Lip Lift and Fat Graft. Sugar Land, TX

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I decided to get a lip lift because I felt the...

I decided to get a lip lift because I felt the distance between my lip and nose was long. I was rolling my lip and scrunching my nose to be able to show my teeth when I smiled. I did a ton of research on the procedure, doctors, etc. I didn't want anything extreme (cutting into muscle) since this was an unnecessary/cosmetic procedure. After reading a lot of reviews and consulting with multiple doctors, I finally settled on Dr. Horndeski in Texas. I would have preferred to have a surgeon in my home state but I couldn't find one that did the procedure. However, I saw another patient flew in and out the same day as surgery. I choose Dr. Horndeski because I saw a lot of positive reviews and the consult we had.

My consult with Dr. Horndeski was through phone calls and emails. What I really liked was how quickly I received responses from Dr. Horndeski and his staff. They confirmed that I could fly in and out the same day without any problems and they offered to pick me up and take me back to the airport. I appreciated that! I sent pictures and described my overall goal. We decided I would probably need to remove 5-6mm of skin. The only thing they could have improved on was a little more communication on their end right before the surgery. A brief rundown on what to expect, what to buy, the medications I would be getting, who would be picking me up from the airport, post-op care; all of which I received upon arrival but I was freaking out a little the few days before. The thought crossed my mind that this whole plastic surgery website was just a way to lure women in and get kidnapped! Fortunately that was not the case.

They picked me up from the airport the day of surgery. When I arrived at the office, I met with Dr. Horndeski and Elisa to discuss my surgery. I threw a little curve ball right before I went and asked about correcting my deep superior alar crease. They were extremely accommodating with my last minute changes. I originally thought that I just needed a lip lift, which is where they make an incision at the base of the nose and basically pull the skin up. Dr. Horndeski explained that I shouldn't just pull the middle of my lip up and insisted on doing a corner lift (no extra charge.) I was a little skeptical but I think he was right now! We also decided to do fat grafts for my alar creases. Lip lift ($3000) and fat graft ($500). I was really nervous about the fat graft because I had not done my research and there isn't a lot out there.

After the consultation, I was ready for the surgery. I was ready for the numbing shots, they hurt but I cringed through it fine. The surgery for my lip was a piece of cake after that. The little liposuction for the fat graft was a different story, that HURT like HELL! That spot hurt the worst for the next few days. The fat graft going into my nose was fine too. I filled my prescriptions at the pharmacy 6 doors down and then they took me back to the airport. I was pretty embarrassed walking around right after surgery, especially since my gauze was bloody by the time I was supposed to board. I did get priority boarding though because I kind of looked like I got punched in the face. If I had to do it again, I would have paid extra for a flight without a layover. I was pretty anxious to get home. Two major problems with my flights being the same day as surgery was 1) the time frame didn't allow for me to eat before surgery and 2) I wasn't sure how the pain med would effect me and since I had a layover and would be driving home, it was a gamble. In my case, since my flight (layover included) was 6 hours, I did like Elisa instructed and took the pain pill with my smoothie dinner before my numbing injections wore off completely. I had 6 hours which is how long the pill was suppose to have an effect, so I figured I would be able to drive home. I was afraid the pill would make me sleepy and I would miss my second flight, but I was fine.

It's now four days after my surgery, I slept upright every night. I didn't need the pain pills after my first one. My face really didn't hurt at all, a little irritating maybe but no pain. I was really swollen and I think I still am...

We will see how the final product looks....


The swelling is down! I think my lip looks really good, just what I wanted. I really don't believe the fat grafts stuck around, I don't really see any change. I'd say that was probably a waste of money.

Tooth Show

I definitely have more tooth show than I did. My top lip was pretty stuff the first week and a half post op so I couldn't fully smile. Just an FYI for anyone planning to do this. The big difference for me was I really had to scrunch my nose to show my teeth whenever I smiled, now I don't have to. My smile looks normal!

"Corner Lift"


I have been getting a lot of questions about the corner lift. I'm not sure if this is the normal procedure for a corner lift but I can tell you that my corners were lifted. I had to do this in paint because I didn't take an actual photo of my incision lines pre-surgery... However, this is similar to how Dr. Horndeski drew them. He drew the normal Lip Lift incision lines first (in black) and then said we should do a corner lift and drew "wings" (in blue.) I had only seen the black drawing for a lip lift procedure, and was a little nervous about how much skin we took from the corners, but I love my result!


Corner pics..

My scar post op 2 months

I feel like my scar is looking better and better everyday. I'm posting a picture that looks up my nose, so everyone can have a better idea of what it looks like.

Smile tooth show

I'm loving my new tooth show when I smile! It may not look like a huge difference but I also don't have to smile as hard for my teeth to show! Giving my face a more relaxed look!

Make-up 2.5 months post op

Best Decision Ever!
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