Breast Augmentation with Donut Lift on 1 side

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I have been considering a breast augmentation...

I have been considering a breast augmentation since my gastric bypass in 2006. Over the years I would get hot and cold about the topic of implants. But if it's something that's still in your system 7 years later, don't waste anymore time - go for it! I've done so much research over the years that I have big concerns about all the things that could go wrong. I've even been to consultations here and there and have come out hopeless because of prohibitive cost or feeling like the surgeon was in a rush and did not take a vested interest in me.

I recently had a consultation with Dr. Evan Feldman in Sugar Land, TX. He was amazing - he answered every question lingering in my mind before I got the chance to ask. He is also very straightforward about making recommendations. For me, he insisted on a lift to correct a 1.5 cm asymmetry, despite all my concerns about scarring. He strives for "home page" results with every patient, which I respect tremendously. Overall, I left convinced "this is my doctor" - his standard of work is high, we agree on what outcome I can expect and his prices are reasonable.

I'm very excited! 5 weeks away and counting down!

Update: Heading to Orlando

Hi ladies,

I'm going through a bittersweet moment right now. I've gotten a job in Orlando and will be relocating in two weeks, which means my procedure here in Sugar Land, TX has to be cancelled.

I could write a chapter on how deflated and disappointed I am, but the new job is a blessing. So instead I'll ask: Does anyone know a good plastic surgeon they can recommend in the Orlando/Winter Park area? I would love to hear your recommendations/experiences.


Surgery 2.11.15!

Been gone for a bit, but I've scheduled my BA surgery in Orlando with Dr. Brian Joseph. He comes highly recommended by a coworker with excellent results. He was very attentive, professional and patient when answering all my questions. I'm excited for my countdown to surgery! Any recovery tips are welcome - I'm getting silicone implants, under the muscle, about 600cc, incision in breast fold.

Pre-Op Photos

I wanted to upload pre-op pics with sizers. In much of my research, it's been VERY hard finding thicker women for me to compare to, so hoping this helps some of you ladies out there. I'm 5'7" 185lbs, 27 years old, no children but massive weight loss after gastric bypass. I think 600cc looks proportionate for my frame. I was able to play them down well under my sweater. Happy to hear your feedback :)

Wish Pics

The ladies have arrived!

After 9 years, the boobs have arrived!! Very groggy now, but pics to come tomorrow. What an amazing feeling that I finally did this for myself! :)

Day 5

So my process has been more difficult than expected. Maybe due to the large size of my implants for a first timer, but that's just my speculation. I've relied heavily on my pain Rx , barely able to reach the 4 hour mark before needing my next 2 Percocet. Now at day 5, I finally got through last night without taking painkillers every 4 hours (I was able to tolerate from 3am dose until 10am today). My plan is to try and stretch my dosing to 2 pills every 6-8 hours or 1 pill every 4-5 hours, we'll see how it goes. I hate taking medicine and I am due back to work the day after tomorrow, so I want to be on minimal or no Rx if possible.

Trying to keep my spirits up, but I'm usually much better at tolerating pain. I'll follow up again in a couple days!

8 days out

Getting very excited! Those alien bowling balls that have been hurting me so much are finally morphing into softer, rounder, prettier BOOBS! Just. Hang. In. There.

Day 11

11days out and I'm feeling much better! The outcome is going to be amazing and I'm so happy I chose Dr Joseph and his staff. Anita, the nurse, was integral in helping me in the recovery process. Right now, my soreness is manageable mostly without any painkillers, but on a couple of occasions, I do fine with Tylenol. I was also ok'd to resume side sleeping a few days ago (praise the heavens!). I'm attaching a comparison pic and a day 10 pic below.

Progress 3.9.15

It hasn't been easy, and I NEVER thought I would be this slow to recover, but definitely worth it!
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

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