28 Yrs Old with 2 Kids Full Profile 560 Cc Silicone Gel

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I cannot begin to tell yal how excited I am to...

I cannot begin to tell yal how excited I am to have this surgery! Less than two months away now, surgery is set for November 15th. I've been researching doctors for years, I wanted to wait until I was done having kids and when my boys were old enough to do most things by themselves like getting dressed and buckling in the car to make my recovery easier. Once I was ready to have the surgery I set up consultations with Dr.ciaravino and Dr. Feldman. I didn't like that ciaravino barely spent any time with me, didn't even take any measurements and didn't give me any options on implants. He only uses high profile and told me 350cc. Which seems pretty small to me and I didn't really want a high profile look. I didn't even get to try on sizers. They did the digital representation of what the implants would look like. I just thought it was dumb, like using photo shop would show same results as implants. Dr. Feldman on the other hand spent a lot of time explaining everything about the surgery and my anatomy and measuremeets. He answered all my questions and made me feel confident in my decision. I tried on sizers and decided on a silicone 520cc round full profile. I'll post some pics. It is so exciting in visioning what it will be like to fill out a shirt without a padded bra finally!! I am second guessing the size the more I think about it and read reviews and see other people's after photos. I'm afraid it will be really hard to find my bra size as I can probably expect a DD to DDD. I'm also a little worried they will look too big for me and be heavy. So I'm thinking next time to go in I'm going to ask to try the next size down full profile which would be a 485cc. I decided to write about my journey through this as its really helped me reading everyone else's. And it will help me track my progress and changes. Will post again after my appointment on the 1st when I pay and it's set in stone ;)

More befores

Bought a front close sports bras for after I don't have to wear my surgical bra. Wanted to post some befores so I can see the difference after :) As bad as I want to go by some real bras I was advised not to until my post op appointment and they would tell me exactly what I needed. Less than one month out!!

1 week!!!

1 more week until surgery!! So freaking excited to finally have this done. Maybe then I can get off this site and stop obsessing over boobs. It's gotten ridiculous but I can't help it! Thank goodness I'm going out of town for work this week. I'll stay busy, and hopefully time will fly. Then this weekend I have all sorts of stuff I want to do around the house to prepare. Going to cook a week's worth of meals for the family and detail my whole house! That's the only way I will be able to sit on my butt the days after surgery and let my body recover. The next time yal see me I will have boobs!

Here are some more befores. Also went to my pre op and tried on sizers. Going between a 520 and a 560 now to have a wide enough implant to give me some cleavage hopefully. Had to sign my before pictures where the doctor let me know my nipples point outwards a little so that will be amplified once they are bigger. I'm glad he tells me things like that so I have a realistic expectation of the outcome :)

Surgery Day!!

So all day yesterday I was so excited. Going over every little detail and making sure I had it done. Reading all my medicine instructions. Then at 4 in the afternoon I get a call from daycare that my 6 year old has a fever...ugh!! Talk about terrible timing. Poor little guy. So I called the surgery center and they said there is a separate waiting room him and my boyfriend can wait in. But he won't be able to come back in the room since he is sick. I've been giving him some fever medicine and hope it's just a virus that will pass. Because I doubt I'll be in any condition to go take him to the doctor with my boyfriends help until Wednesday. I'll try and call the doctor to see if I can give boyfriend consent to take him by himself.

Anyway its now 4:30 in the morning the day of surgery, woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep :) Gave my little one another dose of medicine so he is feeling better when it's time to leave at 6 this morning. I am dying of thirst already lol, and I don't want to use the restroom because I'll have to pee in a cup when I get to the doctors office for the pregnancy test. I can't believe this day is finally here!! I'll update yal in a couple of days and tell you how it went. Anxious to see what size I end up with!!

Post op Day 2

So my son was going much better yesterday but he still couldn't go to school. The doctor had a seperate waiting room they had to stay in so the doctors office stays germ free. He is much better today though and went to school this morning. Think it was just a little cold.

Thought I'd give yal a recap of what went on when I got there. Got there at 730 sharp and took my pregnancy test. Passed thank God haha. Then they had me change into my gown and the nurse came in and took my vitals. Then the anesthesiologist came in and asked some questions and had me sign my consents and put my IV in which didn't hurt at all. He really put me at ease. Dr. Feldmans whole staff really is fantastic. After than Dr. Feldman came in and made lots of markings on me and showed me his plan for evening out my breast because one is slightly lower than the other. He is so thorough and open it makes me feel very confident and prepared for what I am going to see after. After that they sent my boyfriend back to give me a kiss and I walked to the OR. I laid down on the comfy table with the the heated blanket and these weird things that squeeze your legs to help with circulation. After that dr. Lee came and hooked up a bag to my IV in my hand. I asked him what it was he said fluids and a little medicine. The last thing I remember saying was oh yeah I feel that medicine and I was out haha.

Then I woke up and my boyfriend and the nurses where there helping me get dressed. Was in no pain just really groggy and felt my chest was heavy. I'm glad I brought my neck pillow and blanket for the ride home, I slept comfortably the whole way.

As soon as I got home I got in bed which I had all ready with my wedge pillow so I sleep at a 45 degree angle like the doctor asked. It's so comfy! That with my airplane neck pillow keeps me from moving around and I feel very supported.

