Tumescent Power Assisted Liposuction of the Abdomen, Flanks and Inner Thigh - Sugarland, TX

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I decided to get liposuction after successfully...

I decided to get liposuction after successfully losing 50 lbs last summer, then inadvertently gaining it all back. The initial weight loss seemed so easy, it took no effort. However after I gained it all back, no amount of eating healthy, or working out would get the pounds back off. All of my life I've battled with my weight, and this summer I reached my peak of 235 lbs. I am 5'8 and 23 years old. I dieted, I worked out and every time I made a little progress, it piled right back on. I started reading on realself.com and decided it was time to make a change. The first doctor I talked to advised me that a tummy tuck was the only option for me. I don't have kids yet, and I do NOT want a tummy tuck scar. I waited a while, lost a little more weight then found Dr. Horndeski. I went in for my initial consultation on August 15. Dr. Horndeski and his staff were very knowledgeable and the wait time was minimal. The doctor did seem a little rushed and as if he has taken a high dose of caffeine that morning. He was able to get me scheduled for the following day. I had my brother drive me to the appointment, since I needed a caretaker for the first 24 hours. Little brothers are terrible at calming fears. I was scared, nervous and had no idea what to expect. I was asked to arrive 2.5 hours early to the surgery center, but his first surgery lasted longer than he expected. The wait was exceptionally long and the longer I sat in the waiting room the more I wanted to back out. I doubted myself seriously, and even after the procedure has been completed, I'm still unsure if I made the right decision.

The procedure seemed to go by very fast. The doctor marked off the areas to lipsuction, which was my abdomen, flanks and inner thighs. I wanted some of my back fat removed as well, but the main focus was on my belly. The doctor wanted to do lipo on my breast as well because im a natural 36DDD, as a part of his patented "ultimate lift" but that would require me coming back to him for a $9,000 procedure in 3 months, so I decided not to do so. Not sure if this was some sneaky attempt at an upsell, or a genuine concern but I went in for belly fat and that's what I wanted to focus on. I wa sleep on the operating table before they could get the mask on my face. They told me the IV would hurt, but I didn't feel it. Next thing I knew, they were waking me up on a gurney in the post op room and rushing me out the door. I think I would have preferred a surgery center that allowed the patient to recoup a little before sending them on their way. They gave me two Vicodin and I was out the door.

I am writing this two days post op. I had a lot of draining on my left leg and I am extremely sore all over. The receptionist advised me prior to the procedure it would feel like I had just done a really intense work out, and I would say that's an accurate description. It is a little difficult getting in and out of the bed. When I got home for surgery the only reason I got up was to use the restroom almost every two hours. I went in for my follow up on day 2 and they say everything went well. All in all they took off 11 lbs. Not sure how many cc's, but I do hope the result will be pleasing. My mom says she can already see that I'm thinner. The compression garment isnt too uncomfortable. I wear one that extends from under my bust to below my knee. I'm afraid to take it off, but I will tomorrow to shower and wash my garment.

I will try to keep this as up to date as possible. I will include my before photos. Have not gotten around to taking after photos yet. One thing I wish I would have known in advance is that it takes almost 6 months before full results are visible. With liposuction you're pretty much paying for being able to skip the gym. Personally, once I heal a little more I will start working out again to ensure I am getting the most results.

Day 3 and feeling much better then day 2! I took...

Day 3 and feeling much better then day 2! I took some new photos, please excuse my vulgar t shirt!

Okay, so today makes one week since surgery, and...

Okay, so today makes one week since surgery, and alas it was not a good day. I started the morning feeling great, very upbeat and high energy. After about 2 hours my body began to ache, I got a little dizzy and was extremely nauseous. All of this was from the medication, and it was my fault since I took my meds without eating breakfast first. My body is still in pain, but it's different then last week. Last week I felt more sore, overall. Like I said, I felt like I had done a rigorous workout for 5 hours. Now it feels more like someone inserted a foreign object in my body and wiggled it around a bunch, bruising me up in the process! I'm able to walk a lot more now and I can bend to get thing off the floor and pretty much sleep in any position I want, but I get winded pretty quickly and my legs feel weak if I'm walking an extended area or at a fast pace. The areas that were treated are tender to the touch. I still can't say if the procedure is worth it or not, I am waiting on my results to be more visible.

So, a lot of time has passed since my initial...

So, a lot of time has passed since my initial review. I must say, I am not satisfied with my work. Dr. Horndeski did not contour my body in any way shape or form. There is more adipose tissue removed from the right side of my midsection than the left side and there is a noticeable spot on my thigh that looks like he literally inserted the cannula, sucked however many cc's out and moved on to the next section without even attempting to make things even. I have expressed my concerns with him and have been telling him since he surgery I am not satisfied with the results, but his only attempt at reconciliation was to offer me a second session of lipo at FULL PRICE (initially) and then he offered to lipo the areas I'm concerned with on my thigh so it wouldn't appear as misshapen. Instead of showing care or concern, he continued to tell me that "lipo is not going to bring you perfection. If do another session your skin MAY hang and you still won't have the look you want." The current issue is NOT with skin hanging at all, so I didn't understand his point in mentioning this to me. I just want my body to be symmetrical! After voicing my concerns with him for 15 minutes he finally offered to lipo the areas surrounding the "dent" as I call it, and I would only have to pay for the facility cost ($1,600) . Keep in mind, my concerns were not limited to my thigh, but to my midsection as well. Finally he asked me to wear my compression garment(which he told me I could stop wearing a month ago, and at the beginning of the conversation had indicated it probably would not do anything) and come back in a month and we could discuss my options. I am extremely dissatisfied with the service I received. I understand there are risk associated with liposuction, but he personally did not go over any of these prior to scheduling and did not show any type of compassion after the fact. He just tried to get me to schedule more sessions with him. Sorry I do not have pictures showing the abnormalities that I'm talking about, but I hope to have some soon.
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I don't remember Dr. Horndeski being at my bedside at all. To be quite honest, the PA could have done my surgery and I'd be none the wiser. I saw him once before surgery and once on the day of my follow up. The PA was very kind and took time to answer my questions. She had lipo before, so was able to better relate to my struggle.

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