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Havong a breast lift has been on my to do list...

Havong a breast lift has been on my to do list since I was a teen. I inherited child bearing hips, a big booty & big boobs from my mama. I lost my booty & had to do a BBL IPin August. Now I am getting the UBL to finish off my transformation. I feel like I've been blessed to be able to afford 2 surgeries in one year. I'm also blessed that my hubby doesn't care what I do. He loves my dirty socks & supports whatever I decide to do. I'm going into 2013 with a bangin ass & a new rack. What more could I waNt or wish for... I'm looking forward to hearing from you ladies what I need to consider & things to prepare for my surgery.

Hey ladies. So I'm just counting down the time...

Hey ladies. So I'm just counting down the time until my surgery. As I mentioned before I've contemplated a breast lift for many many years. I am a 38D & love my boobage, just need the girls to sit up. I started researching on Google for Doctors back in 2008. At some point I found out about Dr. horndeski & his method for doing the breast lift without the vertical scar or need for implant to have upper pole fulness. This intrigued me. After joining the site, I was able to find out more about him & decided I wanted this procedure done. I did a BBL with Dr. Jimerson first because I knew part of that procedure entailed lipo to my abs & I wasn't for sure if that would bother my breast lift. I am almost 4 months post op from that now.
I have had a Skype consult with Dr. Horndeski already & talking to him gave me a great feeling that he is definitely the man for my procedure. He was very sweet & I've heard he talks fast, but I didn't think so. Maybe because I'm a fast talker myself. His staff, mainly Jana, have been so great to deal with in helping me plan for my trip. That's all I have for today. Good luck to all the lovelies going thru surgery this week & those in recovery.

Ok ladies. I have to be honest. I have been...

Ok ladies. I have to be honest. I have been freaking out about my upcoming surgery. I need to thank MH0979, Fitluv, & TwoPlusOne. You ladies have been amazing at helping me calm my nerves. My hubby was saying maybe I should just leave my boobs alone since only he sees them & he loves them as they are. Again this is for me & my comfort. I hate wearing a bra all the time & never being able to wear my cute tops without a bra. Swim suits is a whole nother problem too. I have to triple knot the tops to hold up my jumbies.
One reason I got concerned is due to this puckering I noticed on many patients who have this specific breast lift. Apparently it's common for the skin to kind of gather but it should resolve within 3-6 months. If any ladies have experienced this with their lifts please chime in as I was told this happens to majority of patients who get lift.
I would like to ask you ladies if there were any details that you found out after surgery that you didn't know before? Please share.

Good day ladies. Well I am feeling much better...

Good day ladies. Well I am feeling much better today about surgery. My husband has decided to accompany me and this has improved my mental state massively. I generally like to do lots of things by myself, I’m different yea I’m different. However, he could see that this surgery was affecting me in a totally different manner than anything else in my life. His decision makes me so joyful. His occupation requires him to be on site & travel within certain areas; therefore it is not an effortless feat for him to be gone. Nevertheless he is preparing now to have one of his employees take charge of the work & will make himself available virtually for any immediate needs that arise.
Now all I need to do is concentrate on readying myself for this journey. I had previously booked my hotel, but my hubby canceled that so we can stay in a suite, which will be much more room. Thankfully we have some family not so far away that our child will visit for several days while I recover. Since I hear the recovery may not be that bad I’m scouting all the deals I can for entertainment in Houston. I want to tour and see as much as possible. We love to hike, but that is definitely not on the list of things we will be doing, lol. Again I welcome any thoughts, well wishes, advice etc that you lovelies may have. Share share share as I need as much info as possible. Have a greatly blessed day & may God be with all going into & recovering from surgeries this month.

So I have ordered the make me heal vitamins again...

So I have ordered the make me heal vitamins again for pre & post sx. They seemed to have helped last time so I'm using them again. I still have to get my post op bras, but I may actually have some that the Dr will approve. We have booked a suite just outside of Houston so we can be closer to our family that will be child sitting. I think my nerves have greatly improved & I'm so looking forward to this sx. God is so good & I'm so thankful for the blessing of being able to pay for this sx after just having had my first ever sx in August. I'm going into 2013 a transformed woman & that feeling is undescribable. I would love for any ladies who have had sx already to let me know if there are any essential I need to be sure I have on hand. Happy healing to all in recovery & blessings to those yet to have sx.

I only have 7 days until my BL & I'm now more...