I was thinking the strap was going to be uncomfortable but it really isn't. I think those that say that must have it in the wrong place. I'm not planning on touching it at all until they take it off for me Friday at post op.

I was taking my pain meds every 4 hours. I'm switching to only a half a pain pill every 4 today to try and wean off. I'll take a muscle relaxer as needed for the tightness, that's really the only pain I'm feeling. Not really pain just right. Like being really engorged after breast feeding.

Got my card and he decided on the 560cc! I'm so excited. Jeanette from the office called my boyfriends phone last night to check on me. Love love love my doctors whole office. I really feel that I made a good decision. I'll post back on Friday with pictures hopefully!! Here is the only pic I have so far with my surgical bra and strap.

Got to see them!!!

So so so happy in my choice of surgeon. I am also happy with myself for following all instructions and letting my body heal. Which I will continue to do so everything will be smooth sailing. I have absolutely no bruising yal, and I'm totally off pain killers! Still taking the valuum but going to try to only take those are night so I can drive during the day if I need too because they make me real sleepy. Dr. Feldman still wants me to wear the strap during the day to help with swelling while I'm up and about. I'll have to figure out a way to conceal that because I'm going back to work Monday. But I can take the strap off at night. I am so so pleased with my results so far. As they settle and drop and fluff I'll have even more cleavage and fullness. I got the okay to shower gently now too. Just have to dry the steri strips which are on my incisions before I put the sports bra back on. Those will come off at my next appointment. I got another sports bra today so I can alternate and wash these. I'm to wear the sports bra for the next two weeks until I see him at my next follow up appointment. So I'm going to keep them under wraps and snap a picture each time I shower so I can track how they are moving and swelling is decreasing. I felt good enough today that me and my mom went out to eat breakfast before my appointment. Oh and my bra he gave me was a size 32 DD ???????????? YAY!!!

1 week old!

1 week old today and still loving them. I'll love them a whole lot more when they are out of my neck haha. Yesterday was my first day back to work. Not sure if it was the driving or the reaching for papers/ phone but that was the most uncomfortable day so far. Learned my lesson and had my boyfriend take me to work today and he is tomorrowrong as well. Thank goodness this is a short week!! Word of advice ladies listen to your doctor and keep your elbows at your side and avoid reaching! Here's some updated pics. I think they may have dropped down a centimeter or two but not much, they are a lot softer though. Still in the surgical bra 24/7 except when showering.

More 1 week pics

Sorry for the poor picture quality horrible lighting in my room and my vanity mirror is antique which doesn't help.

2 week post op!

Went to get checked out today and everything looks good! So so happy. Everyday they drop a little bit and come a little closer together. Got to see my scars which are tiny! How did he get these big implants into that tiny hole? Learned my massages which honestly make them feel so much better and not so tight afterwards. I was kind of scared about them, thought it may hurt but it doesn't. A little uncomfortable at first bit they feel good after!

Also got my bra instructions. Going to wear a nice supportive bra that pushes them up and in so gravity doesn't take a toll on them. Wish I wasn't going out of town for work, no time to stop and go bra shopping which is all I want to do right now ???? I picked up one at Ross on my way back into work. It fits and does the job it's just not that pretty. I am going to wear some silicone strips on my insicions to help them heal flatter. Also it gives them a little protection from my bra rubbing. Here's so pics to update.

2.5 weeks post video

2.5 weeks post
Girls....I love my boobs so much haha. They get softer every day now. Especially since starting the massages. Been wearing a supportive bra, and you know if it's supportive enough after a few hours trust me. The first one I got had to get thrown away because I felt like I had to keep picking up my boobs during the day lol. The bra needs to do that work. Anyway following doctors orders so I don't mess these beauties up. Exciting news I get to do a model of the month shoot for his website!! Can't wait, never in a thousand years would I ever have done a boudoir shoot before. I feel much much sexier. Now I have to get ideas for what I want to wear or not wear haha.


They are hard all of the time! Mine are sort of sensitive at times too. By the end of the day my bra rubbing on them drives me nuts. Doctor suggested nipples covers so I found these ones called nippies skins. They are invisible under clothes and washable and rewearable. Love! In the picture one nipple is covered and one is uncovered. Because sometimes you don't want that kind of attention ????

With clothes

A couple of girls have asked for how I'm liking my size. Love! I am having to buy some new clothes because alot of my stuff from when I had no boobs are either too tight or show waaay too much booby for work. But having cleavage in a sports bra and sports top has been fantastic. I'll post some new updates showing my scars later in this week for my one month boobiversary lol

One month old!

Can't believe it's been a month already. So far my right is dropping and getting a more natural shape faster than my left. It bothers me but I know left will catch up. They are getting softer and softer. I wish I had taken better quality before pics. My advice take in the same mirror with good lightning multiple angles! It really helps to track your progress. Best thing about them right now is I have cleavage no matter what bra I wear. Thank goodness! That was my ultimate wish. Also nipple sensitivity isn't so bad now. There are no tender spots on my breast at all anymore. Scars are looking good. I want to find some better quality silicone strips though. Got mine at Walgreens and they don't stay put very good. Here's some side by sides I put together.

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