Breast Reduction and Lift for my 40th Birthday....the Hordeski Method. Sugar Land, TX

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Morning ladies. It's currently 08.32 on a muggy...

Morning ladies.
It's currently 08.32 on a muggy Texas morning and l am waiting at Brazosport Hospital to meet Dr Hordeski for today's operation.
I am an Australian woman, living in London and have travelled to the U.S specifically for Dr Hordeski's ultimate breast lift method.
I am presently a 38H cup (UK sizing) and aim to be a perky DD. My breasts are heavy but not full, a little pendulous with stretched skin. They are more wide than long but they are out of proportion to my body and it's time they got some youth back.
I gotta say though that men still love them but my neck and shoulders don't!
So, as l sit here in my hospital gown, I am feeling very nervous about the operation, the end result and a little sad that l have travelled alone.
I will upload before and after pics post op.
See you on the other side x

Emotional Recovery

l apologise ladies that it has taken me a week to write again. I underestimated the recovery process, which a huge part of this being mental/emotional.

So to go back to where I left off on the 26 June.....
After doing all the paperwork and changing into my hospital gown, I met Dr Hordeski and his assistant surgeon around 10.00am. He marked me up, filmed and photographed me and explained his procedure again and what result he was hoping to achieve. He then advised me that he expected to operate around midday. Over the course of the next 2 hours, this was followed by a chat with the anaesthetist, the head surgery nurse, the general hospital nurses and it seems anyone who was willing to chat to me, haha. Because I had travelled 12 hours the day prior, l had an IV drip put in to build up my fluid levels.
Close to midday it was a flurry of activity...however the last thing l remember is laughing that so many people had come into my room and that l was sitting up in the bed as l was wheeled down the corridor, smiling - that's my last memory.
My surgery took 4.5 hours and l was in recovery for a couple of hours before I woke up....well, woken up. I remember feeling utterly exhausted and the nursing staff kept telling me to open my eyes but it was just so much effort.
I am not sure how long l remained at the hospital but l recall being placed in the car to be taken to the Stamford suites, but l don't recall the journey or being put into my bed at the hotel.
As l travelled alone, l paid for a career stay with me for the first couple of days - this service was $17 per hour and her role was to manage the meds, assist with toilets, washing, meals or any support that you needed.
Between the wearing off the anaesthetic, the pain meds, the muscle relaxers and the antibiotics, l really did not take much in for the first few days and was in and out of sleep.
On day 2 however, Dr Hordeski came to my hotel room with his assistant surgeon to check the draining tubes and to remove the bandages. This was the first time l saw my new breasts and looking upon myself in the mirror - l did not recognise me and did not know how to react. My old breasts, although heavy and saggy were still rounded and womanly. The breasts l saw before me were perky, tight, very high, squarish in shape and with smaller nipples. I recognised nothing of them. They did not look real. They looked very oddly shaped.
I think my surgeon was surprised that the unveiling was not met with rapture, but this is when l realised that despite my years of discomfort and ogling and nana bras - my old boobs were me and l had not anticipated mourning their disappearance. My bra was then tightly fastened so that even small movements would be impossible, the surgeon left and l returned to bed...confused.

Throughout the following days my routine was fairly lax - meds, fluids, measuring drainage, sleeping, toilets, washing, TV, phone. I did some walking of the room when l was able but l did not leave the hotel room. At this point l gotta say the staff at Staybridge Suites were amazing. Angel from guest services brought me breakfast each day (its supposed to be buffet style in the eating area) and Candy in housekeeping helped me with little things like opening medication lids, reaching up high for me etc when she would visit. They were excellent.

I had a visit from Dr Hordeski again on Day 5 where he checked progress and removed my drainage tubes....done with all the tenderness of a surgeon!!! Ladies, brace yourselves for this - it's like a burning rope being fiercely thrust from your body....I said a very unkind word on this day!

