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A while back I saw a coolsculpting ad, and it...

A while back I saw a coolsculpting ad, and it really got me curious. After checking prices, I decided to hold off and sure enough a week later there was a Groupon deal in my area. I looked up the office and the Doctor was board certified and the office had good reviews so I decided to jump on the board.

I called to make an appointment for a consultation which she said that I could go ahead a get the treatment done on the areas I want. I only did the lower abs although I wished I went ahead and did the flanks in addition, but I didn't have the 2 extra hours.

Day 1: Treatment Day (Lower Abs) Regular $1600 Groupon Deal $549
I met with the technician and knew ahead it would have been a train technician not the doctor so I wasn't surprised. She had a consent form for me to sign and asked if I had any questions.

1. Do they do this treatment a lot? Apparently so
2. Has she had the treatment done? She's done her back which she said wasn't bad at all in 3 weeks she has already started seeing results
3. Will they prescribe the needed meds if the pain is too much for me? The doctor doesn't like to prescribe Gabapentin but will prescribe something topical. Hopefully that's all I need. They even brought in the administrator who has had her lower abs done to answer any questions that I had. I mainly was concern about the nerve ending repair themselves. She said that sharp tinglings are more intermittent and that they've only had 3 cases were the person felt intense pain. Hope I don't get added to that list.

We took my before pictures then I got on the bed. They had a body pillow which will come in handy for the flanks I could imagine.

They verbally prepared me for every step. They was a bit of pinching when it started the suction, but like everyone said you go numb afterwards. I din't find the cold to be all that bad. I found that relaxing and breathing for the first 10 minutes help a lot plus the admin and the technician stayed in the room and chatted with me so it got my mind off of the initiate shock.

Right before the 60 minutes are up, the attachment started massaging and loosen up a bit. Then the technician came in and slow pulled it off. I braced myself for it, but it really wasn't bad at all. When she started the massaging, I just took long and deep breaths and got through it just fine.

6 hours later I feel great. I probably could go workout right now without an issue. The only thing is it is a bit red and tender still like when you come in from the cold and your cheeks are flushed.

So Far so Good....

Next week I do in for my flanks.

Day 2: Slept no problem and the area is still numb...

Day 2: Slept no problem and the area is still numb. I actually massaged it out a bit before bed. This morning I woke up and it not noticeable at all and very minor swelling with no bruises.

I did a boxing class with abs this morning and in the afternoon I did a bar method class where we even rolled on the ball with our stomach. Not pain or discomfort.

I am bracing myself for the next couple of days as I know the pins and needles will start in the next few days.

Day 3: Again slept no problem and woke up early...

Day 3: Again slept no problem and woke up early for a spin class. Yesterday's workouts I didn't even noticed my stomach but today I was more aware of it. I'm not sure if it's because I worked out twice yesterday or it was from the procedure. I had no problem in spin, but again was aware of my lower abs. Kicked that spin class in the butt and went about my day no problem. I did wear spanx today because I was afraid jeans rubbing against my stomach would bother me. It was actually nice because my lower stomach was starting to feel heavy anyway so it held it in. Still slight swelling only and no bruising.

After work I rubbed a bit of Bengay Zero degree on it in case the pins and needles start. So far so good.

Day 4: Nothing to really update. Not sore just a...

Day 4: Nothing to really update. Not sore just a bit of itching. I went to spin and had a great class without any discomfort.

Exactly 1 week: Yesterday I woke up fine and went...

Exactly 1 week: Yesterday I woke up fine and went to workout without a problem but starting last night I started feeling more of a discomfort in my abdominal. I went for the ice pack which helped it a lot. It seems like its more uncomfortable at night then anything.

I woke up feeling fine but by 7pm I started feeling a bit of stinging and burning sensation. The ice pack definitely helps.

Oh and got my love handles done today. Oddly one side didn't bother me while another side the sensation was definitely stronger. The pinching when the fat gets sucks in is definitely most uncomfortable to me. So far no bruising and only a bit of swelling.

Day 12: Well I definitely did start to feel the...

Day 12: Well I definitely did start to feel the sensation. Pins and needles aren't an accurate descriptions. It's more of a scrapping feeling from the inside and burning feelings. It happens more at night for me. Originally I put ice on it, but after some research on neuropathy, I decided to try kinesio tape on my abdomen and it helped a lot. In fact I no longer need to apply lidocaine or ice packs. It helps with the neuropathy and also helps with lymphatic to keep the swelling down. I really recommend you Google and research it more. It works for me, but I don't know it would necessarily works for others.

I am about 4.5 weeks in for my lower abs and 3.5...

I am about 4.5 weeks in for my lower abs and 3.5 weeks for my love handles. I am seeing great results so far!! So far I am happy with the results. I hope its true that I will see more results in the next 4 weeks.

I am exactly 7 weeks in and am loving the results....

I am exactly 7 weeks in and am loving the results. This morning I went to squeeze my lower abs and the pinch is significantly smaller. I am able to wear some jeans that cause a bit of muffin tops before comfortably. I am hoping to see more results since they say you continuing lose up to 4-6 months. I go in for my 8 weeks post pictures. Can't wait to see the difference side by side.
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