32J/K Breast Reduction to 32D/DD 36YO - Sugarland, TX

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I've been medically advised to get a...

I've been medically advised to get a reduction for several years but other health issues combined with my general unhappiness with the local PS's outcomes meant that it was on the back burner. However, a few things have prompted me to get moving on the process: I found a PS that has outcomes that I'm very impressed with, my overall health is at an all-time high, and I love bike riding but my shoulders and arms hurt so bad from my sports bras, that I can't enjoy long rides. I'd also like to go backpacking, but I can't get a sternum strap to clasp on any backpacks, even the ones made for women, so the straps end up rubbing blisters in unfortunate places. I'm looking for a different quality of life.

The procedure is a long way off at this point, but it was the best time for the travel to TX and for my caregiver to come with me. At first, I was nervous committing to making the appointment, but now I wish it were next month and I could go ahead and do it! Aside from getting married, this is the only other lifetime commitment I've ever made (no tats, no kids, etc) but all of the forums and reviews on this site have really been helpful in educating me about everything.

I'll be flying home 4 days post op. If anyone has any suggestions, recommendations, or advice for making the plane ride a little more comfortable, I'd love to hear from you!

Adding Pics

Just wanted to add a few pre-op pics. I'll be working over the next few months to lose about 10lbs and tighten up in my waist and thighs, but that won't affect my bra size. I've also added a "dream body" pic to the uploads. Kelly Brook is definitely larger than average, but still much smaller than me, which is what I have in mind for the reduction. After looking at a reduction for years, one thing I'm sure of is that projection is really important to me. I want to lose mass from underneath and lifte them obv, but keep significant projection from the profile.

I'm making plans!

The surgery date is about 6 weeks out and I'm making travel arrangements. I'll have a 2.5 hour plane ride and then 2ish hours by car to get home. I've opted for this rather than having a connecting flight to a closer airport for roughly the same travel time. I think I'd rather be sitting around in my car, where I can recline and relax, than in an airport. I'll most likely be traveling with drains in, so I'm trying to figure out if I should spring for the $260 upgrade for 2.5 hours in first class with more elbow room. I don't know much about the drains. Does anyone have an experience with them they could share? I'd love to know if it's really important to keep your elbows away from your body or if it doesn't matter much.

I've also now had to start broaching the subject of "I'm having surgery in July" for scheduling purposes with acquaintances and at work. I don't mind telling my close friends what's going on and they're all really supportive, but I feel shy talking to some of the older gents I work with about it. So I've settled on "I've needed some surgery for chronic back pain for a while now. I finally decided to get it taken care of." They are all probably thinking I'm getting back surgery, but it keeps the embarrassment level down for all involved. :D
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