28 Yrs Old with 2 Kids Full Profile 520 Cc Silicone Gel

I cannot begin to tell yal how excited I am to...

I cannot begin to tell yal how excited I am to have this surgery! Less than two months away now, surgery is set for November 15th. I've been researching doctors for years, I wanted to wait until I was done having kids and when my boys were old enough to do most things by themselves like getting dressed and buckling in the car to make my recovery easier. Once I was ready to have the surgery I set up consultations with Dr.ciaravino and Dr. Feldman. I didn't like that ciaravino barely spent any time with me, didn't even take any measurements and didn't give me any options on implants. He only uses high profile and told me 350cc. Which seems pretty small to me and I didn't really want a high profile look. I didn't even get to try on sizers. They did the digital representation of what the implants would look like. I just thought it was dumb, like using photo shop would show same results as implants. Dr. Feldman on the other hand spent a lot of time explaining everything about the surgery and my anatomy and measuremeets. He answered all my questions and made me feel confident in my decision. I tried on sizers and decided on a silicone 520cc round full profile. I'll post some pics. It is so exciting in visioning what it will be like to fill out a shirt without a padded bra finally!! I am second guessing the size the more I think about it and read reviews and see other people's after photos. I'm afraid it will be really hard to find my bra size as I can probably expect a DD to DDD. I'm also a little worried they will look too big for me and be heavy. So I'm thinking next time to go in I'm going to ask to try the next size down full profile which would be a 485cc. I decided to write about my journey through this as its really helped me reading everyone else's. And it will help me track my progress and changes. Will post again after my appointment on the 1st when I pay and it's set in stone ;)

More befores

Bought a front close sports bras for after I don't have to wear my surgical bra. Wanted to post some befores so I can see the difference after :) As bad as I want to go by some real bras I was advised not to until my post op appointment and they would tell me exactly what I needed. Less than one month out!!
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