26 Years Old, 5'4, 130lbs, 520cc SRF, 34b/c Pre-ba - Sugar Land, TX

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Dr. Feldman is great! After waiting almost a month...

Dr. Feldman is great! After waiting almost a month to get my consultation and driving almost 4 hours one way, I really had my doubts about what I was doing. But once I met with Dr. Feldman and his staff I knew I would be taken care of. Everyone is so great and Dr. Feldman is very professional, but so funny. He is upfront about when he can and can't do, but really strives to get you the best result!

Getting cold feet... Or something

I've done so much research that I feel like I should be sure about which implant I'm getting, but I'm still undecided on whether or not I should get moderate + or full profile... I really dislike the shape and size of my boobs right now but I don't want them to look ridiculously large either. Based on my breast width either profile will be large (457cc for moderate + and 520ccs for full) and im worried about being top heavy. i guess I'll just have to build up my butt after surgery to even myself out(?) lol. Any suggestions or experiences are appreciated!

Feeling better about size :)

So initially I decided on the SRF 500 ish cc implant when I was at my consultation, but I kept going back and forth in my mind on whether or not it would be too much for me. I really love love love the way the SRF implants turn out on other women, but when I try to remember that the implants will be on my body I'm not as confident... Naturally I'm an apple shape... Meaning I have broad shoulders and weight always goes to my tummy and arms first (darn genetics!) I have a slimmer butt and legs in comparison to my upper body, so although I would love the look of the full profile it just won't work with my body type. During my consult I liked the way the moderate + looked on me, but I was determined to have the full profile....When I think back, Dr. Feldman and Jeannette (office manager) both gave more positive feedback on the moderate + profile sizers too. Sometimes what we really want isn't what we need! So, yesterday I ended up emailing Jeannette and asking to go with the moderate + instead. Jeannette emailed back right away and said no problem, she also added in that Dr. Feldman thought either implant would be a "homerun," They probably say that to everyone, but it was sweet and it calmed my nerves :) I feel so much better about my surgery now and I'm ready for Thursday!

Surgery Done! 520 SRF

I made it! Yesterday I was scheduled for surgery at 2pm, but I ended to be there by 1pm for checkin and all that good stuff. The surgery ahead of me ran way over and I didn't end up getting into the operating room until about 3:30! All that time I was just sitting alone in the room, contemplating what I was doing. It was honestly so nerve wracking! When Dr. Feldman came in he did his marks on my chest and we talked alittle more size and profile. He told me that ultimately he wanted the breasts to turn out pretty and that he couldn't guarantee that the smaller 450cc moderate plus implant would full out my stretched skin to give a good result. He said would start out on the conservative end and work his way up to where he thought they would look good. So I gave him the okay to do whatever he thought would look the best. I really trust my surgeon and I'm sure he made the right decision for me. I ended up with 520 Srf implants. Today is post op for Me because I live so far away and I'm excited to see them if only for a few minutes! The pain is not bad and my husband has been taking really good care of me :) I can't believe it's over!

Sore but feeling good :)

So, the post-op appointment went great, in and out very quickly. I think my boobs look amazing for being brand new! I don't have to wear the strap across the top anymore, just the surgical bra 24/7 until my next appointment. I've been pretty drugged up on my medicine and trying to not use my arms at all. The hardest part is getting out of bed, but luckily my boys and my husband have been pushing my butt off the edge lol! I'm feeling really good, just sore around the incisions and armpits. Other than that everything is going great. I'm happy that dr Feldman ended up putting in the larger full profile (520cc) because I really think he knows what will look best in the end and I was really nervous making that decision myself.

Still sore. Trying not to move so much!!

I'm still sore around the sides of my boobs but I don't have any other real pain. Recovery has been easy, but I feel like I should be doing much less.... I'm so worried I'll mess them up :( On another note, I know some weight gain is normal but I'm already up 11lbs since Wednesday morning! Hopefully it's just water weight and it will come off easily in the next week or so... Has anyone else gained weight like this?

Boobies! Boobies! Boobies!

So, as you can tell, I'm alittle excited about my new boobs! For the last 5-6 years I've hated looking in the mirror at them and it always made me sad. I know I'm still in the early phases of healing but I hope my boobs stay the same or get better! I couldn't ask for anything else! Love Dr. Feldman!

