Lipotuck - 45yrs Old, 5'1" 165lbs, 2 C-sections and Ready for a Flat Tummy!!! - Sugar Land, TX

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Even at my smallest in high school, I still had a...

even at my smallest in high school, I still had a lower pooch belly. Now, 25 yrs later and it's gone to hell in a hand basket. I have decided it is time to do something for me and now I can't wait. I've heard wonderful things about Dr Ahmadi and trust he will give me the results I am looking for. My pre-op is Dec 23rd and wondering what further questions to ask.

I'm doing as much as possible to prepare for this which includes drinking a lot more water. That alone has helped me shed a few pounds in just a week.

I read on here to get a shower chair and airplane pillow. I think it's also time to get a new foam mattress pad to make my bed as comfortable as possible. Any other suggestions?

Pre-op pics...ugh!!!

Pre-op pics...ugh!!!

3weeks to go...

I'm excited but nervous. I caught the crud last week and can't shake off this persistent cough. I'm going today to see my regular Dr. Hopefully taking mucin ex and NyQuil isn't effecting anything. I'm still drinking plenty of water. That's a big deal for me since I'm mostly a coffee/tea drinker. I've cut caffeine down to one Starbucks a week (Fridays) ;-) I'm doing what I call the "water challenge", drinking a gallon of water per day for 30 days. Its basically 5 - 24oz tumblers of h2o, I have to mark the times I should have finished one glass. That's the only way I will drink it. Otherwise it will just sit there all day...

Pre-Op in 2 days

I am so glad the holidays are keeping me busy. However, I am still thinking about my surgery almost every minute of the day. January 8 is just around the corner. I've requested off 12 working days, which gives me a full 18 days to recoup before going back to work. Hopefully that is enough time. I've only told a few ladies at work. The rest will just have to guess what I had done... ;-)

I'm going to ask Dr Ahmadi if he can incorporate a chin lipo along with the procedure. I hope he says yes, but will accept his decision. I worry that my high blood pressure may cause issues with the anesthesia, but he says as long as my meds are controlling it, I should have no complications. I just went to my Gen Practitioner for a cough and he checked my blood work, so all is good.

Pre-op test

Well, I went for my pre-op and everything was fine except for my Iron level. It's at 9.6 and they would like for it to be 11 or 12. I've never had low iron before and am kind of freaking out. I've been getting myself ready now to find this out. Hopefully, I can just take supplements after surgery to boost my level. Has anyone had a similar situation?

2 days Pre Op

I haven't updated because it appeared we were going to have to postpone. Between a horrible cough, low iron level, and at one point upset stomach, My nerves were probably getting the best of me. I just kept eating lots of iron enriched food (got sick of spinach with every meal) and took a supplement. We ordered blood work on Friday and the results came back good, so it's a GO! Went shopping all day Saturday. I bought a Nutribullet Rx for smoothies and puréed soups. Need to going grocery shopping today and will prepare home made chicken soup to freeze in batches. I will post some pictures today in clothes I hope will look better on me after my transformation. Hope everyone is having great progress! God bless while I do a happy dance! :-))

Made it to the flat side!

Thank you all for your prayes and support, I feel like I've done 1000 crunches. not sure how much typing I can do because I keep dozing off.

It's DONE!

arrived at surgery center for 7:00. Dr Ahmadi was able to include the chin lipo as well which will give me much better results. No pain just the usual feeling like I'm holding a crunch sit-up the whole time. No binder yet, not until post Op tomorrow. Thank you everyone for the wishes and prayers...

essential items to have

I'm so glad I purchased the wedge system from Relax the Back. I have a low profile bed and it makes it easy to get in and out of bed. Also, I got a walker. I didn't see the point getting it if I was only going to use for a few weeks, but it has made a HUGE difference in just this one day. I also have a travel neck pillow that is helping with the chin lipo. all in all, I'm as comfortable as I can be. going to my post op today at 3. until then, it's nap time...

