I've Always Wanted a Fuller Top Lip - Sugar Land, TX

I've always disliked the look of my lips- they are...

I've always disliked the look of my lips- they are very thin and turn inward. I have been getting lip injections for the past couple of years and do not love the result because they add volume and my top lip just sticks out more creating the "duck look". Even though I don't love the look of fillers, I prefer them to my natural thin lips. I've spent thousands on fillers and being that they are temporary makes them completely unsustainable and impractical. I have wanted to lift my top lip not make it protrude further, which is what fillers do. I am ecstatic that this procedure can dramatically improve my appearance. I consulted with Dr. Horndeski and am confident he will do an excellent job. I am so thankful for RealSelf!!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

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