"Bellesoma Method” Travelled from the Middle East to Houston. No Vertical Scar No Implants! - Sugar Land, TX

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Why did I make the decision? For as far back as...

Why did I make the decision?
For as far back as age 9 I was caretaker to a pair of “girls” which were labeled by the little boys in my class as my “jugs”. I grew up in a family of four girls and two of my siblings had model figures, long legs, arms and perky, good sized, well-rounded breasts!

I on the other hand had a rather voluptuous figure and even though I sported long arms & shapely legs. My tiny high waist was always over shadowed with a protruding mound of flesh, otherwise better known as the bust area. My breasts first appeared on my torso at 30DD and grew to 30H during pregnancy and later settled down to a 30G. Over the years I hunted tirelessly for pretty bikinis/ swimsuits/ lingerie … and reinforced the buttons on my dresses & tops with safety pins to avoid public display of cleavage or breast tissue!

Why did I choose Dr Horndeski?
All of my adult life has seen me exercising 5-6 times per week, gaining and losing weight in a desperate attempt to be more slender. It was only later in life that I realized that whilst I achieved a toned body, I was never really going to have a slender figure as my girls took up a huge portion of my midriff.

Life saw me becoming 40 something, with breasts that were seriously pointing south and in desperate need of scaffolding! Over a thirty-year period I consulted with numerous surgeons across Europe, Middle East and the USA. They all seemed to chant the same solution to my desperate cry for help:

“A lollipop/vertical scar is your only option & the scar will fad over time giving fantastic results.”

I always walked away feeling frustrated. Did these surgeons not realize that the reason I wanted the operation was because I was unhappy with my body image. Why then would I settle for a vertical scar which to my mind was not any prettier than saggy girls!

I stumbled across the “Real Self” breast community by accident. As I read one woman’s story I would click to another story and continue clicking for hours. I was totally transfixed. These women were my sisters from another mother! At last I was no longer alone in my battle to avoid the traditional techniques of breast reduction surgery.

As I trolled through the stories I stopped dead in my tracks after I nervously typed in the search bar the phase “ breast lift & reduction without scars”. ……. To my utter amazement I came face to face with my knight in shining armor Dr Horndeski. With his bow tie and glasses I likened him to the “mad professor”. Actually I warmed to him immediately as his written responses to the questions raised by the Real Self community were very concise and extremely informative. I quickly rang his office to book a Skype consultation, which were the first of many. Each consultation proceeded with a barrage of questions from me, followed by carefully explained answers from Dr Horndeski. He recommended the Ultimate Breast Lift in view of the severity of my sagging, together with a reduction, which would be in keeping with my weight and height.

During our Skype consultations I left no stone unturned. My questions were numerous, as I had been looking for thirty years to find the “right surgeon” and even the trickiest of questions to my amazement he answered to my satisfaction.

Still not willing to believe that I had found the solution to my problem, I called the Texas Medical Board, verified his license & qualifications. I reviewed numerous before & after photos of previous patients (about 25), emailed and spoke to eleven patients. I finally decided to set a date for the surgery and pay my deposit.

Even with my deposit paid and my questions answered I continued to worry, investigate and ask more questions. I “grilled” his staff and even had the cheek to ask them what surgeries they had done with him! I was even tempted to interview his wife and daughter (LOL) to satisfy my crazy desire for 100% certainty that he was legitimate and that he could achieve what he had promised!

In July 2014, following seven months of due diligence (also know as stalking?) I finally decided to board a plane and take a 17.5hr flight to the other side of the world to meet my knight in shinning armor in person. Dr Horndeski!

I had been liaising with Dr Horndeski, his amazing assistant Elisa and OMG Mrs Efficient office manager Jana, for months. So to see them all in person was like coming home to family. In real life he was more animated than on Skype. I was enthralled by his sheer passion and knowledge of his subject matter.
However I was still extremely worried about the operation. So despite the time he had spent with me in previous Skype consultations I spent another 1.5hours in his office where he took the time to listen to my fears and reassure me that I would be in safe hands. More importantly I could see that he was truly excited to help me with my lifelong issue. His voice would quicken with excitement as he explained the details of the procedure, he would smile and answer when I asked both new and old questions. I am eternally grateful that I found not only a surgeon but also a team of staff who truly cared about me. I was so ready and excited to do my surgery the next day. “D” day had come!

