29 Yr Old - Deflated/Saggy Current 32D 450-533CC Natrelle Inspira Round Silicone - Moderate Plus Profile- Under Muscle

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My overall goal with by BA is to look better naked...

My overall goal with by BA is to look better naked and fill out my breasts which are a sad/drooping due to weight loss and working out. I do not have any kids, but do not plan on having them any time soon and may need surgery many years down the road but we will see.

I do not want HUGE boobs I want a sexy natural but still perky look. I really don't want people to be able to tell after surgery but I know its likely since I am not getting a small implant. I am not getting high profile so that should help with high cleavage. Plus my doctor said High profile would not be a good option for my body long term. I am going to listen to him and go with his suggestions.

I have done ALOT of research on many sites, a lot come from this site reading many reviews both positive and negative. There are so many different body types, shapes and sizes its almost impossible to compare myself to anyone exactly.

Originally I wanted Saline implants as they are "safer" I thought. Although what they are made of is safer they rupture 12% of the time compared to 8%. That is a fifty percent chance higher that I could have a rupture so score one on the Silicone side.
Second, I learned that saline weighs more than silicone, it may not seam like much to some but the lighter my implant can be I feel will show better results over many years.
Third I saw the shape of the two implants next to each other. The saline implant has a rippled shaped edge, this is more likely to possibly show through my skin at some point.... my body fat is not high and I don't think I have "thick skin. There really isn't an edge to the silicone implant so "rippling" is less likely or so it seams.
Fourth the way silicone feels is more natural than saline. The saline implant almost felt like a water balloon in a way while the saline implant was more fluid.
Last My Dr flipped the saline and the silicone implant up on its "back" like it would move if I were laying on my back and the silicone implant took a more natural breast shape. I originally thought about getting tear drop implants until I saw this. Tear They do not look as natural in a prone position (laying down). When you pick up a saline implant, at the top like it would position when standing it took on a teardrop shape anyway.

I know that's a lot for now, I will update with pictures current and wish and add additional comments as time goes on.

My surgery is scheduled 1 month from today. I will post updates periodically and most definitely my progress as I feel my case is not the most common. I feel a lot of people have had really small breasts or they are extremely deflated due to breast feeding. Anyway, I want to help anyone else that is doing research to help them make the best decision for them in the future.

Current Breast Pics

Here are my current breasts, not cold which affects what they look like :( again not sure what actual size I am but wear a 32D in Victoria's secret which I know is off

Wish Pics - 2

The smaller picture I love but would like mine to be a little bigger. The girl that is larger (blue background) I like hers also but would have to get over 500cc to achieve and I do not want to go that big......... so looking to be somewhere in between the two.


So I took these pictures from slightly different angles and my shirt isn't pulled up high enough in the first smaller sizer pictures but the larger sizers should be in between my two wish pics the smaller sizer is a little bigger than my wish pic

Keep second guessing myself

Okay, update of the last few weeks. I am so excited some days and terrified other days. I have talked myself in and out of surgery with my mind made up I am doing this, and the next day I am changing my mind.
<> are long term health, Nipple sensation loss and just the fact that I may be unhappy with my boobs after surgery.... meaning I would want my implants removed at some point and then have the horror of stretched out nasty boobs.... I am sure these feelings are normal but It terrifies me.

I don't HATE my boobs, but I have found some really negative reviews talking about how these people have 0 feeling in their breasts, have had multiple surgeries and many heath problems. It SCARES me to death. I am very healthy and don't want HUGE boobs I just want to look good naked. I keep second guessing myself on if I want to have this surgery done. There are some people that have had no issues and others who have had so many. I trust Dr. Feldman to perform a safe surgery and to do a good job, I am just having a hard time finding long term reviews although I have a friend who is 5 years post op with no issues......

Any advice is appreciated. I am going to bring up my major concerns with my doctor on my 1 week follow up appointment.

Feeling better

Okay, after my freakout yesterday and 99% sure I wasn't getting them I talked to more people who helped me calm down a bunch. I started looking only at reviews that my doctor had performed and everyone is happy. Most people don't loose feeling in their nipples which is important to me. Others have reached out letting me know they were as freaked out as I am.
Thanks for all the support in many ways everyone. Will update later.


My pre-op consultation is scheduled for next Thursday December 8th, I am going to tell my dr I want to go as small as I can to fill out my boobs. I think that I'll be in the low 400cc range. I would rather go 350cc but I don't think it will fill me out as my chest is larger (measurement wise" than someone who is petite

Pre-Op pics showing lack of fullness (Current Weight 132lb 5FT 7")

I will update after pictures in this same Bra.... assuming I can still zip it shut :)

One Sizer Pic

Feeling nervous and excited only 2 days

Future Goals Update

Just to let everyone know, my plan is to take the time I need to to heal, then once I am okayed to work out again, take it easy and not overdo it.
I do not want to gain any weight after my surgery but I hear a lot of women do. I am pretty strong minded mentally and will do my best to continue to update my story for everyone...... The Good, The Bad and The Ugly..... :)

Day 1 post op

Hey everyone, I am on the other side now!
Last night I took my meds and drank a bunch of water before 10pm nothing after midnight of course and then took my meds this morning.
I did any lifting, house cleaning, present buying and wrapping all my presents.

