29 Years Old, 5'4, 145 Pounds... got 560cc Inspira SRF (pre-BA size 36c)

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Like others, I wasn't going to post a review but...

Like others, I wasn't going to post a review but after reading so many others and realizing how much they helped me along the way, I felt like I also needed to air the good, the bad, and the ugly about my own journey. I have wanted fuller, larger breasts for as long as I can remember. My feelings were only reinforced after having my kids. My daughter was a preemie who never latched so I pumped every 4 hours for 8 months and produced milk like a dairy cow. Fast forward 5 years to the birth of my son and I exclusively breastfed him for a year, also over-producing and sadly went from DDD to a deflated 36C/D. With my kids now 9 and 4 and after losing 22 pounds over the past several months, I decided now was the time to get a BA to regain the upper pole fullness I was missing and restore some of my self confidence. My husband wasn't initially supportive because he didn't understand my reasons and thought altering my breasts somehow negated the miracles my body created and what I had been through to do so. (Both of my kids nearly killed me.) After a very serious and honest conversation, he came around and I had his 100% support. I was ecstatic! I began researching surgeons and discovered Dr. Evan Feldman of Sugar Land, TX and booked a consultation for 2/22. We made the 4.5 hour drive to the office and felt comfortable from the second we arrived. Dr. Feldman and his patient coordinator Jeanette were fantastic! They answered all of our questions, I never felt rushed, and I knew from our first meeting that he would be my surgeon. I tried on sizers based on his recommendations and my goals post-BA and we decided on 520cc Natrelle Inspira SRF implants. I put down my deposit same day and scheduled surgery for 3/17 over my kids' Spring Break.

The day of surgery is sort of a blur. I arrived and met with Angela, the nurse who started my IV, then Lee, the anesthesiologist. He was very kind and easy to talk to. No one appeared judgmental or rushed and gave every opportunity to ask questions along the way. I was walked to the OR Suite and soon fast asleep. I sat for a few minutes with my sister who came with me when I woke up then the next thing I remember, we were in the hotel room again. I slept the better part of the first 24 hours, only being woken up to eat/drink/take meds/pee. I was surprised to see on the implant card that he went with 560cc SRF Inspira instead of 520 but I remember telling him he was the expert and I trusted his judgment and I couldn't be more pleased so far.

At my post-op appointment the next day (because I live out of town) Dr. Feldman removed the compression strap from the top of the surgical bra and said I no longer needed it. I go back to see him 4/1 and I look forward to seeing how much they've changed. I haven't really had any pain, just pressure and a heightened awareness of the extra weight I'm carrying in front of me. It's been quite the adjustment not lifting things and keeping my elbows near my sides when I feel so good but I'm determined to follow his instructions for the best results.

photo Journey

Here are the pics I've taken so far. I couldn't be more pleased with my results. They are only getting better day by day and I'm only 5 days post op!

It's been a week already?!

So it's crazy to think it has already been a week since surgery. I feel like I've already gained more body confidence and my husband sees it too. I'm not shy to change clothes in full lighting or show him my progress. I can't wait to see what the newfound confidence does for our sex life either! No pain really, just some pulling if I reach too far or bend over quickly. Not much more change I think except the left is dropping a little faster than the right which I'm completely fine with. I'm in the post-op bra 24/7 still unless I'm showering but I see Dr. Feldman next Friday and will find out the next steps.
Everyone's reviews and updates have been so helpful and encouraging, I'm so grateful to have found this online community to share in this journey!

Feeling like a million bucks!

I can't get over how incredibly blessed I feel by having an easy recovery. The most difficult part for me was a constipation and bloating the first few days. Not much else to report, everything is progressing nicely and I head south Friday for my 2 week follow up. I hope everyone who has had their BA recently is healing well! I'm adding a few pics of trying on other sports bras from a few days ago, I really think they have dropped more since then though.

two week post op appt

I drove down to Houston Friday and had my 2 week post op appointment. Dr. Feldman was impressed with the healing so far, showed me massage techniques and I got a peek at my scars so far. They look great to me and getting better by the day. I'm lotion in every day now and have to do 10 reps of a 10 second massage technique everyday in the shower to keep the upper pocket open and allow them the freedom to move naturally. He said the cleavage massage isn't necessary in my case because I have a naturally narrow cleavage.
I went after the appointment and got sized at VS. 36DDD was my size there, I bought 2 bras in store and 2 more online then found one other at Walmart in a 36DD for $5! I couldn't pass that one up. I had alot of trouble because of the narrow cleavage finding bras that would lay flat in the middle across the sternum, does anyone have any suggestions?

One month update

So Sunday marked one month since my BA. The implants really feel like part of me now, like they've always been there. I feel like I did before I had my kids, and it's amazing to me what this surgery did to hive me back the confidence in my body I've missed so much! My husband is beginning to adjust to the change in size and really enjoy them. I lotion them each night when I get out of the shower and he's designated that as his job over the past couple weeks. Whatever makes him happy I guess. ;) The nipple sensitivity to cold that I had in the beginning, even in a bra, has gone away thankfully. I haven't really gone braless at all since surgery, I'm scared to death they'll droop prematurely, silly huh? I'm trying to hold out until summertime and swimsuit season to let them loose.

I've been a little discouraged a couple times bra shopping now, realizing that it's difficult to find something off the rack and with narrow cleavage I have trouble finding bras that will lay flat against my sternum between my breasts. I'm going to give it another month or so before I buy any more bras though so that they have time to settle more if they're going to.

I was pretty open about my surgery with my sisters and mom and I've discovered that while my sisters are light-hearted about it and can even crack jokes, my mom seemed to roll her eyes or avoid the topic like it bothers her now. It's a little late to disapprove now but still bugs me that she's not adjusting to it as well as I thought she would.

There's not much else to report but I do intend to post an updated pic each week until the 3 month mark so I'll keep you posted on my progress next week!

5.5 Weeks Post-op

Still feeling good and have started lower body workouts until I can start upper body at 8 weeks. Posting pics from this week, hope everyone is doing well!

2 months post-op today

Nothing new except that I still LOVE my new boobies! Pic update with time line as promised! Hope all are well!

Forgot these pics

AMAZING! Dr. Feldman is so personable and easy to talk to. I feel like he really listened to my goals and gave me realistic expectations for what could be done with the surgery. He's truly skilled and I have no doubt my nearly pain-free experience has a lot to do with his technique and experience. His staff is incredible as well, most of all Jeanette who stayed in constant communication with me, answered my bazillion questions, and was even there to wave me off after my post-op appointment. I will definitely be recommending Dr. Feldman to everyone I know!

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