26 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'1",34 B, So Ready for Boobs! - Sugar Land, TX

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I'm a little less than a week away from my surgery...

I'm a little less than a week away from my surgery. I went for my preop about a week ago. I was put on a vitamin regimine and strict guidelines to follow to insure fast and easy healing after the procedure. So far the plan is to get between 350-400 Inspiration SRX implants. I'm shooting for a small D.
I have been very small in the chest area all of my life. After having two kids, they are jot only small, but completely deflated. Its embarrassing. I look very young for my age, and the size of my boobs seems to add to that.
I'm looking forward to having amazing confidence and fitting into clothes easily!
I'm going to post some before pictures right now.

advice on bra

Hi ladies!!! I have a question on what brand bra and kind of wondering what size I should get for after the procedure. I already have a surgical bra from my surgeon...but I want at least one more. I know underarmour has one. But I was going to see if anyone has some advice :) thanks in advance!

few days away...

I'm just a few days away from surgery!! I'm getting so excited, but nervous at the same time. After two c-sections, and other surgeries, I think this is the most nervous I've been. I have so much to get done this week before the procedure. I'm open to any tips that helped make recovery easier :)

today is the day!!

I'm sitting in the waiting room.. Ready to be taken back to start my pre-op. I have butterflies in my stomach. I can't believe its actually happening. Its 12:15... Its been a long time without food...so I can't wait to eat afterward :) I'll post pics after when I'm up and settled.

surgery and first night are complete

First of all, my nurses I had were amazing. My surgeon was running behind so I sat on preop for quite a while and we chatted a lot and shared pictures and stories. Then I spent the remainder of my wait watching Friends on Netflix. So I was pretty content.
My CRNA was so nice. he gave me my "margarita" and I don't remember anything after that until I saw my husbands face asking me how I was feeling in the recovery room. My nurse said we ended up going with 375cc inspira srx. I was shooting for somewhere between a small and medium D.
It was a challenge getting into my husbands ford f250 without using my arms.. But we got it done.
I slept the whole way home and walked in all by myself..much to my husbands surprise. He was expecting me to need him to carry me lol he has been so supportive and amazing.
I had some pretty terrible back pain that started soon after I got home. I took some pain medication, but it was the muscle relaxer that really started helping. I put cool packs on my boobs and kept up on my meds, I had a pretty successful night. I am very pleased with the recovery so far. I know I might be singing a different tunr later, but it has been bearable so far. Looking forward to taking a sneak peak later!!

1 day post op

Well I will have to say I feel pretty fantastic today. I'm on norco and muscle relaxers, but I only have a mild tightness in my breasts. I feel pretty fortunate. I'm able to do mostly everything myself...except I'm not picking heavy things up or reaching above my head. Its a little heartbreaking not being able to hold my two year old. But he is being so wonderful about it. I finally took my bra off to take a peek...and I'm in love!!! They're super swollen and high...but I'm so happy anyway!!!

Day 2 post op

Well my day started out with some intense incision pain. It felt like my surgical bra was digging into my incisions and really irritating them. My friend that works with my surgeon said it's because my nerve block wore off and its normal. I went to academy to get a more comfortable bra..and found an underarmor bra that zips up on clearance! 36 D. I'm so happy!!! The incision pain ai going away, and I'm feeling pretty good. Just still pretty sleepy from all the meds. I have to write a paper for a class today, and that is the last thing I feel like doing. But I'm happy to report all is well. I'm still pretty bloated and have yet to have a BM since surgery. But I'm going to take something soon to help that . the worst thing is not being able to cuddle my two year old. He asks for me to hold him, but he's been so gentle and understanding. :) I'll post some pics.

day 3 post op-swelling

I'm still feeling better and better every day, but the swelling is showing no signs of slowing down. But the worst part is my left breastfeeding is significantly bigger than my right. And by bigger I mean more swollen. I know they can heal in different ways and time..but it's quite annoying. You can visibly see it even when I'm wearing a shirt. Has anyone else had this problem??? What has helped with swelling????