My surgery was at 8;00 this morning. I woke up feeling very groggy and a little out of it, but from the time on the operating table to waking up felt like 5 min. The entire staff took really good care of me. The only negative I have is I didn't know what size I was because I told the doctor to go conservative as possibly but to use what looked good.
I called up to the office and found out I got 533cc! I was shocked and upset and ready to get angry but after I called it was explained to me that I have a big gap between my breaths and the smaller 450 implants would have left a big unnatural gap so my doctor made a decision to go bigger. I have pretty big chest measurements so he said it would take a lot to fill me out. I will post pictures so we will see exactly how big I turn out

Day one feelings

I forgot to post how I feel, I had surgery at 8 was finished shortly after 11 and slept the whole hour Home. Once home I ate 3/4 grilled sandwich And then slept for 3 1/2 hours before waking up.

So far I don't have any pain, just soreness, tightness and pressure. When I get up if I move my arms funny I can feel them pressure or soreness increase..... but absolutely feel great. I almost want to stop or lower my pain meds but I was instructed to take them today and tonight then I will start lowering dose.

Honestly I thought I would be on severe pain but so far so good. ????

The below picture was pre-op

Day 1 post op

Just took it easy yesterday, it's so hard to remember not to use your arms I almost tied them to my sides but finally got used to it. I have been putting them both at my chest when I sit or stand up so that I can't use them and man, my upper abs feel the burn every time I get up from the recliner. No pain just later around and used my arms only to pick up my small cup to drink every once in a while or to eat food. I have stayed well hydrated and eaten pretty well, not as much as innormally do but enough to keep my energy up.

Day 3 post op

Yesterday (day 2) I lowered my pain medication to only half a pill every 5-6 hours since I didn't feel I needed it. In the middle of the night I woke up with a little discomfort but it went away. I still feel kinda numb everywhere but my left nipple was super sensitive for a short period of time then it went away.
My boobs feel a little bit heavier as time goes on but that's probably because the longer time goes the more I start to feel them. I wish I could see them but no peaking for me till Monday I just hope they are not too big

Day 2 Post OP (Saturday)

No pain medicine today, just feeling a little swollen and tired. I know I will have bruises because I can feel them but nothing bad and that I cant handle............ cant wait for Monday so I can see them.
I know you will be able to see my stretch marks pretty well since I had them before surgery from gaining weight

Day 3 Post Op

Feeling good, no pain meds today I just sneezed and felt a jolt of pain for a second but it shortly went away. Just watching football and relaxing.

Also, This may be TMI but good to know for those who have not had their surgery: I took one laxative last night and didn't feel much but this morning after sitting at a computer I was able to have a bowel movement. My doctor told me to take more than one pill but I have stayed hydrated and don't normally have any issues with this so just taking one pill worked for me. Just depends on how regular you are.

First peak at my new boobs! 533 CC

So my doctor said I am healing great, I do have some bruising but I bruise pretty easily and that is all normal. They seam big to me at times and then other times I don't think they look to big. So far I love them I am happy my doctor chose a bigger (wider) implant so I didn't have a HuGe gap between my breasts.
I can drive short distances now and am just going to take it easy till my next appointment

Day 5 Post Op

I drove a short distance today and moved around a lot more than I had but nothing crazy..... my body felt it but I still feel great no pain medicine since Friday

Forgot pics 5 days PO

Day 7! Coconut Oil 2x day for exhisting stretch marks

Okay its been a week and I know they will continue dropping but u love them so much right now.
Every morning and after ever shower I put Coconut oil on them to help with stretch marks (I had previously) and with itching......... I Don't get it anywhere near my steri strips

my boobs in a baggy shirt and you cant tell.......... love this its like a hidden surprise lol

This pic is from 2 days ago but they look the same

Dont FREAK out about the size! Find a doctor that knows what he is doing - I ended up with 533CC

I am NO doctor but here is what I have learned about picking a size:
Most women wish they went bigger.... I thought I would not fall into this category but I would have if my doctor didn't decide to go bigger which I let him decide (because he knows what he is doing) and he is honest..... and I am so glad he was. He told me he wouldn't even do my BA if I didn't get at Least 400+ CC's and that probably would be enough. He knew that wouldn't fill me out... and he was right.
The Larger the implant (more CC's) the WIDER the implant. See the chart in the picture.
375 cc - which I would have chose = 12.9 cm
421cc - which seamed big to me = 13.3 cm
533cc - which I would have said no to but ended up with = 14.4 cm

Because I have a bigger chest cavity and my breasts are not closer together it takes more cc's and wideness to fill me out. THANK GOD he didn't leave me with a Huge gap.

