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To make a very long story as short as possible I ...

To make a very long story as short as possible I had otoplasty done by Dr. Horndeski and have never been more disappointed in my life. I went in with the excitement and intention that my ears will finally look good enough to wear my hair up and not have to hide them anymore. I am 29 years old and have always been self conscious about how much my ears stuck out and absolutely HATED them. After having done the surgery I can honestly say that i would take my "old" ears back in a heartbeat after what he has done and having to deal with the uncaring, unprofessional way him and his assistant has treated me on top of that. A piece of cartilage (rook) that i used to have pierced has been cut off from both my ears and only a tiny piece left. A bigger piece was left on my right ear. There's excess skin in my conchal bowl that they are saying will go down but have recently discovered stitches that i can feel under the surface of the thin layer of skin in my conchal bowl. When I call about my concerns they seem frustrated and annoyed and repeat the same things instead of directly answeringdirectly answering my questions. First saying that my ears are normal so give it time to heal. And now admitting, after being confronted, that the "rook" WAS taken off in order to give me what i wanted. Otoplasty surgery is supposed to make the ear pinned back but still have a normal inside structure. It was not what i wanted or what i asked for and certainly was not warned. In all my research I've done I've never seen or heard this being done to anyone so i had no idea that it would be possible or that it would even happen to me. If they informed me of this I would not have done the surgery. Also they are now saying that these are not stitches in my conchal bowl but pieces of cartilage. So if i have random pieces of cartilage sticking out of my conchal bowl that means that this excess skin can not possible go down or "smooth out" like normal like they say. After having the conversation with Elisa about my concern and letting her know my issues i still haven't heard anything after that. Now I am worried because I can't get an honest answer. I hope that this information helps and encourages anyone to keep researching and find a better Dr and have the surgery that they are expecting. I still wear my hair down and keep my ears covered and am embarrassed to even show anyone. Even if the excess skin goes down after they completely heal i still have missing cartilage that makes my ears look deformed and have no idea how big of a problem it will be if in fact these are stitches.


5 weeks update

It's been just over 5 weeks now and they are still sore of course and a numb at the tops of my ears. My temples just above my ears hurt for some reason and i can't turn my head all the way to the left. The skin back there I'm assuming was stitched too tightly so when i do it pulls and is very uncomfortable. The only part of my eaf that really hurts anymore (unless bumped or touched) is the excess skin on the inside. The part that isn't even spposed to be there. They throb sometimes at the end of the day, middle of the night and in the mornings :/ i don't sleep elevated anymore but i do have ro sleep on a donut pillow every night ao i can put my head on the top of the pillow and my ear through the hole part. I still wear the headwrap at night in case i accidently lay on or fold one. I still can't exercise (it was my favorite thing to do) or go outside too long because they start to swell up still. The problem with all this is that even though i know it's not, he tells me I'm fine and sends me out the door in less than a couple minutes q+with no other information than that. So i have no idea if I'm healing normal or not. The PA, Elisa, never even responded to my last concern about my stitches and skin.


It's been almost 2 months now and it still looks and feels the same. On the days that I am most active or have to be out in the heat they hurt the worse. They're still numb at the tops and are very tight. The inside extra skin/cartilage that isn't even suppose to be there hurts and throbs. There's still pressure when i bend over and my temples still hurt for some reason. Glasses are painful. Sleeping is frustrating. I quit my job because it's too physical and i can't do any outside activity because of swelling.
Just something as simple as smiling and turning my head is uncomfortable because of how tight they are. It feels like something is ripping. I hate it!

Almost 4 month update

Ears still look the same and over the past couple months some stitches have came out of the back and the 2 are still poking through the inside of my ear. The excess skin/cartilage is still there and hard. They both still look gross and I still keep them covered.


Still numb on the tops and still hurt where the stitches are poking out. It's hard to see them in the pictures because it's just the clear tips. They get red off and on and still swell a bit during exercise. If i bump them they still hurt and I still can't sleep on them. I'm sure all that is normal, I am mostly still upset about the way they look and how they treated me. I still haven't ever seen anything like them.

7 month update

After seeking other surgeons opinions and advice on where to go from here I have gathered that I will have to have them fixed. There is now another stitch that has surfaced in the front (which they told me was impossible bc they were in the back) at the bottom of the right ear. The main discomfort now is the pain from the swelling/redness in those areas where the stitches have surfaced. Still have to sleep on a donut pillow and the left one gets swollen. Which one Dr told me was it was probably because of the movement from the stitch that stays irritated bc of how long it is sticking out.

14 months

Still can't sleep on my ears and sensitive to things that normally shouldn't bother them. There's still a tingly, numb feeling on the edges and the extra squiggly cartilage in the center is still the same size and hard. I was told worse case it would take a year to smooth out because it was just wrinkled skin. All the changes he said would happen clearly didn't. He just told me all that to get me off his back. Not much has changed since close to the beginning and I think enough time has passed now to be able to say that he just did an awful job and didn't care at all.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Very disappointed and a huge mistake choosing this Dr. I honestly don't understand how his ratings are so high and i wish i had read all his negative ones as well. He's over rated for sure. In my terrible experience with him I wouldn't recommend him to anyone... Unless you want a Dr. who when messes up on your body isn't honest, tells you it looks fine when really it doesn't and makes you feel like it's somehow your fault or what you wanted.

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