45 Years Old Mom Trying to Became Sexy Again - Sugar Land, TX

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I am a Brazilian mom in my forties, leaving in...

I am a Brazilian mom in my forties, leaving in Houston, Tx . I have been fluffy and chubby for all my life and I am a kind of person that hates to be chubby and I have been doing crazy diets to try to get the size I have always wanted . I was quite sexy before my gorgeous little boy birth. I always had some issues regarding my breasts, but after my pregnancy all my body is out of proportion. I am not happy at all!!!

So, I decided to be happy with my body for a life time and a mommy makeover is on the way . On November 13, 2015 , Friday (my lucky day) I am going to have a tummy tuck and breast lift with Dr. Gary Horndeski . I am so excited !!!!

Part 2

Tomorrow I am going to see Dr Horndeski. It will be my second appointment in order to have all the surgery details finalized. The mammogram results was great. The last thing to do will be the blood test that I am going to do in the day of the surgery. I will keep you all updated.

Part 3 - Appointment before surgery.

Hi girls! Yesterday was the last appointment before surgery. It was the most worrying appointment to me because it were some many points to clarify. Dr Horndeski team are well trained, they made me feel so relax and sure about the surgery. I was able to gather all the documents and garments necessary to the procedure.

Now is just wait!!!! GOD bless me!!!

Excess skin - OMG

This photo illustrates the excess skin I have. I feel ashamed to show this picture to you, but, hopefully, it will help you all to judge if it is worth it to have surgery and if you are capable to deal with all the pain and issues involved. Thanks GOD It will be removed soon !!! I AM READY!!!!

I just attached a picture of the ideal bra to be used after the surgery. You can find it at JCPenney. The bra must have an underwire for shape and support , and be seamless. This bra must be worn at least 6 month after surgery. It is good for you to know! Lots of hugs....

Mommy Makeover is on the corner...

Dr Horndeski had decided that my surgery will be done in two parts. The first one, the "Ultimate Breast Lift", is going to be this Friday, 13th. On December 11th is going to be my tummy tuck with mesh reinforcement. Those techniques were created by Dr Horndeski using medical and surgical expertise with engineering techniques, learned prior his medical degree.

This mesh used on tummy tucks help us to lose and maintain weight loss and, The Horndeski Method position the breasts on the chest wall, giving us the impression of wearing a push up bra.

That is why I decided to have this surgery with Dr Horndeski. As far as I know he is the only one who practices those techniques in US.

I attached picture of the hospital which I will have the procedure. Here we go!!!!!

I did it. Part 1

I'm very happy with the results. I've never seem my boobs like now. The first 3 days after surgery is painful. The drains are horrible and also painful. We have to be patient.

My new boobs

More pics for you all.

8 days post ops pics

I am delighted.

12 days PO

I am still feeling tide and with some pain under the arms, but when I look my girls on the mirror I realize that I am feeling gorgeous. This surgery worth each penny spent. Also my left nipple looks like awkward, Dr Horndeski said that it will settle nicely. Fingers crossed!!!

20 days Post Operation - Ultimate Breast Lift by Dr. Horndeski

I am delighted with the breast lift results that I have been thanking God every single day for this special opportunity. I would love to know that all of you could experience the same opportunity. 20 days has passed...

One month PO

I just want to say to those who work that after 1 month you can definitely go back to your routine without no doubt. Be aware that no lifts more than 10lb. You will feel great.

Tummy Tuck with mesh

Dr Horndeski uses mesh in his TT procedure to make us lose weigh. It is unbelievable how satisfied you feel after a glass of water. He has removed 4lb of skin and fat. I am so happy! Dr. Horndeski, God bless you.


Hi girls. It has been a while since my last review. I've been resting because my TT. The first week after a TT, we have to rest and walk a bit to start the healing and also to get used to sleep on a two positions recliner chair. Those chairs are great when we are taking our medications, after them it's tough, but necessary. More pics's coming soon....

Almost flat!

Today is day 9 PO. As you can see, i'm still swollen and i'm not wearing a garment though. I'm not wearing a garment yet becouse Dr Horndesky uses a mesh on his TT to support the tummy wall and he apply it tydely enough to makes us lose weight. First we need to get used to the mesh, just after that we are able to use a garment. I lost already 8lb. Woww.

Improving fast !!!!

Yesterday was the first day wearing a garment, 13 days TT PO, and I'm really impressed with the results just after a day. Our body is fantastic!!! God creation.... Also, as promised by Dr H, I lost already 11 lb since Dec 22nd, 2015. That is amazing!!

2 month Breat lift PO and 1 month TT PO

I decided to start following Weight Watchers to improve my figure. I am thinking to lose more 12 lb. Let's see if I can get what i want. I believe that "We are what we eat". So, from now on, with my new body I have to eat smarter.

30 days post TT

I am still so swollen. My body is improving slowly though. Sometimes, I do not believe that I will have the flat tummy that I have always desired. Other times, I feel happy and slim. This site helps me to realize my improvement. Thanks Realself. Have a nice week!

Happy new mommy.

It has been awhile since my last update. Healing is a very slow process and patience is the key to conquer the best results. Each week there is a surprise, although just few of us realize the improvement. Swollen areas vary a lot. It goes and stays in some parts of the body depending on each type of exercise you are doing. Have a great day!!!

With some clothes on.

My period has disappeared !!!!

I am really concern about the disappearance of my period. After my breast lift which was in December, my period stopped. Anyone knows anything regarding it. If yes, please, help!

Dr Horndeski mommy makeover.

Thank God, my body is getting in shape and in order. My period is running smooth after a special pill. I had to have help from my gynecologist, though. I am happy now.

As you can see on my pictures, I had a small improvement in my tummy and also you can see clearly the famous "dog ears" that I will get fixed in one month. My boobs are amazing, I love them! I feel comfortable not wearing bra and they fit in any kind of clothes. I had a good improvement in my breast scar too. I am doing a scar therapy called EMBRACE. It is quite expensive but worth it, I believe that I have to get the best appearance possible of my scars. They will last a life time. : )

Good bless you all !!!

An update soon!!!

I will attached some pics soon! I was on holiday, feeling amazing. See you soon.

Update after 8 moths UBL and 7 months TT

After 8 months of UBL and 7 months after TT, I can tell you that I am pretty happy with the results. Comparing my before and after pictures I realized the improvement on me and I am happy with my figure. Although my TT scar is uneven, I know that time is crucial. I am still swollen, hopefully, the scar will become more uniform in a couple of months.

It has been 10 months after BL & TT

I feel good and sexy. I don't have any complaints about Dr Horndeski procedures. We just have to be patient and let the time does its work. Although I have been so happy with my body, I asked Dr Horndeski to put my TT scar a bit lower and on my breasts I asked to hide on my cleavage. I decided to do it at the hospital on Oct 07, 2016. Patience is the key!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

My first impression was good, despite the very fast appointment. He is smart and passionate about his revolutionary techniques and also meticulous with his work. I like him so much.

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