Petite people and those with small breasts and chest cavities do not have to go as big. This is why my friend who has closer together boobs and a smaller chest cavity looks bigger than I do and she only has 450 CC's.

Crazy right?

Ask for advice and get a good doctor if this is something you are seriously considering...... Check all that doctors reviews.

Dropping some

Eating less? Now weigh 128lbs :)

Random, I weighed 132 before surgery and now weigh 128 with 2.5 lbs of added implants. At first I thought it was the medicine suppressing my appetite but i am not taking any meds
...I think since I am not able to work out or move around much I don't burn as many calories as normal so I haven't been hungry. I've been making sure I am eating healthy food to help my body heal it's just wierd for me .... I'm usually ALWAYS hungry lol

Pic update from today !

Updated pics - lines are from wearing regular bra

My boobs have been feeling surges of feeling like they are getting cold but are not actually cold. I think it's the nerves healing or sending signals.. these pics are from today

First Bra! 30G I know but not as big as you think

So as you go down in band size your cups get smaller.... I believe this cup is the same as a 34DDD.
They don't seam that big though ;)

Update pics + scar pics again lines are from my bra

How your bra should fit

Okay I have some comments about bras ladies learned from my doctor and staff but here it goes
the band should be as TIGHT as possible closeting barely on last clip...
I am wearing a size 30 as small as they go
Make sure the band is flush (no gap) with your skin.... it should NEVER dig into your boobs or be loose or have gaps.
It will be snug at first and stretch as you wear it, make sure you tighten it at the back as it stretches and that your straps are adjustable
The band and fit is most important
See pic for lines of where my bra lands

Updated boob pics

Stared silicone strips as of 3 days ago

Just wanted to document when I started I'll update under boob scars when I change them ever two weeks or when they fall off

Updated pics from yesterday

Bra pics

Just because I love this bra

Updated pics + golf shirt

They look about the same but I love this golf shirt, can't wait till I can play again

Pic update!

Paddingless bra with uplift & no nip show

This is for anyone looking to find a no padding bra with some uplift but no extra good adding this is the ONLY no padding bra I have found that doesn't show when you nip. I think it's because the seam is over your nipple or the fabric prevents it but anyway... I have been ordering bras on amazon with free shipping and returns to find good bras that fit and have good support... I prefer lightly lighter bras but this one is really nice for no padding

Updated incision pics - skin a little irritated from strip

Bras Bras Bras

For those of you who have been asking where I got some of my bras. I will post name brand and style along with where I bought them. Most bra's are available on many different sites I like Amazon for easy shipping and returns but they don't have everything... however they do have a lot!
See photos for description! and links
1. The Fantasie Zoe Bra - has completely adjustable straps which I love
2. The Le Mystere Blue Lace Bra - is sexy and shows a little more up top but has normal bra straps that are not completely adjustable. I will eventually sew them shorter
3. Panache Sports Bra - REALLY keeps my boobs from hardly moving. It comes up high but not too high as I don't want my boobs to be hanging out at the gym. I feel supported in this bra. It also has a hook to pull straps together in the back, further adding support. It is made really well.
4. Antique Floral Lily is fun, cute, comfortable and sexy. Only complaint is straps are not fully adjustable but I can sew them.

6 Weeks update

Progress comparison day 4 through 6 weeks

Week 7 pic update

I have pretty good feeling but it feels like it is getting better

8 weeks and still changing but I love them

11 weeks update

I've been working out body weight and low impact like elliptical and legs for 3 weeks starting to feel my muscles bounce back! Can't wait till I can work out my arms in a week. I may wait a little longer than normal to be safe
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I will update this section later, so far I have been thoroughly impressed with my doctor. He spent 2 hours with me educating and guiding me about the decision to have by BA. My favorite part about him so far is he is honest about what he thinks my results will be and doesn't sugar coat answers. I would rather have real true expectations than think I will end up "perfect". He will ultimately give me something different than what he recommends, but I am going to trust him and we will see how my results come out :). November 30: I am going to tell him the importance of not turning out too big and want to go as small as he thinks will look good Before surgery I had decided on 450cc and told him to go as small as possible but I wanted it to look good. well he went with 533 cc's and I freaked out momentarily.... but after I saw them realized he knows what he is doing. So far, I would recommend him to anyone and will continue to update this as I go along. The smaller implant would have left a larger UNNATURAL gap :) plus I love the size!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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