26yr Old, Travelling from Canada to Texas! Wanting to Go BIG

My BA is booked with Dr. Feldman for Nov.1st! I...

My BA is booked with Dr. Feldman for Nov.1st! I have been wanting this since I was a teenager and my boobs never came in. (Currently I'm a B34, 5'10, 155lbs). I will be going as big as my frame will accommodate. And by that I mean my cc's will be based on my BWD (breast width diameter) measurement, and I will go with the largest size that that measurement will allow.
Since I am tall/wide I am assuming this will be somewhere in the 550-700cc range, but I will not know for sure until my consultation.

I am travelling from Calgary, Alberta to Sugar Land for my surgery. My boyfriend will be "chaperoning" me lol.
Here's what our week will look like:

Sunday, Oct. 30 - Flight arrives in Sugar Land, check in to our hotel.
Monday, Oct 31 - pre-op/consultation appointment with Dr. Feldman (1-2pm)
Tuesday, Nov 1 - Surgery day!!
Wednesday-Thursday - recover @ hotel.
Friday Nov 4th - Post-op appointment
Saturday, Nov. 5 - fly home to Calgary!

I I'll be flying back 2 weeks after my surgery for another pre-op appointment, and then after that as long as there are no complications I am home free!

If you're wondering why I chose to travel for my surgery the answer is because I want Dr.Feldman to do it. He is truly an expert and for some reason I just KNOW he is the one who is meant to do my BA.

Yes, surgery is cheaper in the states but with the cost of travel + the AWFUL exchange rate right now I will be spending about $10,000 CAD. Which is the same price as getting a BA here in Calgary. SO. Truly I am not saving any money. I am doing this for Dr.Feldman!

Recovery Vitamins?!

I just ordered the Vitamedica Recovery Vitamin kit. These were developed by an anesthesiologist for his plastic surgery patients so it's nice that they are specifically formulated for post surgery healing!

Comes with an AM/PM formula, a Brolemain & Quercetin blend, and an Arnica Montana formula.

They were pricey. Around $100 USD, add shipping and the exchange rate and I paid just over $200 CAD. But I look at it this way, I'm already spending thousands of dollars on surgery, what's another $200 if it will help with healing and recovery?

I will keep posted on how I like the vitamins, they get RAVE reviews on every site I've seen so I'm excited and think I made the right choice!

? NSF and NPA certified quality manufacturing
? Made in U.S.A.ncludes

This comprehensive one-month program provides a unique combination of nutrients to speed wound healing, support the immune system, prevent infection and minimize inflammation. Whether you're recovering from a hysterectomy, knee arthroscopy, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty or liposucti
Texas Plastic Surgeon

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