3 days PO

Trying to stay hydrated since that has been an ongoing issue. Otherwise, things are coming along nicely. Able to take my shower and have another appointment today w/ PS.

before/after 3 days po

3day post op appointment

I had my 3 day post op appointment with dr Ahmadi. everything is healing nicely, I can go back on my blood pressure meds and they removed the two side stitches. I just have to keep everything clean and stay hydrated. I don't go back until two weeks so now I am resting up. he can tell I'm wearing my CG's for my tummy and chin. he's very pleased with the results, so am I!!!

Day 4 Post Op - The Itchy Phase

The itchiness has started. I'm glad because that means I'm healing, but dang! At least the slightest touch was relief, so I just keep rubbing lightly over my CG. I slept in the recliner days 2 and 3. Last night I felt more comfortable back in bed with the wedges. It's funny how my biggest objective of the day is taking my shower.

Day 5 Post Op

Today started off great! I've continued with my pain meds because I don't think it's necessary to be in uncontrolled pain but I have started reducing the dosage. I've been having a little bit of heartburn the past couple of days even though I haven't eaten anything acidic so taking Tums. Took a pain pill before my shower at 2:00 and felt great after (I've been able to shower by myself since day 2 with no problems. I take ALOT of naps throughout the day because do it while you can! :-))
I haven't had much of an appetite but have been making smoothies from my NutriBullet and eating baked potatoes with boiled chicken (trying to eat low sodium)
Around 5:00pm took temp and have 100.5. binder was feeling really tight so just wearing my CG now and relaxing, I take my blood pressure every hour as well and it's been up and down since day one. I'm back on my BP meds since Friday and feel better I'm able to take them again.
All in all, I feel pretty good and am not too worried about swelling and temp but will keep an eye on it all. Everyone worries about infection which is nothing to play with. Will keep updating and post pics tomorrow.

Day 6 Post Op - Funky phase

Down to mainly taking Tylenol. was able to sleep most of the night except kept switching from bed to recliner since Every few minutes my bum kept getting numb.
Woke up at 6:45am and only took one nap around 2:00pm. Completely bored, uncomfortable, sore, and I guess a little cranky... lol
I checked my dressings, not much leaking from drain sites. My left side appears to be a little more swollen than my right. my incision line looks ok except for slightly red in a couple of spots. cleaned up and redressed. I reversed the binder to close the other way to see if it will add a little more pressure on the left side to reduce added swelling.
My frustration is I can only stand a few minutes and then I have to either lean on something or sit down. Today was the first day I felt antsy and just want this to hurry up and heal already. I coughed a couple of times and nervous of popping any stitches so taking mucinex to eliminate any mucus.
I hope tomorrow is a more productive day...

Day 8 Post Op

Hi RS buddies, I wanted to update and say I'm feeling so much better. Things took a turn for the better Tuesday. After taking my last Hydrocodone pill early Monday morning and realizing the previous 6 days were a blur because I was doped up, I've been more energetic and alert. I only have to take Tylenol at night before bed now.
My incision and bb looks pretty good. My swelling goes down each day and I'm able to stand and walk around more as well. I even got out of the house for about an hour.
I've been wanting to post some new pictures but completely freaked out when I found out my daughters iPad is hooked up to my iCloud. I was trying not to let her see the extent of the incision much less my privates. However, it's given us a chance to talk about it. I will try to take pics tomorrow.
Happy Healing to all the folks going through the process now and hope you will be satisfied with your results. I realize now I didn't ask my PS enough questions, but am really lucky I chose a fantastic PS.

Like a kid in a candy store...

Today was the first time I opened my closet to see what fit. For the past few years, I've bought tops that I thought would camouflage my tummy. The few months before my surgery, even those tops were not doing the trick and I think that was what made me decide to move forward so quickly.

