount of hours. I was sleeping fine so I really didn't need pain relief and that is a lesson learned. Anyways today it is easier to sit up and the main pain I am having is still the inscision area. Like its bad! It's feeling worse and worse and it burns. The bra they gave me makes it worse so I changed into a sports bra that isn't so tight around the band because that pain was so bad. I pretty much been in bed all day because I am still kind of shaking from the pills last night. Trying to flush myself out to rid these meds with water and ginger ale and it's kind of working. Also I have no appetite anymore which is weird Bc the night of surgery I ate pizza without a problem but now the thought of food makes me sick. Pretty much the way I feel is flu like symptoms but I know it'll be ok in a couple days. As for now I will continue with liquids and my antibiotics. No more pain pills

Pain pain pain

Ok so yesterday which was 4 days post op was the worse worse worse. All I can compare it to was a tearing feeling at the incision and I just couldn't take it. Worst day ever. I was about to rip my bandages off to see what the problem was. I slept with no bra Bc I couldn't take the bra rubbing against the incision. After my shower the bandages were just wet and itchy and I was getting so frustrated. So today 5 days post op I decided to just take them off and change them even tho I was told not to. I went to the store and got XL bandaids. when I took them off I felt fine. The incisions weren't even painful and they were healing nicely . So the whole time it was the BANDAGE irritating me which sucks Bc had I known that I would have switched to band aids way sooner. I now feel completely comfortable. I can stand up straight with out feeling like it's tearing. I think the old bandage was just stretching it or irritating it some how. Either way I'm glad I changed it against doctors orders because I'm more interested in my comfort and I don't think it really is going to negatively affect my breast :) I'm so happy now and almost pain free. I can't believe I was thinking my incision was in pain and it was really just the bandage. Follow your gut ;)
Dr. Ravi

He is laid back, nice and straight to the point. He helped my nervousness and basically made it a breeze.

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