What were my deepest fears?
Being of Afro-Caribbean descent and therefore having dark skin my deepest fear was the risk of keloids or hyper pigmentation. I also researched the numerous cases of post op complications and was petrified that I would suffer from if not all but a few of them. Scarred or disfigured breasts in my opinion would be worse than a bad hair day! Even though my “girls” were like low hanging fruit they still served as a reminder of my feminity. If they were ruined and disfigured how would I face the world? Actually better still how would I face myself. These thoughts haunted me for months until I finally turned the corner and had an “Ahah” moment. What I realized is that my gorgeous God had made me perfect and due to the effects of Mother Nature, Dr Horndeski was simply brought into my life to use his God given talents to enhance my natural beauty. My fears were gone, I had nothing to fear, God was in control and my faith truly got switched into overdrive!

How do I feel about the results?
After a four-hour operation I arose to a small patch on the back of my neck, which did a fantastic job of preventing nausea as an after effect of anesthesia. I also saw the unwelcomed sight of two large plastic pipes jutting forth from my armpits. Um……… this has been the worse part of my experience to date as it felt like I was wearing a straight jacket. Moving, turning and lifting were extremely difficult and painful. Having a shower was like World War 2 and when the drains were removed on day 6 I was ready to have a party! But instead washed my hair and had a long awaited shower.

I’m writing this review on day twelve and I only needed to take the painkillers & muscle relaxer tablets for first 2 days. However I was extremely tired until day nine and have been doing a 45minute walk every day since then. However once the drains are removed the pain disappeared and left me carrying perky, smaller & certainly more beautiful breasts. Which I would liken to the story of Cinderella my “jugs” had been turned into princesses! My post op breast size was a 38D as oppose to my starting position of 30G. There is some slight bruising, which has increased my back size. Each breast is hard & swollen which I would liken to the feeling experienced on a premenstrual day. However I am confident that my back size will reduce substantially as I continue to heal and recover from the surgery as I now fit into a 36DD. The areola was also reduced and is now positioned at the correct section of my torso. The underwire bras, which I have changed on a daily basis, have been doing a fantastic job of molding and shaping my breasts. Finding the right bra to fit was tricky however I finally found a few at Marshalls and via the Internet.

To say I’m delighted is an understatement ………I’m ecstatic with my results! Why ……because even though I am at the beginning of my healing journey Dr Horndeski did a great job of explaining ALL of the post op complications. I’m prepared and ready for whatever comes my way and have accepted that everything that happens on this journey is designed to help me heal both emotionally and physically.

Would I recommend Dr Horndeski to my mother, sister, daughter or best friend?
The only creator of human beings in my opinion is God. The good plastic surgeons are therefore only using their God given talents to help us ease the unfortunate effects of Mother Nature. Dr Horndeski and his team put a human face to a very emotional and life changing operation. His passion and drive to develop a new technique will no doubt continue to be faced with disbelief and often-negative remarks. However this man is truly a genius and I give God thanks every day for bringing him into my life. I love my mother, sisters, daughter and girl friends. I would not hesitate in recommending him to each and every one of them if they required his help.

My closing thoughts
Do your due diligence/ homework. Ask lots of questions. Go with your instincts and finally accept the fact that your surgeon is not God but the good ones like Dr Horndeski are rare. As he is a breast expert!

For out of town patients I would suggest a minimum of nine days stay post op. Being close to the clinic helped to give me peace of mind. And in all honesty if I had returned home any earlier I would have been just too exhausted.

I’m quite a private person so I will not be posting pictures on the site. However should you have any burning questions that you want answered then please feel free to drop me a line and I will respond to you as quickly as I possibly can. Be happy, confident and blessed. This operation will change your life forever, so I wish you all the best as you enjoy your journey to a new you!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Horndeski is a highly intelligent, patient and experienced professional. He has a wealth of knowledge that is light years ahead of his peers. I would not hesitate in recommending him to people who appreciate and understand the true nature of the gifts and God given talents which he has acquired over the numerous years that he has been practising medicine.

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