28yrs, 5'2", 108lbs, 1Kid, Lost Volume, Pre-op 32B/C, 450cc HP Silicone- Houston, TX

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I just booked my surgery date for November 5th!!...

I just booked my surgery date for November 5th!! I'm so excited and anxious! I have been thinking about getting a breast aug for a while now, and for some reason, I've just finally said, I'm getting it done! Once I set my mind on something, there's no turning back for me! LOL. I cannot wait to see my results! Since having my son, almost 8 years ago now, my breasts stretched out quite a bit, but not enough to where I needed a lift. Just enough to have zero volume up top unless I wear a VS padded bra (Very Sexy bra) With a bra and clothes on, no one would ever know why on earth I would want a breast aug, but it's when I take everything off! I went to one consultation prior, that cost me $95, and the Dr. did NOTHING but talk to me for MAYBE 10 mins and take photos. He didn't measure any dimensions at all! That Dr. is a celebrity PS in Houston, and he may have more experience in years, but I definitely didn't have the right experience with him. I felt as though he had done this a thousand times, so I was just another number, or a nobody. OH, and his staff were more concerned about where I bought my SHOES!!! I'm sorry, but I'm about to undergo my first surgery EVER, and you're asking me about my shoes?! No way. Crossed that Dr. off the list QUICK! THANKFULLY, I stumbled upon Dr. Feldman! I read MANY reviews on him, combed through his website and photos and just knew, this was going to be my Dr.! At my initial consultation with Dr. Feldman and how INFORMATIVE and detailed he was, I knew he would be by Dr.! He's an engineer, so you know he knows his numbers and would never put anything inside of you that wouldn't fit or look right. We chose 450cc, Allergen silicone, HP, under the muscle, breast crease incision. The Dr. recommended 450cc, but no less due to the stretching of my skin. He said I could go up to 475cc, but I didn't try those on. I thought those would be WAY too big. But after reading so many post-op reviews, women wished they had gone a little bigger. I will ask his opinion again at my pre-op, and hopefully try some on. Okay, this has gone on long enough, literally. LOL Until my next update! Xo

Pre-Op Boobs - 32B/C

Pre-Op w/o push up 32B

2 weeks away!

I am 2 weeks away from my BA! I am SO excited! Next Tuesday is my pre-op! I can't believe it's already here! I already bought some zipper sports bras from Victoria Secret and some stretchy, non-padded ones by Danskin!

Post-Op items purchased!

Over the weekend, I purchased the beaded ice pack from Bed Bath & Beyond, ScarAway Silicone Strips (4 months worth) from Walmart (online). and an amazing memory foam pillow with a cooling effect from BB&B as well. I still need to pick up some Ginger ale, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Tylenol and multivitamins. Anywho, tomorrow is my pre-op and I am ready! Can't believe by the end of next week I'll have by new girls!

Day of pre-op

Hi gals!! I just left my pre-op. Paid by balance in full, got my RX, and tried on both 450 HP and 475 HP. When I tell you the 475 gave me a uniboob look, I looked like an Asian Dolly Parton!!! I was so mortified I didn't even want to take photos. I like the 450s. My Dr will still pull both for the surgery and I guess I'll know what I'll end up with after the fact lol. He will put in what look best for me. But WOW, 475 was super huge on my petite frame. In this photo these are the 450s. I want the natural look but I also don't mind a contoured look either. I think I made up my mind, but I know I'll be in good hands with Dr. Feldman. What do y'all think?!

First consultation photos

Here are the 450 HP silicone sizers from my initial consultation in a tank top. ItIt looks better with fitted clothes. With my sweater, they looked bigger. Hope this helps my fellow ladies! Xo

Pre-pregnancy vs Post-Pregnancy Breasts

I have seen many photos and reviews from both women who started with completely flat chests/no kids and women who have had a child or children. I wonder if women who have had children have an easier recovery only because our skin/muscle has already been stretched. My patient coordinator told me since I already have a good amount of breast tissue, and my skin stretched while breast feeding, I may not experience much tightness or pain. Thoughts, ladies?