Well, tomorrow is back to reality. I've been home with my toddler today and he has made it so easy to relax and take it easy. But tomorrow I go back to school. I go three days a week. And I'm hoping I can get through the classes easily. Its about a 25 minute drive there... So I stopped my narcotic medicine and sticking to the toradol. I think as long as I take my time and take it easy, I'll be okay .

day 4 post op, bruising

I decided to stay home from class today. The only real complaint I have is that I haven't had a BM since Thursday. I'm so bloated I look like I'm pregnant. I drank some tea last night , but other than tummy cramps it hasn't done much for me. My breats are still swollen, my left more than my right. But they are feeling better every day. My left one is the only one that causes any pain. I am pretty pleased with the recovery process so far. The bruising has set in quite a bit..really hoping that part of it fades quickly. I'm not one to bruise easily..so I know its been rough on that area.
Has anyone else had constipation and found something that helped?? My husband is going to go pick up a laxative from my surgeons office today..but they said it could take up to 12 hours to work. I need something faster. Thanks in advance!!!

day 6 post op

I finally can see my collar bones and notice the swelling to finally come down a small bit. But I'll take it. One thing I've noticed is my face is SO oily!!!!! I've never had oily akin before and now its constantly oily and disgusting. Anyone else have this problem?
I have my post op appointment with my surgeon this afternoon and I will update again after :) its been a great day back at school so far. My hands move a lot slower with texting and writing.. I'm aire that's due to the medicine.

one week post

Okay friends, Ive been a little MIA the past couple of days..I've been busy back at school and trying to keep up with everything at home. But my post op went great. I got my stitches removed...which wasn't painless..but he was extremely pleased with the girls!!! He showed me how to massage them and I cringed when he squeezed my lower left breast. It has been more swollen and bruiaed than my right one.. And more painful. He said it was super tight. I'm somewhat worried that its going to pose a problem... And to top it all off..I pulled my husbands truck door closed last night and felt a sharp pull and pain in my left breast..and still feel it this morning. I can feel the pain all the way from the top of my breast into my armpit. I'm horrified I messed something up. :(


So in my last post I mentioned pulling my Hus ands truck door and hurting myself. Well, it only got worse from there. The pain, the swelling..and finally where I started bleeding from my incision. So I had to go back in and have my Dr open the incision back up and suction and drain the blood out. Apparently I tore my pectoral muscle when I pulled on that door which led to some slow bleeding and a hematoma. They only applied a local anesthetic, so I felt a lot of the procedure. I've felt a lot better ever since... Until this morning. I think I laid too flat last night because I woke up with the worst pain in my left breast and back.. I'm hoping it goes away. I really don't want any other complications. Really discouraged about the whole thing. My right breast is amazing.. But my left is my problem child lol anyway, hopefully I'll feel better in a little while because I plan to go get a hair cut and go to Victoria's secret and finally see what size I am. Still loving them though.
John T. Nguyen

I can't praise Dr. Nguyen enough!!!! This was something I've wanted done since I was a teenager. Last year I finally went in for a consult and I was so nervous. I don't even like my OBGYN checking me out. But immediately when he walked in, I felt relieved and completely comfortable. Dr. Nguyen has a very special way of putting all your fears and doubt's aside. It wasn't until a year later that I finally was able to make the commitment. It had been a year since I had seen DR. Nguyen and he greeted me as if he remembered me like it was yesterday. We made some decisions and started the process to get prepared for surgery. I was put on a vitamin regimine and given other supplements to help my body prepare for surgery, and also to help heal afterward. I scheduled my surgery for two weeks later. I showed up on my surgery day with no fear or nervousness whatsoever. I trusted him and knew he was an artist in his work. I'm sure you can get a more detailed account from my updates on this review, but I can't even explain how impressed I am with my new additions. I've always been so insecure about my breasts, and now I don't only have the confidence, but I can't even believe that they're mine. He did such a beautiful job and I'm so thankful that I trusted him to do my surgery. Did I mention his staff is amazing??? They're all gorgeous and as beautiful on the inside as they are outside. My girl April is the bomb!!! If you live around the Sugar Land/Houston area, there's no contest. Dr. Nguyen is the absolute best!!! And he will take care of you and exceed all your expectations!

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