Dr. Evan Feldman Solid 34b Getting 397/371cc Moderate Plus Silicone - Sugar Land, TX

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Hi ladies, So I just moved out to Houston and I'm...

Hi ladies,
So I just moved out to Houston and I'm super pumped to get bigger boobs. I only met with Dr. Evan Feldman because he was the right doctor at the right price of 4500 dollars for nearly everything (prescriptions not included). He has a background in engineering which I appreciate as my fiancé is an Engineer. He is also top certified as a plastic surgeon. His only possible downside is he is young so he hasn't seen it all but then again he has passion for what he does and doesn't appear bored by doing a simple breast augmentation. ANYWAYS... I am 5'4, 23, and 125lbs. I decided to go for a teardrop look of 397cc's moderate plus silicone to add to my 34b boobs. I can wear a 34c push up from Victoria secret but it's a little big while a 34b gives me a little boob overflow in most brands Demi style. I know this is info overload but I like details for this stuff. Originally I looked at 450/400 high profiles before I decided the high profile look wasn't the look I really wanted. I suggest you look at both styles before and after pics to get an idea what shape you wanna go for. Also I am doing under the muscle, dual plane, breast crease incision. I just had my pre op appointment today and was reminded why I like my doctor. He is easygoing, considerate of my goals, frank in explaining styles for example (high profile will give you a more obviously implant look while moderate plus will have some ppl guessing if you had them done) on top of that he remembered me and asked about my fiance's new job which I appreciated since it showed me he listens rather than sees me as a paycheck. I'll keep you posted on how things go feel free to ask me questions.
(: Abbey

Fiancé not super supportive can anyone relate

Hey all,
Is anyone else annoying their other half by being a little all about your boobs right now. My fiancé is very supportive but last night he called me out for discussing my surgery too much. He was joking but it made me upset I mean this is a big deal to me. Can anyone else out there relate?

Picked up my meds today

So...tired....of......waiting. My surgery is in 4 days. I got my meds, 1 to treat pain, 1 for nausea, 1 for relaxing, and another antibiotic. I also bought the highly recommended frozen peas and 7up. My friends are being more supportive than before. I think some of my friends are a little jealous I have the cash to spend on this and that sucks! I am extremely frugal, I was all through college and I now am in no debt. Some friends are finally asking me if I am getting nervous and admitting that they wish they were in a place to do something similar for themselves. It makes me feel better that they are coming around. I'm also excited for after the surgery as I will be interviewing for a job out here. At my last job everyone said I looked like a little kid. I cannot blame a flat chest for this as I am a 34b now but I do feel with larger breasts ill feel like dressing better for work and give off more of a grown up vibe. Just thinking out loud. Hope you all are healing well!

Second guessing

Like many of you wonderful ladies I am anxious for my surgery that is less than 48 hours away. :( I am not worried about the pain of recovery. I know that is crazy but I actually just got an IUD 3 months ago and I have terrible cramps due to that and quite frankly I cannot wait to treat that with my BA pain meds. I do however keep wondering if I chose the right implants for me. I hate not knowing how they will look when all is said and done. Tomorrow I will be cleaning up the apartment and preparing for my surgery in any way I can think to. I have one of those temperpedic bedsthat you can adjust the height of your feet and head so I hope that comes in handy for recovery.



Farewell 34b/c you have done me well for 23 years

Hey all these are for comparisons later. I have decent sized boobs for my height and weight being 5'4 and 125lbs. My left boob is larger by just a bit and my dr said we could do a small lift to it but agreed it wasn't worth the expense if it hadn't been bothering me. It hadn't in fact I like the added size and have always preferred the look of my left breast over what he called my perkier right breast. I took a shot in a very snug sports bra to remind myself when I'm recovering how small they look in a sports bra at any size. Maybe women panics that they didn't go big enough because we get so used to seeing our breasts in anything but a snug sports bra?

Woke up early today full of nerves

Hey guys!
So I got a decent night of sleep cuddled up with both doggies. I decided not to take a Valium night before surgery but now I wish I could take it! Just feeling anxious. I went under general when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I felt like no time passed. I actually went to sleep talking about my bird and woke up talking about the same thing lol. I hope the same happens today. I have plenty of supplies handy for surgery I may put a picture up of this cornucopia of first aid lol.




So..... I'm a little out of it. Lee was my anesthesiologist very cool guy. Kara my nurse was super caring. Not bad waking up just was very grateful to everyone. I ended up 397cc right and 371cc left to make up for size discrepancy. I like my surgical bra white an gray. Fiancé saw them after surgery I didn't get a great look yet but feelin ok about it. I was dehydrated all day and it gave me a slight fever of 99,7, nurse said this was normal tho. Eating a bit had no nausea after surgery but dr said I had a hot flash before getting anything in my Iv must have been nerves. Breasts are sore but I feel ok. Seriously would trade pain so far over iud insertion, that was painful lol. Just chillin now. I'm eating grilled nuggets from chic fila plus a fruit cup so yummy.