Two days away!!

Hi ladies! I'm 2 days away before I get my new girls! I am beyond excited!! I received my ScarAway strips in the mail over the weekend and I got my prescriptions next to my bed. I picked up the remaining items for my recovery such a ginger ale, grapefruit juice and palmers cocoa butter. I placed my beaded ice pack in the freezer yesterday, so I think I am ready to go!! Now it's just counting down! Working these last three days will make it go by really quick. I will have my fiance take pre-op photos at all the different angles, so there are good before and after photos. Until next time! Xo

Annoying Thoughts About RealSelf

WHY can't you edit comments/posts?! It is SO annoying! I want to delete some things but you CAN'T!! Literally the biggest thumbs down about this site.

Pre-op boobies

Here are photos with my pre-op boobies. I will post post-op photos in the same top and manner. I currently wear a 32B/C

Ughh. Hit send too early.

As you can see, my skin stretched quite a bit, but they still don't sag. Perky at the bottom but not the upper pole.

Tomorrow is the big day!!

I CANNOT believe that when I go to bed tonight, I will be waking up tomorrow in preparation for my breast augmentation!! I am so happy that they were able to push me back to 9AM so I can get my son to school at a decent time and not at 6:30am sharp!! My fiance says the world revolves around me because I was frantically figuring out traffic during that time and then POOF, I got a text saying they were able to push me back. WHEW! My dr's office charges a $250 late fee for every 15 minutes you're late! EEK! I will be sure to be there EARLY! I don't think I need to take any more pre-op photos, so my next update will be when my new additions are here! Oh, I might upload the sports bras I've purchased thus far and my setup next to my bed. Until then - Xo

Bra Sister Sizes

Here is a helpful table to show my ladies the different sister sizes in bands and cups. Sometimes a normal 32DD won't fit, so try their sister sizes! :)

Post-op Day 1

Hey lovely ladies! I'm almost 24 hours out from my surgery. I had to be at the office at 9am and got there at 8:15! I was not trying to pay an additional $250 late fee! My fiancé and I waited about 20 minutes before I was put into a room to change into long socks, a hospital gown and hair cap. Waited more and the nurse came in to insert my IV needle into my hand vein. She said I had really good veins and when she tried to do something and didn't apply enough pressure, and a little blood was released, and I got light headed just seeing it! They had to lay me down with my legs up, and I felt better. Then, waited some more and in comes the HOT anesthesiologist!! He was dreamy and smelled great LOL I told my fiancé hopefully I don't tell him that while I'm loopy haha after a series of questions by him, he left, waited more, then my Dr came in to mark me. It was all getting real. He asked would I be more disappointed with larger cc's or less, I said less! He explained two different sizes can look good, so would you want more or less. Always go more! lol then, I was finally taken into the OR. It was 10:51am, I laid on the operating table, the nurses placed the leg compressions on both my legs, vital readings onto my thigh and back, then Mr. Dreamy came in and started my IV. I felt the first two drops go in and they stung a little, then I was OUT! They hadn't even put the mask on me lol I don't remember much after that. Not waking up or in the recovery room. I fairly remember getting into the car and getting home. My fiancé told me the nurses said I woke up smiling, and I was trying to perfect my arms in the zipper cardigan lol. He said the nurse said she didn't know if she could zip it anymore lol

I highly recommend wearing a loose fitted ZIPPERED cardigan. Easier than buttons for everyone, especially you, the patient who can't use your arms. I came home and slept literally all day. I heard my son come home from school, he gave me a kiss and went about his way. My fiancé has been so wonderful! He gives me my medicine around the clock. I haven't had to take any Valium or nausea medicine. Thank goodness.

