50 Years Old, my Kids Have Flattened Me and I Just Want to Be Pretty Again. Sugar Land, TX

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I'm hitting a midlife crisis where I want to make...

I'm hitting a midlife crisis where I want to make some positive changes to my body. My breasts have always given me some insecurity as (with many of) I had a beautifu set and was sick of push up bras. I had my consult in September, paid for it on the spot and was in yesterday 0900 to get 'er done.

I don't know how to add to the review but I can tell you that yesterday was a lost day for me. I don't. Remember my husband coming into Recover room, I don't remember much of the day. I think last night I urgently needed a pair of boots and made my way across a bunch of crap to get into the drawer. No recollection.

Best advice as day 1 ends, make sure you've got someone who can stay with you. I think I was sleepwalking

Day 3, 4 am

Between the painkillers and the muscle relaxants, I think I think I'm approaching Day 3 and I feel remarkable in that it's 4 am and I should be asleep but I've been asleep for most part since Tuesday and have a big best of energy right now.

The crushing pain around my shoulders and traps seems to have subsided. I certainly don't see myself doing any pushups today (kidding) but I can see where - with my OCD - I will have some difficulty lying in bed doing nothing all day again when there's a whole bunch I ought to be doing around the house.

The day before the surgery, right up to the moment Dr Feldman made his marks on me, in fact, I had some self doubt. Like "I'm 50, why bother, really?". This morning, I am so glad I did it. I can't wait to wear a dress with a bit of shape to it.

Some advice I can give - maybe it's just me and I get pretty loopy on anesthesia: don't text when you're on the painkillers on day 1, you can be kind of an ass and possibly shoot some stuff off the cuff; it really, really hurts after the surgery so make sure you have a super comfy nest set up and be prepared to be in it for a day or two; ice bags are your friends; apologize to your companion, be it husband, roommate, caregiver for any ass**** things you might have said when you were coming off the anesthesia; if you've got someone who can help you fix your hair - use them because you get awful bedhead and you can't raise your hands above your head without pain and difficulty.

Finally - the thing that was most dismaying for me was was that the morning of the surgery, 5 minutes before they knocked me out, I weighed one thing. Later that day )or maybe the day after - time was kind of blurry for a few days) I was up 11 pounds. This is normal - with the water retention, the anesthesia and the weight of the new implants. Don't be discouraged. This too shall pass.

Tomorrow is my follow up with DR. Feldman and I am pretty excited to see things with the bra and strap off.

I can't seem to find my before pictures - I'm struggling with a new system and have somehow misfiled them.

Found my before pucs

Just a quick update

This is just an unflattering selfie shot from my belly button upwards of my shiny new chest. You can see by the picture how swollen I am and that's to be expected post trauma, but I am thrilled with the size for my body shape. I am not in a terrible amount of pain, although I was for the first couple days. I am tired though. Really, really tired and I am a pretty active person and in good shape - but this is a physically exhausting surgery. The healing seems to really wipe you out and the little things you don't think of like just raising a hairbrush to brush your hair into a ponytail hurts or sitting up to get out of bed.

I went for a walk last night, got tired of sitting/ lying around watching netflix and decided that I urgently needed a starbucks - it's only about 3/4 mile and it was a cool night but it exhausted me and upset my DH because I may have forgotten to leave a note.

What this picture reminds me of is when I was really engorged nursing my daughter. I'll post another picture in a week or so when more of the bruising and swelling diminishes. I'm very happy overall.

Another quick update

I am missing my 2 week post op this week and have rescheduled for my next immediate availability. Not happy about missing this, nor the reasons for it which don't bear mentioning. Nor is my PS's office thrilled with me because it is so important to take care of all your follow up appts. Grrrr. Still loving my new shape though.

However, oh my god is there a lot of tingling and sensitivity around the sides of my breasts and over my nipples. I gather from reading that this is pretty common because of nerve regeneration. Yuck. Not a super awesome feeling.

I've definitely not returned to my usual activities nor have I returned to work as its heavy repetitive work but am walking a few miles a day. Much less than I usually do and nothing that will raise my heart rate or be considered strenuous.

In a side note, with my amazing new boobs I'm considering either a Black Widow or Lara Croft costume for hallowe'en. My daughter will die of embarrassment if I showed up at her school like that. lol

16 or so days

Well, here I am again, 16 days post op, I think.

I've bought some incredible bras. Love shopping for them now (wearing 34F now in 2 and 34G in one of them).

My Steri strips were sticky and yucky so I'm using silicone strips from the pharmacy as of today. It's making the incisions feel much better.

Breast wise, my left is feeling (to touch) like a breast and not weird. It's soft and nice and there's a bit of movement. My right feels tighter and there's still some discomfort on the right side, kind of above my incision nowhere my breast meets my ribs. There's also this very disconcerting feeling like my nipple and part of my breast is still "asleep" (tingly but in a not awesome way) or sunburned or something.

So I took a picture and here it is because who doesn't want to look at my new boobs, really? Anyway, I notice from the picture that where my left feels better to me, in the photo it's very subtly higher than the right which has all the weird sensations.

Anyway, still happy overall. Also found a nice Under Armour sports bra, so it's been a good yet somewhat expensive week.


3 weeks post

Just a quick update. All is well, things feel good. As mentioned, I went to silicone strips when my Steri strips became sticks and yucky. Here's a closeup of my incision as of this morning. Happy overall with the healing. Definitely want to get to a gym and hit the bags for a while but I know I have to wait til I talk to my doc. Next week is my follow up.

Pretty new bras

Just showing off one of my new pretty bras
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr F and his staff are amazing, kind and helpful. From the moment I went in, and I assure you -I don't look much like a typical Sugar Land PTA mom but was made to feel as welcome as the very well dressed un-tattoo'd lady who came in behind me. Dr F spent a bunch of time with me answering any questions I had and gave me terrific advice based on my size, musculature and body shape. When we'd made a decision on what to do and the process, I booked an appointment. After that I was sitting with Jeanine, his amazing patient coordinator. She gave me a huge bundle of paper work and sent me on my way with "any thing you need to know please message me day or night". Unfortunately for her I have a sleep/ wake disorder and will wake up in the middle of the night and email her, seriously she would be back to me handholding and providing direction. The entire staff from Dr to nurses to assistants are incredible! I would highly recommend this doctor and staff to anyone. They are encouraging, positive and professional. So glad I chose them.

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