28 Years Old, 1 Child, 5'1 125lbs... Wanting 500cc

So ive been back and forth on this app looking at...

So ive been back and forth on this app looking at befores and afters. For years ive been wanting to get breast implants, but my ex nor my family never thought it was right. I finally found a wonderful man that supports me in everything. Hes actually very excited for them. I have my first consult on fri oct 7. I need ideas as to what to ask the doctor. Im cluess. I know im set on wanting to get 500cc. Anyone else going for their consult soon?

Tomorrows my consult!!!

So tomorrow is my first consult! Im excited and nervous!!! I know what i want but not sure if ill be able to get it. How was your first consult? What questions did you ask? This is how i look now, i want to be like a D.

My first consult!

Well i had my first consult! He gave me soooo much information and was very forward with me. He told me he didnt want me to think about the cc's. He asked me what i wanted. I told him i wanted a D. We went over the types of implants silicone vs saline. We also went over what type of incision would be best for me. The the fun part! Sizers! I tried on 2 different sizers. First was was too low looking. The next sizer i tried on fit my figure perfect! I didnt even ask what size it was he just handed it to me. Basically told me hes giving me a implant that is gonna fit my figure. I know this Dr. Brancroft feldman is the right dr for me. Im excited! Now i just need to set a date!

Date is set!!!

I'm excited and nervous!!! The date is finally set and its 2 months 9days away! My pre-op is set for Dec 15. I'm soooooo excited! I'm finally gonna get what I've always wanted!

Wish pics

Brancroft Feldman

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