You will need help getting up and out of bed. This was painful cause you have to crunch your abs and of course you feel it in your chest. I've gone to the bathroom once and my fiancé had to even dab me! You literally can't bend or extend yourself. After the bathroom, I was so cold, my teeth were chattering hard. Got into bed, took another Norco them slept until this morning.

I have my pre-op on Monday at 9am where I'll see them for the first time. Until next time beauties - Xo

Post-op Day 3

Not much of a change. Still taking my antibiotic and pain meds around the clock. Its getting easier but still need assistance getting out of bed. Yesterday I got out of bed to use the bathroom and decided to stay walking around for a little bit. My fiancé made dinner so I ate at the table with him and my son. Then I had enough energy to go upstairs to see my completed shoe room my fiancé has been building me. He's been incredibly sweet and accommodating during this entire process.

Tomorrow is my post-op visit with my doctor at 9am. My fiancé will take me so we both can see them at the same time. Im so excited. I've been pretty good about not peeking.

The pain meds have been my best friend! I have a high tolerance for pain since I didn't have any drugs when I gave birth to my son, but I don't want to be uncomfortable at all. The Valium helps as well when I want to relax and sleep.

The itching around the bra has been crazy! I want to scratch but my arms cant extend that far so my poor fiancé is my back scratcher as well. I've never had to be so dependent on someone! Hopefully I'll be ready to go back to work Tuesday! If not, Wednesday at the latest.

Will post after my post-op tomorrow. Until then - Xo

Day 4 & I got to see my new girls!

I went to my post-op Appointment today and got to my see girls for the first time! Dr. Feldman unzipped me and there was no bandage or gauze. Just the strap and sports bra. They looked amazing!! He said they looked perfect, and that the 450s fit me perfect. He said 475s would have been too "coconutty" on me. I no longer needed to wear the strap, (thank goodness cause that was cutting off my life!) just to wear the sports bra 24/7 until my next appointment on the 20th.

The appointment was quick and easy since he did not see any complications. I'm extremely happy that I went through with this and will continue to recover.

I am no longer on Norco pain meds, just took a Tylenol this morning and Valium to sleep after my appointment. I can finally take a decent shower! I'm so excited lol

I might or might not go back to work tomorrow. If not, for sure on Wednesday. Until next time lovelies - Xo

Day 4 after shower

Still swollen and high, but doing pretty good for 4 days post

Day 5 & New Sports Bras

I was supposed to go back to work today, but my honey insisted I take another day off :) I drove my son to school for the first time! Turning is tricky but just gotta do it slowly and hold the wheel at 6, like an old Granny.

I got caught up on work emails and did what I could! Then I said time for some fun, trying on new sports bras!! I put on three bras, a deep v-neck, two of the same but different color and a fun body suit I can't wait to wear ;) I won't try on my VSX bras until I can wear underwire since those have built in cups.

Let me know what you think lovelies! - Xo

Back sleeping SUCKS

I'm so over sleeping on my back!!! It's getting uncomfortable and actually hurts! When you're on Valium or pain meds it's not bad, but when you're off of them, it sucks!! All I want to do is turn I to my side, but I can't for 12 weeks!

I have comfy pillows but my back still has twinges! Ugh.

Bowel Movement

So umm... Not a topic people want to discuss, but after our surgery, it's a topic! I have not had a bowel movement since my surgery.. Maybe it's cause I haven't had any real food. I don't feel bad or anything. But ummmm... Have people thought that it actually hurts to POTENTIALLY sneeze and cough much less push to poop!!! I'll keep drinking my grapefruit juice and let mother nature do her thing. Insert peace sign emoji here.

Day 6 & Back to work

Hey lovies! Well, I went back to work today. It was kinda challenging. My right arm got tired from all the mouse movement. I had to raise my chair so I was closer and more elevated to my desk. When I spoke for longer periods, I had shortness of breath because the damn compression bra is so tight! I felt hump back because of the bra.