I only have 7 days until my BL & I'm now more anxious than ever. While I'm so thankful my DH is going with me, he has me worried for my pre op. He's not excited in the least to see another man fondling his wife. I told him the Dr. fondles breast all day so mine aren't special, but he says mine are special to him. Lol. I hope he doesn't make Dr. H nervous by his big stature. People always think my DH is a football player because he has the build of one. Hopefully Dr. H is used to intimidating husbands by now. I've been taking my pre sx vitamins & extra iron since Sunday. I have all our bags packed & I have 8 bras for after sx. I wasn't sure which would be best so I wanted to have plenty options. At this point, any additional advice or even just well wishes are greatly appreciated. I feel like I've read every blog on the site, but there may be something I'm forgetting.

Just a quick update. Had my pre op today. It went...

Just a quick update. Had my pre op today. It went very good. My hubby had a couple questions of his own for Dr. H which surprised me & they actually carried on in conversation for a bit. But it was all over once Dr. H started showing us how he does his technique for the UBL. My DH isn't keen on graphic images of breast tissue, lol. I feel much more determined about sx & can't wait to have perky boobies. Thank you all for your prayers & well wishes. This time tomorrow I will be recovering from a prayerfully uneventful surgery. Prayers for all going thru sx soon or recovering.

Will update this weekend when I am less sore &...

Will update this weekend when I am less sore & tired. Thank you all so much for showing love to me. It is greatly appreciated :-)

Thought I would try to update before fall asleep...

Thought I would try to update before fall asleep again. My sx went great, no complications or problems. Walking you thru my day I got up at 5:30AM, showered, & grabbed my wish pics. My DH drove me to surgery center. Once there they asked for my remaining payment on procedure. Dealing with the surgery center was a mess. Apparently they bill separate from Dr. H so you have to pay them their part while Dr. H only collects his part. Long story short I didn't bring my debit card with me & my hubby didn't have that kind of cash on him either. I was under the impression that Dr. H's office would pay surgery center, but in this instance they didn't. Everything got worked out, but it was frustrating because I went to surgery center the day of pre op & signed all the necessary paperwork. Their paperwork seemed like a receipt so that's why I thought their payment was processed. I shouldn't have left without making sure they had info to process my payment, but oh well.

So they get me into prep area & Dr. H apologizes for mixup with center. I told him it wasn't his fault things just weren't clear. He takes pictures, marks me up, takes measurements, shows me where my nipples will sit, takes more pics, looks over my wish pics, & then the anesthesiologist comes in. They ask all the typical questions; have you had sx before, any allergies, health problems etc. She then tells me she is giving me my margarita & I the last thing I remember was my hubby kissing me saying he'll see me when I wake up.

I remember waking up & my nurse asking me to try to drink some Sprite, which I did. I guess I was going in & out of sleep because Dr. H came back to check on me, but I don't remember that. He said he showed myself & my hubby the pics from sx, but I can't recall that either. So I finally get up & my nurse & hubby get me dressed and off I go back to hotel. I went right to sleep.
I didn't have an appetite at all so my DH kept giving me crackers and lots of water. I have been drinking about 80 FL oz a day, maybe a little more. I slept most the day, but with all the fluids I kept getting up to go to restroom. I must say I couldn't have dine this sx by myself because my arms are so sore & I couldn't do some things. Putting on a coat, wiping myself, changing cloths etc... I needed help with all these things so it is definitely great my DH came with me.

The next day I had my post op visit with Dr. H & I got to see my new boobs. They are everything I wanted! I almost cried when he took the wrapping off. They look real good. I was worried about the projection and if they would be smaller, but no worries. The girls are big & I had to get a 38 DDD! I've never been in the triple digits. Of course my boobs are swollen so they should settle around 38 DD. I feel so blessed & thankful for a successful sx & getting what I want. I was somewhat apprehensive about having this type of BL, but it turned out great so far.

I am taking vicodin every 4 hours, muscle relaxer every 6 -8 hours, bacterium every 12 hours, & my post sx pills from Make me Heal. That's all I got for now as my right arm is sore as ever. Will update more later & pics to come soon. Be blessed ladies & thank you all so much for showing love to me.

Here are my much anticipated pics from sx. I will...

