23yo Can't Wait to Get Rid of These Boobs! - Sugar Land, TX

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I went for a consultation last week with a PS. He...

I went for a consultation last week with a PS. He was professional, friendly, and spent a lot of time answering my questions. The receptionist told me it would take 2 weeks to a month to hear back from my insurance about approval. Just 3 days later she called to tell me that the surgery was approved by insurance. I am still going to check out other doctors before scheduling the surgery. I am worried about the recovery time. The PS said 3 weeks until I can do any lifting. My job requires moving people and lifting. Hopefully I won't really need that much time off.

Surgery date: 4/25/14

Decided to go with my previous PS. He was able to get me in right away. I am going for pre op tomorrow. I am nervous about having a reaction to the anesthesia. I am taking 7 days off of work. Hopefully I will only need the pain medication for one day. I will post my after photos on friday or saturday. Wish me luck!

Post Op

I had the surgery today! I got to the hospital at 6:45am. I checked in and waited to go to my room. Once I was in the room the RN asked a lot of questions and I signed the consent. Then the Anesthesiologist came in to speak with me. He ordered for me to have a patch for nausea. Then the CRNA came in to ask some questions and give me versed. Then I was pushed back for surgery. I remember him pushing me to the OR because I asked for the smallest amount of versed. I scooted over to the OR table and was hooked up to the tele monitor. Then he put me to sleep. I woke up with a foley. I was not happy about that, but they took it out in PACU. I was almost fully awake when I got to PACU. I refused the Dilaudid in PACU because I was not in any pain. My PS called my mom and told her the surgery went well and that I was in PACU. I stayed there for 45 minutes and then I was discharged. I felt a lot of nausea on the way home. I had some vomiting at home, but I felt better after. I was able to eat a little. I started to have some pain at 7:30 and took Norco.

Post Op

5 Days Post Op

I am feeling a lot better. The doctor removed the wrap on Tuesday. I still have tape, but he says he will remove it next week.
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