All in all, mostly all of my coworkers knew and they said they looked amazing. Wasn't too much for a cooperate environment. I had to text my coworker to let me out of the bathroom because our bathroom doors are super heavy and you have to pull inward LOL

My fiancé drove me to work today, but tomorrow I'm on my own! Wahhhh!

I've uploaded some post day 6 photos :) don't mind the belly, just ate dinner :)

More boobies

Day 10 Boobies

Hey lovelies! It's been a few days! Been busy back at work! Any who, Wanted to upload some progress pics. These photos are 10 days post Op. They have rounded out more, but still waiting them to D&F. I have my 2 week check up on Friday and hopefully I get to wear the compression bra only at night and not 24/7. The tightness of the bra is leaving marks on my skin. Grrrrrr.

They are getting softer, the soreness is getting better every day. I can drive much more natural, but I will say fiancé has been spoiling me by driving me around :) I've bought some cute tops online that I'm excited to wear to New Orleans in December. I haven't bought any bras yet. I've been pretty good about that. Just doesn't make sense to do so yet. Until next time beauties -Xo

Day 11

Tig ol' bitties!!!

Another one from day 11

13days PO - Bra Recommendations?

13 days post Op and my breasts are feeling sore. I do not know if I'm feeling better so I'm doing more and over doing it, the numbness is going away, or I'm just still early in recovering? But I took a pain pill so I can just go to sleep in comfort. I think I've been acting too tough and should take the pain pills if I want to be more comfortable.

I can't wait for my 2 week follow up on Friday. I've already been massaging them a bit as they're softening up, but I'll get more aggressive and use his techniques he'll show me. I know some since I've seen videos of fellow Feldman hotties.

I'm really excited to get into a regular bra! I know my doctor will want me to wear the compression bra at night, which is fine, as I'm growing fond of it!! It actually makes me feel really secured LOL I got an hour facial today and when I put my compression bra back on, it was the best feeling! I have the bra in mind at Victoria Secret I want to try on, the Body by Victoria full coverage and Dream Angels Demi, so we'll see which is more comfortable, supportive, and has more coverage for the sides. I don't want to spill out unless it's on purpose ;) I'm glad I won't need thick push-ups anymore! I also want to check out Kohl's bras. I would have never thought to go there since I don't shop there, but imma go for boobie purposes and a fellow Feldman hottie bought some that I liked!

If you lovelies have other places with nice, comfortable bras, let's hear it! Not concerned about price really and I'm a Forever Angel cardholder :) Until next time - Xo

14 days PO

Hey lovelies! I am exactly 14 days post-op! Can't believe it! My boobs have changed some. They are definitely dropping, we'll, considering before. They are in the cone phase now LOL my nipples are moving up to be more centered. I go for my 2 week appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Can't wait for him to tell me just to wear the compression bra at night!

I got some HOT items in the mail today. I've attached one that can barely zip, so hopefully I can wear it more discretely in a few weeks, but really, who wants to be discrete with these babies! Haha I'll post more of the items another time, and all I can say is WOW! My boobs looked so good in them without a bra!

Well after my appointment, my goal will be to swoop into VS, try on a few bras, and just buy one, nude color, until my 3 months. Until next time - Xo

2 week appt. & some bras

My doctor said they're perfect! He said my anatomy is different and I have amazing cleavage because of it. He said women bring in wish photos wanting the cleavage you have and their anatomy doesn't allow for it. I was so happy how much he said they're looking great! He showed me the massages, and said I didn't need to do the one that squeezes your breasts together since my cleavage was already high and so good at 2 weeks. It's more for women who have wide cleavage. They removed the sterile strips, didn't hurt at all. My stitches were dissolvable. He said what kind of bras to get. So I left a happy camper!!

I went to VS, cause I need at least one regular bra now that I don't need to wear the surgical bra 24/7. I love the DREAM Angels Demi! It was the only style that fit me perfectly around the boobs and crease. I also got the new Body by Victoria Lounge Bra in nude and black. The photos have the sizes.