Now, every piece of clothing I put on today not only fit but flattered me in a way I have not see in over 17 years when I took my shape for granted. Before my first child, I weighed about 115-120lbs. Pre Op weight 165lbs. I currently weigh 153lbs and still dropping. I'm not really concerned about the numbers, I want to look in the mirror and see the cute shape I think I should look like. I have that now and could not be happier! I hope everyone going through this has the same outcome and I would encourage someone if they are a good candidate for this procedure, don't have people try and convince you all you need is to exercise and lose weight. Sometimes this IS the jump start to a better life. I know for me, I will think twice before I go for that SmashBurger. I'm also going to try and stay on a low sodium diet just because of my blood pressure my dr always wanted me to be on one. I thought by not adding table salt was all I needed to do. Wrong! Looking at labels, I'm more interested in sodium than calories at the moment. I also have not had caffeine yet, so I'm surprised Starbucks hasn't contacted me wondering where I've been ;-)

9 days post op pics

11days post op

yesterday I was feeling very good. I wanted to get out of the house so I did a little grocery shopping. What normally would take me 15min just to pick up a few things, I took almost an hour to leisurely stroll along. When I came home, I rested so as not to over do it. Then I went out to eat with my daughter and niece. I could tell I was pushing it so went straight to bed once we got home. A good nights sleep and feeling good once again. However, I don't want to do too much today so just relaxing and keeping hydrated.
While cleaning my incision, I notice it is healing very well. There is only one spot that still appears on my bandage and the same for my bb. I clean with alcohol and bacitrin then bandage it back up. I do this twice a day and keep my CG and binder on 24/7. I'm very fearful of infection and wonder if I have passed that point. Hopefully, I will continue this progress and get the all clear next Friday.

Know your limits

Yesterday and today I had to get out of the house. Today I brought my daughter and her friend to the mall. Walking even slowly is a lot of exertion and we stopped often. We went to see a movie and walking to the car was my limit. I'm glad to be back home and comfortable in my recliner once again. I haven't needed to take any Tylenol so that's good news. Nothing is hurting, just walking back to the car my stomach had a tightness that just felt weird. Perhaps it's swelling and that's the sensation?

12 days post op pics

2weeks post op

1st day back at work part time. All went well, I went in from 10:00 - 3:00. I started to get tired around 2:00 so know I can't push it much further than that. It was nice getting back to normal. The few people that knew I was getting my procedure were happy for me and said I looked great!

CG is getting loose

Today was my 2nd day back at work. I didn't want to wear my binder over my CG but ended up regretting later in the day when my stomach and sides started hurting. However, I think I came up with a fix. Tomorrow I'm going to wrap in an ace bandage and then put my CG on. I think my CG is getting too loose and not providing enough support plus I have a short torso which makes me have to fold the top causing the sides to bunch up. By doing so, I'm not getting the proper support on the sides either. I wrapped in the ace bandage when I got home and it seems to be working great.

18 days post op pics

I saw Dr Ahmadi yesterday and he said I'm looking good. The incision is closed and I can start silicone strips to smooth the scar. He said my bruise on my left side will continue to go down and just keep wearing my CG. Jenna will mail a medium as soon as it comes in since I don't have another follow up until Feb 20th.

I continue to love my results and have not grown tired of seeing this cute shape in the mirror and realize it's mine!!! Yay! I encourage anyone seriously thinking of doing this, if you are a good candidate and find a great surgeon... Go For It!!!

Quick update

The silicone strips seem to be improving the smoothness of the scar. I think it was $65 from the office at 17 days. But one strip lasts about a week before the stickiness goes away. I take them off every night before bed for the skin to breathe. Still waiting for the medium CG to arrive so bought some spanx to go under the large CG in the meantime. I'm having a hard time remembering what it felt like before sx. I'm also looking forward in another 2weeks to start my workout routine. I've been back working full time since last Monday.

Getting back to normal

went on a bike ride for the first time in years. It feels great getting back to normal.

One month post op pic

Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

So far the staff (Yvonne) has responded to every question I send her. Dr. Ahmadi's consultation was brief but very thorough and feel confident I will have great results! After researching him and talking to Yvonne, it just felt the right place. I've been to other PS with family members and saw how they were, so when I met Dr Ahmadi, he conveys an all business attitude and you can tell he takes pride in his work. I don't need him to be a hand holder, I want him to be a perfectionist because ultimately this is an art form. I'm looking forward with a positive attitude and know the outcome will be amazing.

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