Here are my much anticipated pics from sx. I will get to them in a minute. First let me discuss what’s been going on with me. So as I updated before, the medication was no hoe! It literally had me on my back knocked out! Strong stuff for real for real. I was taking vicodin, Flexeril, which is a muscle relaxer, & Bactrim, an antibacterial medicine. I stopped taking the meds on Monday and haven’t taken anything for pain since Sunday night. I am still taking the Make Me Heal Vitamins & Supplements and will take those until I run out. I haven’t had any pain or discomfort, except for the drains. I was extremely sore in my arms after sx and couldn’t use my arms for simple things, like to hug someone, wipe myself after going to restroom, comb my hair etc…. Thank God for my hubby as he has proved an invaluable resource for me in my recovery. I couldn’t see myself allowing a stranger to wipe me or handle me in the manner I can entrust my spouse to. Round of applause for my hubby for being a great care giver.
I started eating regular foods on Sunday. Thursday Friday & Saturday I had no appetite. That was weird because I am an eater and after my BBL I awoke from sx with a major appetite. Not this time. I could only take in crackers and water the first day. Friday I added oranges, pineapples, & watermelon to my food intake & Saturday was the same. Sunday we went to a relative’s home and I ate some eggs and turkey sausage for brunch and just ate fruit the rest of the day. I have continued this sort of food intake since Sunday. Sleeping on my back has been interesting since I am a tummy sleeper. I never sleep on my back as I’m usually lying on my hubby when we go to sleep. He had our hotel give me extra pillows to help me get comfortable. He arranged them so that I am at an incline when I sleep. It’s been ok but I recently learned of a breast augmentation pillow made for tummy sleepers! It’s made by Descansa & you can order it from Sears, Amazon, or Descansa site. This could prove to be a great tool for women going thru a breast augmentation sx and a bbl, so I will be posting about it in my BBL review as well. I ordered one and will let you all know how it works out.
Today I had my 2nd follow-up appointment with Dr. H & everything is coming along well. I decided to keep both drains in for a couple more days. I have one drain that is still draining near 50 cc a day, while the other is near 25 cc a day. I will be in town so figure I’d rather let the drains stay in & do their job so I don’t get a seroma. Dr. H said I am still swollen so he expects I will settle around a 38DD. That makes me happy! I also received a follow up call from my nurse Nettie at the sx center. She wanted to know how I was feeling and if I was happy with my results so far. That was really sweet of her to think of me. She was a great nurse and took great care of me after sx while I recovered from the anesthesia.
So on to the pics. I haven’t taken any myself due to just resting & knowing that Dr. H would take pics at each follow up appointment. So what you see are pics from the day of sx and then the Big reveal! That pic was taken the morning after sx in the PS office. It does look like the left hand facing is slightly bigger than the right hand facing boob. I’m not sure if it’s swelling or if I will still have one bigger boob once things settle. Dr. H said he only removed about 80 cc from one side and 100 cc from the other just due to the nature of what he is doing with reconstructing the breast. I don’t have the full sx report yet so I’m not sure which breast had what removed. I will update that info when I can. I’m also waiting for his office to email me more pics so I can post those as well. I will have to wear a bra to shape up my breast for a month and then I can go bra less fo life!!! That is so exciting!! And yes I meant fo not for, lol. If anyone has any questions on my UBL please ask away. I hope my review can help others who want to keep their natural breast tissue & have the upper pole fullness that previously was only offered thru an implant. Later beauties.

I'm sorry I forgot to let you lovelies know that I...

I'm sorry I forgot to let you lovelies know that I have FULL nipple sensation. The day after sx when I went for a post op follow up, Dr. H barely put his finger on my nipple & the sensations are way more than I have ever had. I did have some nipple sensation before sx, but on a scale of 1-10 it was a 5. Now I'm like a 20! It's that big of a difference seriously. I did leave TX with one drain still attached. I have continued to drain over 30 cc in one breast & I don't want to develop a seroma by removing too soon. I called my primary Dr. back home before I left TX to make sure their office can remove it for me once I'm draining less than 25cc per day. The other darin hole closed up immediately when removed. I didn't even need a bandage. That surprised me since I had a small hole in my butt when drain came out following my BBL. That hole took about a week to completely close.
I saw Dr. H for the final time Friday and he said I'm healing just fine. I have had no bruising that I can see since sx. In regards to some questions I received about the life of my lift. Dr. H states that as long as you don't have dramatic fluctuations in weight the lift will sustain. By dramatic we're talking in access of 50 lbs. However, if you experience a change in weight that later affects your lift appearance he can adjust it in a smaller sx at that time. This will include some cost. By my research this is basically similar to what some implant patients have the option of as well if they start to sag with implant due to weight fluctuations. I don't plan to have any weight changes to that effect. However, if my DH & I are blessed with another child one day, then i will take Dr. H up on that option. Until then, I love how big & beautiful my breast are without an implant. Hope all are healing well & blessings for those preparing for sx.