I will buy more bras at about 3 months, when they've rounded out at the bottom. The stitches are still holding them pretty box like.

Until next time - Xo

Dream Angels Demi = Not good for me

Ok... So, I had to return both Dream Angels Demi I bought yesterday. I'm so small around the band and my cup size is so big, so the center wiring was digging into the bottom sides of my cleavage. It was annoying and clearly didn't fit properly. I think on the DREAM Angels bra, the center rides up too high for my narrow cleavage.

I went yet to another location, and the lady pointed me to the best bra ever!! Still a 32ddd, but wiring was lightly more padded and center had more of a plunge, which I loved and digging into my boobs was non-existent. I'm so happy I was in a different city visiting my in laws and discovered a lady who knew how to fix my issue!!!! I'm going to post more photos tomorrow or bra and boobies. Until next time - Xo

18 days Post-Op

Not big change, but here are some sports bras and Bralettes and tops. Sorry for the picture overload. Until my 3 week update. - Xo

3 weeks post-op

Can't believe I'm 21days post Op! My boobs have rounded out more and they're not as pointy from the side. They are getting softer each day. I sometimes feel and hear the implant move in my right breast, which is healing quicker than the left.

I'm wearing my silicone scar strips and doing my massaging. Not much of an update. I have been to VS like 5 times due to returning and buying, but I'm good now lol

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies!


A grid showing 3 week process

Boobies show through clothes

So I'm so in love with my breasts! They are rounded out and the profile is perfect! They don't hide behind anything I wear and I love that! I mean I didn't go through this process so they could be hidden :) I will take photos with clothes on later this week to show you lovelies. Until next time. I'll be posting from New Orleans! -Xo

NightLift bra!

It has arrived and I'm in LOVE!! It's incredibly comfortable and nothing sticks or pokes you. I'm a 32DDD and it is true to size! I love that it does not look like an old granny bra and it doesn't give you cone boobs but a nice, normal shape. You can wear the straps so many way, I've shown you two here. Adjust the straps to whatever comfort level fits you and holds your girls together! See for yourself! Excuse the marks from my slacks that I've been in all day! :) Oh, and I haven't been working out yet :(

In LOVE with these lace bralettes!!

These are AMAZING! Soft, comfortable and subtle support. So nice for lounging and quick errands!! I liked the cream one better than the navy design, both different from the back but similar from the front. I got the cream one in 4 different colors! I could probably get away with wearing it as a crop top with high waisted jeans and skirts, like in the photo.

Happy 1 Month

Cant believe I'm 1month post op!! My breasts are perfectly even and I couldn't be more happy with my results!

BOOBIES on Fleek

I get more and more in love with my babies!!

Victoria Secret Haul!

Hey lovelies! So I went to VS yesterday since it was the last day to use your reward cards, and I had 6! I took the liberty of going on a little shopping spree! I ended up with 4 Dream Angels bras, and matching panties and more colors of the lounge bras!

I never was the the one to get decorative or colorful bras because let's be honest, it's not realistic for every day wear! I always just wore nude or black. But, why not, right?! So I indulged and got what I wanted. My honey liked them all so that's a plus! ;)

I might go back today since ALL bras, regular Or sports, are on sale for $35!! That's an amazing deal!! Go get some ladies!!


More VS bras & panties

I thought I wouldn't have a BRAsession, but I do!! I bought one more Dream Angels bra and two t-shirt demi bras! I mean, you can't beat $35 EACH can you?! I also bought more Dream Angels collection panties! Within the last week, I've spent $500 at Victoria Secret! Thank goodness for being a Forever Angel, and $60 in birthday and points rewards! My bra draw is pretty full now, and I don't think I can comfortably fit anymore! Guess I'll need to boot one of my honey's sock draws! haha

I hope you lovelies have a Merry Christmas!! Xoxo

Boobies & Tops!

Just putting stuff on and seeing how my girls look in them. The sparkly top I've had forever and now I don't need a strapless bra! Yay!