Appetite good

I've been eating tasty treats no nausea to speak of. The valiummakes me feel just divine. I'm going to fly to key west where I'm from for a friends wedding bachlorette party next weekend. I'll be changing flights so ill get to move around often and I'm checking my bag so I don't have to lift anything. Has anyone traveled this soon after surgery? Any tips? Also I'd love Ideas for bachlorette party if you would like to share. Thanks :)also.....doesn't hurt to take a deep breath....so awesome I worried about that

Officially 1st day after surgery

I am wearing froze peas right now on boobs I used a pillow case to keep from feeling to cold. I have been drinking 7up and water. I hate plain water but I put lemons and lots of sugar so it's kinda a 80percent water 20 percent sugar and lemon. Hey it's better than diet soda. Also.my back feels tight using a heat pad for that. Fiancé' has been awesome caring for me these pils did not knock me out I actually slept quite well tho. Also for those going to my dr specifically, all the staff was kind and considerate. If you guys need a bra for after surgery consider dans kin zip front in gray and white. So adoreable. Xoxo wish you all a nice day

Healing soooooo nicely

I peaked at the tatas and already look beautiful to me. So symmetrical.swollen but they seem tight too like they will look larger down lower before long. I'm never getting an iud ever again that hurt. What I fell after this BA has nothing on that pain. For the record I feel swollen. Peas are a gift from an angel. Back is feeling over worked out up top so heating pad is goin. I haven't experienced nausea since the moment I got my Iv prepped I think I was dehydrated and so I had a hot flash bit ya appetite is good. Taking one pain pill every 4 hours except last time I waited 5 and a half. So far so good. If in doubt get them done not as painful as you may think.

New bra also comes with a strap on top that velcros on tight

Phone call confidence up!

So I just had a chat with my friend and normally would be so stressed mentioning a boob job but not anymore. I feel good about myself and it shows is all. I'm taking Tylenol so far today and I feel my boobs a bit more but still nothing really bad. Also added fiber gummies and stool softener to my intake

The bloat is real

I'm at 130 now...125 is my norm just keepin it real also neck is sore and heat helps it I think muscles are tight

Pic of steri strip

Bra is so snug just a peak on day 2 post op for you guys

Post op in the am

So I went to target to get out. Fiancé so not gentle driving he just does not comprehend. He's kind of like a hyper puppy just wants love and doesn't know he's clawing and yapping at you incessantly. It felt good to walk more i heard some gurgle sounds from my boobs but it felt overdue like they needed a bit of movement. I can't wait for post op I think I need a bigger bra I have swollen up in this one.

Pic of boobs 2 days post op

With much assistance from my fiancé they look all drawn on still need a much larger bra already.

Post op

So I'm sure all the ladies feel this way but when my dr saw my boobs he seemed verrrrrry sincere in saying that they look great like way genuine. My fiancé even picked up on it. It's a hell of a compliment. Anyway dr dropped the crease some to my right breast so he said expect a little indentation by that incision which I see and despite not being in pain pain I will say I'm more careful using my right arm kinda babying that side more. Dr had me ditch the Velcro strap but said wear same sports bra as before (he gave me a new one it's a 34b like the first only it hasn't stretched at all so I can't zip it up alone. I showered and just took it slow. Boobs felt heavy I kinda held the right one up the whole time. Feeling cleaner tho so that is nice. No problems sleeping on my back. If you are looking in to new beds get the ergo temperpedic. It is so handy that it adjusts to diff angles it really helps. If cost is a big issue see about getting a floor model...we did and still have the warranty...saved us much cash

3rd day post op

Snug as a bug


So I'm bored anyone know of something boob friendly to do in the houston area on a Friday night? I feel pretty good just obviously can't get too crazy

Day 3 post op

Day 3

Itchy skin

My skin is itchy back, side of boobs front of boobs as though skin is stretching. Back aches I guess it's all the muscles being interconnected. I keep putting cold peas on my boobs to keep swelling down. I'm feeling kinda down today ladies. I just moved out here and I don't have close friends here yet. I make friends easily when I have the opportunity but I'm not working just yet and I can't go work out yet and meet others through Zumba and that sort of thing. I just feel really alone today, wish I had a gal pal to shop with :/

Hope not too dark

So itchy but implants softening

I took a similar shot pre op so just to compare

5th day post op

the cc in implants ought to stand for crazy confidence

Uhm... I have been borderline arrogant today. I feel so confident it is just nuts! I've been applying to jobs and before now I have been nervous about sales jobs. I used to wait tables and hated the constant need to be nice while ppl were being rude to me. Anyways, I'm pretty social, I have my degree in Sociology, but I have always over thought everything. Today I got a call back about a job that ended up being too far away for me to consider but I handled the call well. I didn't panic, I felt comfortable talking with the recruiter and had I gone to the interview I think I would have felt confident and a lot less self conscious. Any way I have high hopes for the job hunt. Also I am wearing a snug 34b sports bra with much of the implant still up high but man does it feel different than how I felt before in a 34b. Feeling great is all. :)


I'm hoping my boobs drop. I don't want saggy boobs but I would like them to be fuller on the bottom you know like so its a rounded bottom not just swollen all over. I know my results are already looking great but do you guys think they will move down? I'm hoping I see the breast kind of drop down and away from my chest so I can sort of scoop them up a bit. Idk please just tell me they will continue to prettify.