I departed Houston on Friday 3rd July and went via Dr Hordeski's office for my final check up. He and his assistant surgeon discussed the surgery with me again (probably as l was coherent this time). He asked if l was happy with the result and l said i had very mixed feelings about my breasts and that it was too early to say definitively as they need to settle, but l did ask about the following:
- my breasts are boxy in shape and not rounded
- One breast is larger than the other (my right breast is more swollen and painful) and the left one has an odd shape - like it's been squeezed in the middle
- The base of my breasts where there are stretch marks, appears to be loose whilst the top is so tight there is little movement.
- The suture line is not at the base of my breast, like l was told it would be

I asked him If he was happy with the result and he said yes. He told me that l had a lot of stretched skin that he had to work with and that my breasts needed to settle before it can be determined whether any further corrective surgery is needed. He said he pushed them really high so that l would hopefully maintain a long lasting perky result and explained to me that he tried to utilised both fat and breast tissue to get this result but until he cuts a breast open he will not know what he is working with. Apparently breast fat is easier to mould (which l think l had more of) but breast tissue gives better projection. He also told me that the final shape of the breast will be determined by the 'moulding of the bra' and the suture line may not be visible when the breasts settle - we won't know this for 6 months. To avoid getting 'dog ears' he ran the suture line a little wider on the sides and said that this line would fade. I wasn't so worried about this line, although other surgeons that I spoke to did lipo on the sides so that a smooth line was's a shame Dr Hordeski could not provide a similar service, especially with his higher surgery costs.
Anyway, he stressed to me that I must wear a good, supportive, slightly padded underwire bra 24/7 for the next 8 weeks. He is presently working on a trademark for such a bra but as it's not approved, he provides guidance on what sort of bra to purchase.
His amazing office Manager, Jana actually purchased a couple of bras for me (bless her) so that l had something to go home with but unfortunately the underwire is cutting across the base of my breasts and is creating an indent. I await the arrival of some new bras...fingers crossed.

I arrived back in the UK yesterday - Saturday 4 July. The 10 hour flight was not the most comfortable, despite my very fortunate free upgrade from BA (love you BA!) but the real silver lining was seeing my 22 yo daughter at the airport.

So this is where I am at. Safe, a little sore, still on some meds, a little unsure but trying to be positive for the moulding of some great boobs.

If you have survived this long-winded spewing, lo would love your opinion and expertise on how my breasts have evolved.

Before and After photos to date

Finally some imagery...

3 months post op

Hey ladies,
So it has been three months since surgery. I am not in any pain, l still wear a bra 24/7 and am still not exercising... well nothing more than briskly walking to work each day and a little romance on the side (always with a bra on!!).
Over the past 3 months there has been a myriad of emotions, discomfort, popping out stitches, red nipples, a little discharge and second thoughts. However I think these are very normal issues after such a big operation and nothing has been unbearable....although l dare not show my boobs to the man as yet. I started in a H cup (well, l was spilling out of that) and l now fit snugly in a 36G. I am still larger than l thought i would be but l still have another 3 months before the shape is defined.
I am pleased with the progress of reduced swelling, the height of my breasts and how l look in clothes - the new ladies definitely suit my body shape more.
I am not happy with the way the cleavage area is healing and have expressed this to my surgeon. My breasts are not getting separation in the middle and no matter what i wear down (his advice) my bra or how high the centre wires come up - when l remove my bra to shower, they just fall back in again. I believe this is a design fault in the operation and a result of not having a centre seem (anchor method) to pull the skin together tightly in the middle. Its essentially untouched are and it even feel different to the rest of my breast.
I issue weekly pictures to my surgeon (as l am UK based) and Dr Hordeski is going to carry out revision surgery in Dec/January. This will be free of charge (although l have to pay for my flight back to Houston) and done under twilight sedation at his surgery. He will liposuction the cleavage area and then redo the centre scars so that they are lowered and less aggressive looking. He will also fix the dog ears on each side.
It is important to me that i return to him to fix the job and not because l paid $11k already but because he knows his work best and needs to complete the job so that i am fully satisfied.
So, l will keep you posted of developments.
H xx

Three Month Pictures

As per the above review - here are the pics.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I have only met Dr Hordeski via a Skype call whilst I was in the UK. He was pleasant and informative. I knew so much already about his method from my own research. All my daily questions and contact in the lead up to coming to the U.S. has been with his amazing office manager, Jana. I am about to meet Dr Hordeski to be marked for surgery.

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