I am 2 weeks and 3 days post op now. Here are a...

I am 2 weeks and 3 days post op now. Here are a few pictures I was brave enough to take of the girls. Dr. Horndeski needed to make sure I was progressing ok so I had to send him pics. The swelling has subsided some and my breasts look closer in size now. I haven’t had any leakage or pain since sx. I did have some minor itches here and there near incisions, but I just rubbed the areas a little to eliminate itch as best possible. Scared to scratch or be aggressive with anything near the boobs. I have to say I loathe the swelling that has occurred in my abs and upper body. I plan to have my massage therapist do kinesio taping in my upper body to help with that. I guess I’m just a water retention type because with both my surgeries swelling has been a beast. I do like salt though. Lol. Besides that, my DH pulled my last drain out last week. It wasn’t bad at all, however I do have a very high pain tolerance so may not be the best judge of pain for those considering removing a drain themselves. I didn’t know the drains were so long. I’m posting pics of drain so you guys can see what the end looks like.
In other news the breast pillow from Descansa arrived and the literature that was with pillow was different from what I read on the web. It states not for use after breast surgery and you have to use with your bra off. Well I can’t sleep or take bra off for 6 weeks, except to wash and change bra of course. Nevertheless I did use it for 30 minutes and it did feel god to be back on my tummy. Depending on your surface beneath pillow it provided good firm support and my boobs did not smash down to bottom at all. It includes pictures of ways to use pillow and I have found that I can sleep on my sides comfortably by using this pillow. That has been worth it for me. I will upload the picture too. I just REALLY recommend anyone considering using the pillow after breast sx talk to YOUR PS First! I would hate for some one to experience any problems due to my thoughts on pillow. I love my boobs and can't wait to show them off to you ladies more. It feels so good not having to hold them up anymore. They have a new home and that's where they will stay ;-P Continued prayers for those going into sx soon & quick healing for those in recovery. xoxo

Hey lovlies. Well 6 weeks today & I love love love...

Hey lovlies. Well 6 weeks today & I love love love my boobies. Just biding my time in recovery. I'm so nervous about infections since that's all I've been hearing people talk about. I've cut some stitches that have poked out with no problem. It seems everyday I am texting Elisa, Dr. H nurse, to make sure I'm progressing as I should. Been very busy with life, but wanted to give this quick update. My hubby greatly admires the girls & tells me he can't wait to motor boat them. LMAO!! God bless.

Just adding a couple pics. Nothing new. Just...

Just adding a couple pics. Nothing new. Just waiting to be able to work out so I can get toned for summer & lose this 10 pounds I've picked up. How long have any of you ladies waited to resume workouts? I want to do P90X again at 2.5 months out from sx. Hope all is well for you lovelies.

Nothing new to report. Just waiting for puckering...

Nothing new to report. Just waiting for puckering on sides of my breast to completely heal. This has been a long healing process. I'll post new pics next week. Still love my perky breasts :)

Hey loves. Been busy with life, but wanted to add...

Hey loves. Been busy with life, but wanted to add some pics. I'm 2 days shy of 4 months and I'm trying to be diligent with using ScarAway to fade scars. I'm very happy with my results and I just love not having hanging boobies anymore. Hope all is going well for everyone & I wish you continued blessings on your own surgeries.

UBL aka Bellesoma Method has been great

My breast are amazing! They have held up wonderfully and I can't imagine what it would be like without any them. Dr. H really changed my life. My flap jacks were always a source of shame for me and know I love walking around bra less.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I researched breast lifts for quite some time before deciding on Dr. H. His technique is one of a kind & should allow me to never need a bra again. Other PS's I consulted with thought I would be unhappy with a regular lift as any minor weight fluctuations could result in sagging again. Dr. Horndeski has a proprietary method that allows women to enjoy upper pole fullness without an implant. Also knowing this lift could last me a lifetime is exactly what I was looking for. I first learned about him thru Google searches. Since I've found Real Self I have spoken & emailed with many women who have had sx with Dr. Horndeski & they all said they were beyond happy. Now I can add myself to the list of satisfied patients. Can't wait to heal up and never need a bra again!

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