Taking It Easy

Not much new happening around here. I've been laying low in my recliner with two kids tucked in carefully next to me :) A few days ago my right breast was swelling just a bit and I didn't think much of it, but of course i googled it and then freaked out that I was going to ruin my boobies! Emailed my surgeon's office, who gave me a well needed slap on the wrist and told me to cut it out and rest. So, now I'm doing what I was supposed to be doing from day 1! RESTING! I'm a clean freak... But the house is... Well.... It's Driving me crazy, but with three boys in the house I guess they are doing their best to pick up after themselves. There will always be time to clean when I've healed! I've stopped taking the pain medicine because it works too well and I don't feel any pain.... So I think I can do things, but really I shouldn't! I'm just taking the Valium at night to sleep comfortably and then today I took one this morning because my chest felt so tight and heavy. I think it was just my muscle tightening over nights, but yikes! That did not feel good first thing in the morning. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but I hope everyone is recovering well!

New pictures

Time flies!

I can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since my surgery! Time was dragging the first week, but once the pain was gone and I got used to the implants on my chest everything got so much easier. They tell you to always hold your arms in, elbows at your side and I'm finally getting used to that body mechanic without thought! Picking up laundry, taking out something from the fridge or whatever.... You never realize how much you use your chest muscles for those simple things! I'm still taking the Celebrex in the mornings, but really only as a precaution. I also still take 1 muscle relaxer at night before bed because it does help with sleeping on my back. I'm thinking after my post-op appointment I'll stop taking them (Friday). As far as I can tell I don't have any lingering numbness on either breast! Amazing right? I do get the sharp "zingers" every once in awhile in my nipples, but they don't bother me that much. My nipples are sensitive still, but after breastfeeding two kids I really had no feeling in them... So actually I'm kind of hoping they will stay a little bit sensitive!
I'm getting really excited for my post-op appointment! I can't wait to have the steri-strips off and have Dr.Feldman take a look at everything. I'm so impressed with my boobs every single day! I could get sad about the minor asymmetries, but those were there before and I knew that making my breasts larger wouldn't fix those issues. I feel so confident with my breasts now, the little things don't even phase me! I'm so glad I went through with the surgery, and still so happy that I chose my Dr.

Help! I think I just messed up boobs!

So tonight for whatever reason my youngest son (4) had a night terror and I'm home by myself (husband working afternoons). Well anyways, my son was screaming and crying like he was dying and actually managed to wedge himself underneath his bed. I could not wake him up. I could not get him to calm down. I honestly couldn't tell if some
Sort of terrible accident had happened or he was just dreaming... So I did what any mother would do. I picked up the bed, pulled him out, and then picked him up. I am supposed to be on a 2-3 lb weight limit... My son alone is 40lbs... I don't even know how much the bed weighs.... My chest is killing me. My boobs feel like they are going to come out of my armpits. I'm icing them already... I'm so upset. I know something must have torn inside, my chest hurts so bad. F***! All this time in recovery and now my boobs are going to be ruined. I know my surgeon would be so pissed off, but I wasn't thinking... It was just instinct to help him :( I already have an appointment on Friday, but I don't know what to do. Has anyone ever accidently went Over their weight restriction? Has this happened to anyone? Please help :(

2 Week Post Op Appt

Today was my 2 week post-op. Time has gone by so quickly! I still love my plastic surgeon and his staff, they are seriously the sweetest people! The nurse trimmed my stitches and took off the steri strips... I think I still have the dissolvable stitches holding together some things on the inside. She showed me my massages and went over activity restrictions, and how to buy a bra correctly. Those massages are no joke! I haven't really played around with my new boobs yet because I didn't want to mess anything up, so squeezing them from the bottom and seeing the implant push up was pretty interesting!
Dr. Feldman came in after and was very happy with my results! I am and have been very happy with my new boobs, so I was super happy that they looked on track to him as well! We talked alittle more about the surgery and I thanked him for bumping me up to the SRF 520 implants! He really does a wonderful job and I'm so glad I gave him the final decision on what would look best on my body! I can't say enough good things about him!
Now, about the incident I had picking up my son a few days ago... I decided to be honest with him and tell him what I had done even after he told me my boobs looked great. I figured that if I had damaged something maybe it would be an easier fix now rather than six months down the road. He said he didn't see anything at this time, but couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't show up as an issue later on. He wasn't thrilled, but he wasn't mean about it either, so I'm thankful for that :) He said life happens and sometimes you just can't control everything, even though you try your best.
I also got the before and after pictures from my surgeon and they are amazing! I can't believe my boobs looked so bad! I'm so happy with them now! I would 100% do this all over again for all the confidence it's given me :) I'll update with the pictures as soon as I can!