I commend all you working ladies! I woke up and drove my hubby off to work today and my boobs hurt. It was my first day driving and so after I went by Ross and bought three new boobified tops. V necks are my go to now. But boy did I get exhausted my arms even got shaky. I came home and took a pain pill thank goodness. I just wanted to say girls with jobs props to you for workin after surgery.


I get them a lot lately what gives?

Pics week 1

Bathing suits of old boobs recognize the one from my profile pic? In pain today but boobs look fab actually want swelling and size to go down a pinch so that's good

Oh, pain now

Feeling in boobs coming back so taking heavy meds again. I over exerted yesterday so bad. Incision sites seem a bit itchy not overly like infected type itch just like healing. Right boob more sore than left. Sports bra sucks

Sex drive

Ladies.....read only if tmi is your thing otherwise skip......................I have never been a big fan of pleasuring my guy in let's say an oral fashion.... Trying to share all my details and I'm shy about this but hey it could help someone decide to get boobs. I'm no longer having this issue. Only issue I have now is holding off on sex sex until I'm ready. I don't wanna raise my blood pressure and or hurt boobs.

Limited in my bra options

So. My doctor said my breasts looked low at first pre op. I wanted to wear other sports bras of lower support because long term as in 24/7 high support succccccks. Not the look ladies I'm talking pain from morning boob. I just confirmed high support needed so this stinks. :( on the 26th I may get the ok for other type bras

Airport travel

No issues boob wise. Got approved to fly I'm 10 days post op. dr said keep my body moving a bit to avoid blood clots as all passengers should do more often. Also. I took a Valium pre flight and that helped mostly though really feeling good today. I just gotta go easy on myself. I recommend checking your bags if flying cuz even wheeling them around stinks its worth the checking in fees to keep breasts lovely.

2 week update

Soooooo. Skin feels like its burning a bit. Getting cold feels weird on my boobs in AC like I feel my tissue and kind of the sensation of the implant on the inside....hard to describe. Went to beach but kept my boobs in a bra so hey I try to follow doctors orders

2week pics

Yucky steri strip my bad cant take it off

Quick pic update

So this pic not so pretty but I think I got a bit of acne on my chest due to sun exposure. If tanning be sure not to burn ladies also my steri strips are ugly! Not my fault I can't change them for a few days.

Boobs hypersensitive

So I have 2nd post op today. I feel yucky though. My boobs are now hypersensitive so I feel the implants and my skin on my boobs feels like sandpaper is always rubbing them. Just want the boobs to not be factor you know. People in my life are annoyed that I'm still healing. I want to lift more and walk my dogs. Steri strips are ugly. Ughhhh just want the boob drama over.

Day 1 scars after steri strip and stitches

Stitches didn't hurt being removed scar is fine by me already. Happy after boob massage it just was needed sooooooo much less snug so much better.im supposed to have some indenting under right boob cuz it was smaller and dr brought down that crease some. Anywho I'm a happy gal feeling so clean.

Vs shopping

I got sized today as a 32dd at Victoria secret. I figure that means a 34d most other shops or some large 34c cups so that is exciting. Massage is awesome for my boobs.

3 week update

Hey all! I have been massaging boobs a generous amount of the time, taking 2 aleve each day, and using scar cream after showers. All that is dr orders. I was told to push implants plenty directions just not down as mine have settled down easily. Here is a pic of my new option of comfy support. It's two bras from target love sleeping in these but still sleeping on my back as per dr orders lol

Old bra new boobs

New boobs old bra


Right boob has been feeling uncomfortable. It's not painful my back and side muscles feel it more than my boob tissue. Weird but only feels better when I squeeze boobs away from my side.

Hey all

Not sure if I mentioned it but boobs are getting softer everyday. I wanted to share that I have been missing my small boobs a bit. I love looking at them as they are but I miss the real feel of the real ones just a bit. I'm sure in time ill feel more normal it's just adjusting i think. Hugging ppl is my least fav thing to do with the boobs, I feel the implants rather than the love and comfort I like most about hugs. Strange I know but wanted to share will update when hugs start to feel less odd.

Pictures about 5 weeks post op

Softer and softer each day!

Final check up today

Hey ladies gonna post some not so flattering before and afters from drs office. I feel the big boobs make my waist look slimmer...although I plan on working out regularly soon. I start a new job Monday and I continue to do boob massages and scar treatment. I'm very satisfied with my results. I'm measuring a 32dd at Victoria secret and for me that is all the size I could want for now. After babies and another decade I may go in for high profiles just to feel extra fabulous but for me now this has been perfect. Hope you are all healing well! Ps if you have chest acne it may be from skin stretching and should get back to normal soon says my doctor.

Still great!

New pics! I've lost weight too now that I'm not afraid of losing my boobs by diet and exercise.

Just some photo updates

Texas Plastic Surgeon

He is great please read above.

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