The black halter I got not too long ago. I'll have to do a comparison from when I first tried it on with my girls early on.

And lastly, a good ol' nudey picture of the girls. They are soft and amazing!

Until next time! Xoxo


Almost 2 months post! Here are more pics of the girls. I took a picture in the gray sports bra when I was 18 days post so you can see a difference in the settling.

The bathing suit top is a small and is lined but totally doesn't fit, too small. Unless I was going for a bunny look LOL

Until next time! Xo

More pics

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Here are some snapshots of my girls almost at 2 months.


2 months update!!

I can't believe it's been 2 months! The girls have settled quite nicely and I couldn't be happier with my results! I am still oiling my breasts mainly after the shower and at night. My incision is fully healed and looks amazing! It's not as bumpy since I've been massaging the oil onto them.

I have gone CRAZY shopping at VS for bras and matching panties! I really took advantage of the sales!!

I've been having a blast shopping at online boutiques! Check out some pieces below!

Until next time loves! Xoxo

11 weeks!

Hi dolls! Just a few pics for my 11weeks! As always, I'll post nudes at my 3months! So far everything is still perfect. I love my breasts and they have been treating me well. I still oil them after the shower but no longer massage them. They look amazing in anything that I wear and even though they are a pretty nice size without a push up, I like the option of doing both!

Until next time lovelies! Xo

3 months!!

Ladies!! I am over the major threshold of being three months today!! Yay! They are totally apart of me now and I can comfortably sleep on my side for a little bit but now I'm used to sleeping on my back! Who would've thought?! See some pics of my girls! Still wearing 32DDD, medium in sports bras and small shirts/blouses.

3 month pics!

Let's try this again...

Hey there! I'm 6 months post-op!

Hi ladies! It's been so long since I've done an update and I have so much to catch you up on! On May 5th, it was my 6-month post op anniversary! I thought about doing an update, but I've been traveling and haven't had the time. I am going to take photos tonight of the girls so you can see the progress. They are fully settled now and I still love them so much. They are extremely perky without a bra and do not sag or hang at all. At first I thought that was kind of weird, but my pre-op boobs didn't hang either, so that's good! I have gravity on my side as I get older :-) TEEHEE!

Bras & Bralettes:
I am still a size 32DDD at Victoria Secret. Mainly all of my bras are from VS, but I do have three bras in a sister size of 36D, which I love! In bralettes, I am a medium. Sometimes I find I have a little spillage over my bras and I have to tug at my cups, but I just need to loosen the straps a little. I get scared that I'm not supporting them "enough" when I'm probably overly supporting :-)

I occasionally wear the NightLift bra, but not often. it's still comfy and does what it's meant to do. Keeps the girls in place.

Sport Bras:
I have a 32DDD Victoria Secret VSX sports bra which works great and several others. I got one from Target and it was a medium. I still wear the two sport bras my Dr. gave me, and I LOVE them. Especially to sleep in. They're so comfy!

My girls show through in anything that I wear and I love it! I especially like the weekends when I can be more daring with my outfit choices AKA revealing tops :-) I have so many fun tops and bodysuits that I now can enjoy wearing without fear of support! I'll upload photos of some of them.

My next post will include many variations of nude, bras, sports bras, tops, and bodysuits.

Hope you ladies are enjoying your new additions as much as I am, and to those ladies early in their journey, good luck and happy healing! XO

6month PHOTOS - 450cc silicone - unders

Ladies ladies! Here are photos of my progress! Hope you like!


6month PHOTOS

Here are some selfie nudes

Just boob photos :)

I love love love!!!


Dr. Feldman was extremely informative and answered all my questions before I asked them. He asked me what my goal was but was also realistic with me. I'm so happy I met with Dr. Feldman, and chose him for my procedure! Super relatable, understanding, and great personality. Jeannette, his assistant, is AMAZING! She was nice and made me feel really comfortable! I am SO happy to have met this pair!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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