Just a quick update

Its been awhile since I've posted anything new, because there really isn't much going on with my boobs. I think every day there are gradual changes as far as "dropping" and "fluffing" but I am so afraid of them prematurely sagging that I keep them wrapped up a bra about 23.5 hours out of the day. I really don't obsess over them like I did the first week, so I'm not noticing things like I once did. I seriously want to delay abreast lift for as long as possible so after I do my massages, I even hold them up when I get in the shower! I'm trying to keep them supported constantly!
I've bought a few new front zip sports bras from target, but I've returned them all! I'm having issues finding bras that are small enough in the band but large enough in the cup... It's a real struggle! So, as of right now I have only two "regular" bras and then the surgical bras from my surgeon. I actually like the way the surgical bras hold in my boobs.. I wish I could order the same ones he uses in his office! Maybe I'll check into that....
Anyway, I'm not feeling any pain, just a little armpit soreness if sweep the floors or do a lot of dishes. I think I've done really well on the weight restrictions, but I'm ready to get back to normal life soon :)

Ups and Downs at 6 weeks!

Thursday will mark my six weeks since I've had surgery! I want to give an update on what's been going on for anyone that reads or might read in the future :)
First off, I want to talk about the seriousness of breast augmentation. So far, I really haven't had any huge complications from my surgery, but I think I underestimated how it would Impact my life and the unwillingness of others to understand my limitations. I'm getting very frustrated with people because they just don't listen when I tell them I can't do something yet. My in-laws and my husband's extended family came to stay with us from 2 weeks post op- until just yesterday and they have been the biggest source of my anger and sadness about my surgery. I have always gotten along well with them, but it has been a real challenge having them here. For instance, I refuse to pick up a flat of bottled water. It's over my weight restriction and I'm not risking my $5000 new boobs! My husband can pick up it up later when he comes home from work... Or you know they could have picked it up.... It's something so simple, but I can't do it and then I get backlash for not doing it! They have pushed so hard for me to do things I'm not supposed to be doing and then criticize me for being "lazy." I guess I just feel like if I had abdominal surgery, or shoulder surgery or something other than breast surgery, they wouldn't treat me that way. Whenever I would try to explain that breast implants aren't as simple as shoving water balloons into your existing boobs -that it involves cutting muscles and recovery time-no one took it seriously, and eventually it became a running joke. I have a good sense of humor, but I guess it has taken its toll on my mental state :(
In the midst of all the family visiting, I also managed to catch pneumonia :/ So basically, I've been coughing non-stop. I'm taking all the prescribed medications and extra cough syrup, but my right implant always feels like it's going straight into my armpit whenever I cough :( Then, when I stand up it feels like I'm having a muscle spasm in that same right breast. I've been massaging like crazy and I don't feel like it's helped, but we will see what happens. I've also been wearing two bras at a time for extra support (first my underwire, then surgical bra over top) because I'm trying to keep my boobs where they belong!
On a positive note, Everything is looking pretty good, my breasts have settled into their pockets nicely (I think). I haven't been feeling well enough to really go out shopping, but I've been ordering bras from online like a crazy person haha. The best fit so far has been a 32DDD, but I think a 32F might actually fit better (I'm just not ready to invest in an F bra!!!). My husband lovessss my new boobs and every time we pass each other he just smiles and smiles hahaha. He is still afraid to touch them more than just a quick feel, but I know as time passes things will get back to normal ;)
How is everyone else feeling? Is one boob feeling different than the other still? Any weird muscle spasms or sliding feeling when you stand up? I'm hoping I'm not the only one! Happy healing everyone :)

Updated Pics

I'm feeling good, everything is looking pretty good, and I'm still very happy with my new boobies :) I still haven't made it back to the gym, but I'll start once I'm 12 weeks post-op. I have plenty of time to run and excercise, but I want to make sure everything is really well- Healed before I go bouncing around! If you have any questions, just ask :)

In clothes!

Didn't upload pics!

3 months post-op!

Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let everyone know I'm doing well and still loving my new boobs :) A few weeks ago I had a weird freak-out and thought about getting my implants, explanted! I think I was just overwhelmed by bra prices ( I spent $500 on "good bras"), the thought of eventually needing a lift (the boobs never really look great after a lift), and having to constantly worry about what other people think. Thankfully, the moment passed within a day and I realized that I was being dramatic!
Every time I look back on old pictures of my breasts, I'm just so thankful that I was able to have this procedure done. Before I had surgery I never wanted to wear a sports bra to the gym because I was so flat chested that I felt manly! I never wanted to wear v-neck shirts because all I could focus on was the lack cleavage and I definitely never wanted to wear a bathing suit! I actually refused to take off my bra during sex with my husband! I let the insecurities about my breasts, dictate a lot of little things that added up over time. I still have insecurities, but I am just so thankful that those things don't bother me anymore!
Anyway, all is well with me and my boobs! They continue to feel more a part of me everyday :)

5 months post-op

There really haven't been any changes lately. I'm still happy with my boobs although I do worry about needing a lift and all that goes along with that surgery. Hopefully I'm still years and years away, but time will tell!
I still get very sore boobs after doing simple things like moving furniture or lifting weight over my head (think re-organizing closets). I'm not sure if this is a result of the implants or the result of me basically trying to not use those muscles as much as possible. It's doesn't really bother me, but I thought I would mention it here.
On another note, I can still "feel" my implants. When I grab my own boobs I can feel the implants get squeezed, but my husband can't tell where they stop or
Start. I can always feel my implants when I hug people, but again no one else can feel them lol. It's a strange feeling.
I've added some pictures just to show they are still hanging in there lol. Please excuse my mom belly! I haven't been nearly as dedicated to the gym as I was before surgery lol! Hope everyone is well! Any questions, just ask!

Checking in/ Breast Lump

Just wanted to check in with everyone here :) Most days I absolutely love my new boobs! Sometimes I wish I went a little more "fake" but overall I think that my breasts look fantastic in a good bra :) My husband insists that my news boobs are better than sliced bread! He always said he wasn't a "boob guy" but he certainly has changed his tune! We're both happy with the result :)
With all the good news, I am a bit concerned with a lump I found last month. I didn't think much of it, because well... I just didn't think it was a big deal. It's about the size of pea, and its on the lower portion of my boob... closer to the armpit...Unfortunately, it hasn't gone away.
Today I had an appointment with my doctor who scheduled me for a stat mammogram and ultrasound. I thought this was all pretty normal and wasn't really concerned. But during my ultrasound, the tech called in a doctor to come look... they started asking more questions about pain, nipple discharge, etc. I honestly haven't had any... and the lump is so small that I didn't really think they would do anything today. So anyway, long story short, I'm scheduled for a biopsy in two weeks. The doctor said it could be a fatty tumor or something else benign, but they just want to make sure it's not cancer. So... I don't really know what to think. I'm sure it's nothing, but it is kind of scary to think of what it could be. I know this sounds so stupid, but I'm worried they'll pop my implant during the biopsy! I mean, I don't know how deep they go... surely it wont go through the muscle right? I have no idea! Lol!
The only other thought in my mind is that if it is cancer and I need my breast removed I ONLY want Dr. Feldman to fix me!! I don't even know if he would, but I don't trust anyone else!
Anyway, I hope everyone is well! If you're still reading, thanks for listening to me vent lol.

Recent Pictures

Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Feldman has worked on models, Playboy playmates, and other celebrities, that's how amazing he is! But he also works wonders on everyday women; women who've gained and lost weight, who have lost volume from breastfeeding children, or women who were just born with less than perfect anatomy. The greatest part is that he and his staff will still treat you like a million dollars! He is honest about your imperfections, but not to make you feel badly about yourself. He only wants to make you understand that he is highly trained and skilled, but he is not a boob magician, there are some things he just can't change. His methods are based on math (which he explains in-depth during your consultation) and he won't let you ruin your body based on what you "think" you "need". Everyone in the office is friendly and super responsive whenever you have a question/concern. I've never met a nicer and more down-to-earth group of professionals in my life. Dr. Feldman's gallery shows his elite surgical skills and eye for perfection, but it's his staff and his personality that really makes him a 5 star surgeon! I couldn't be any happier with my results or my choice to have him as my surgeon.

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