28 Yr Old Lip Lift with Dr. Hornedski - Sugar Land, TX

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I had a rhinoplasty a while back which I LOVE,...

I had a rhinoplasty a while back which I LOVE, however I've noticed my upper lip looks longer and ages me. I am excited about this procedure but I'm also weary because my surgeon isn't a fan of lip lifts and recommended I not get it:( but I'm determined and aware of the risks. So my concerns are: 1. looking strange or unnatural 2. Ruining my beautiful nose (had an alar reduction) 3. Having a terrible scar
I guess we will find out how it goes!
My consultation with Dr Hornedski went great and we were on the same page. He was nice and to the point and reassured me that my nose wouldn't be negatively impacted by the surgery. He said I needed a middle and corner lift. I'm really excited but super nervous. His office has been awesome. How I'm treated as a patient is huge to me and they have been so warm. Jana is picking me up from the airport no charge. That took a huge load off my shoulders. Now I'm just eating healthy and counting down the days! My flight is at 5am...yikes! I fly back the same day.
I was told there is a pharmacy across the street from their office so I can walk and get meds before the procedure. Can't wait!

21 days until my lip lift surgery!

So anyone who has been following Dr. Horndeski's lip lift patients know that there are some reoccurring themes. He is conservative with how much he removes, so many patients will require another surgery to get the lip length they want. There is also a risk of smile/nose distortion.
My previous rhinoplasty taught me to wait a year before judging my results. My nose was swollen and crooked at 3 months then it evened out and narrowed down. With all the information (good and bad) about the surgery, I am still going through with it. My philtrum is at about 13mm. I really think this minor change is going to help my face harmonize. We shall see.

I had a prior alar reduction and my nasal sills do not fully meet at the columella, Hopefully that is a good thing? I'm posting pictures to show my alar scars and my nose up close.

4 days to go!

As I mentioned before, my philtrum length is 1.3cm and I'm hoping to get 5mm off or so. I want to get it right the first time (don't we all). I wasn't going to wear any makeup to the airport or my apt but the inlaws came to town this past weekend and I pick my face when I'm stressed. My left jaw/cheek now has embarrassing red marks on it. I guess he'll just have to clean the area beforehand : / My acne scars are the last on my list to get fixed but unfortunately I haven't seen any sure way to get rid of them without damaging the underlying skin/fat cells. I ate a largely raw vegan diet for a year and my skin cleared up almost perfectly, however the scars were still there. Everyone is like "oh you shouldn't pick" and "you're damaging your tissue" and I'm like "I know, I can't stop" it's like obsessive grooming. It happens when I'm exhausted and stressed and I always feel angry at myself afterwards.

When my skin was clear I had nothing to "groom" and I was starting to notice the scars healing too. That was a long side rant. if anyone has had success with acne scar treatment, feel free to let me know. although, it will probably end up being me getting back on the lifestyle/diet that clears my skin then waiting out to see if my scars get better over time. A lot of the treatments seem so risky. 4 days to go.....

I'll be on the plane in 8 hours

So sad to leave my 2 year old. More nervous about that then my surgery. I stay at home with her so this is a big deal for me. Going to drink a liter of water and head to bed. I'm staying at a hotel by the airport because we live an hour away and it's easier. Was just filtering through some reviews and I swear I read 5 horror stories back to back about botched alars, weird scars, paralysis and so on. Of course 8 hours before flight I read all these lol. I'm so excited/nervous but I'm trying to settle myself down and get some rest. Goodnight and I will update tomorrow

All done!

I'll update more later. I made the mistake of taking the pain meds without food and I have been feeling just awful with nausea. I'm in Dallas at the airport and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I'm glad I'm coming home today, but it ended up being a really long day because my flight got delayed in Houston because of storms. A 30 minute layover turned into an hour wait on the Tarmac then an additional 2 hour wait for my layover. So far I love it! Minus the weird swelling, I love it! It's very subtle but cute. Let's just hope for smooth healing and scaring

What my lip looks like now

Joking with my husband about the swelling. I look like a Who.

Day one

Took this last night. Sorry about the gauze, it's stuck to a big scab and I'm trying to let the scab fall off. My flight home was hellish for one reason: I didn't eat anything all day except for small bites because I was nervous and the Vicodin made me extremely nauseous. I tried bananas, crackers, protein drink, and chick fil et fries and I couldn't eat any of it after I was already nauseous. The office says to eat a "hearty meal" before surgery. I was too nervous but I should have made myself eat. Then there were storms In Houston and I sat on the Tarmac for an hour, missed my connecting flight and sat in the Dallas airport like some tripped out druggy itching my neck and chest for 2 hours. Seriously, Vicodin makes me itchy. Lol I wore the mask most of the time. The mask/ gauze wasn't embarrassing to me. So glad to be home.

Day 2

I look so weird. I was expecting it, but it's still alarming!

Day 3

Woke up in a lot of pain this morning. That's ok though. I take a Vicodin and the pain is gone in 20 minutes. I have a different method of handling the pain. Since the meds make me extremely nauseous, I use the pain as a signal to eat as much as I can then I take the meds. I haven't had much of an appetite since the surgery. As soon as the Vicodin wears off, the nausea leaves and I can eat ( however that requires a brief intermission of pain) My method is working to keep the desire to vomit at bay. Still really swollen. I sleep sitting up, but by the end of the night it's more of a 45 degree angle than a 90 degree angle. I usually have allergies and am stopped up in the morning. I have had 0 allergy symptoms since the surgery and 0 breathing issues. I thought that was really strange. So far everything is good. I just have one question to ask Elisa. My left nostril has some "bunching" around the sutures. The right one doesn't not. I wonder what this is. She gave me her cell to text pics and ask questions. This office has had the best staff by far of any other office I've worked with. I feel very taken care of. I'm going to send her pictures of the yellow crusty and the bunching

Day 4

Left side is more swollen. Swelling moved down my face on day 3 and has now settled in the bottom oft cheeks. The left side also has more scabbing. I haven't touched the incision site. I won't until I know it's fully closed then I will clean the scabs off. I was able to stop the Vicodin. Thank you, datu, for recommending Advil instead. I was able to eat more after switching. I haven't had any pain meds today. There is a little discomfort but no where near as bad as yesterday. Last night some itching set in and every once in a while today my nose/lip area has itched. I think I'll remove the Stitch on Sunday or Monday.

What it looked like surgery day vs day 4

I look like Dale from the chipmunks. However I look at pics just after surgery and have more hope about the outcome. Im wondering if I can expect this much tooth show after swelling goes down or less. It's a waiting game. I hope I have this much tooth show after it all heals. Crossing fingers 4mm was enough. Right before surgery I asked him and Elisa if 4mm would make a big difference and they assured me it would. I was finally able to kiss my baby today. It's funny the things we take for granted. It wasn't a full puckered kiss but I was able to make the smoochie noise. Lol. She didn't recognize me off the plane ( I don't blame her, with my covered bloody face and Indiana jones hat I looked like the thing from Jeepers Creepers) which broke my heart but she held my hand to the car and kept giving me the side eye. Haha. She's been really carefully with me. She accidentally bumped my face (which hurt sooo bad) and then quickly gently touched my face and said "ouch" "it's ok". Two more days and stitches come out!!


I washed my face in the shower last night and a yellow scab fell of outside of my nose. When I looked into my nose I noticed more yellowish crusting. I text Elise pics and she said to wipe the yellow scabs off with a dry qtip and apply an iodine solution 2x a day. After I wiped the yellow scabbing off the left nostril (the right nostril is healing well) I noticed a yellow pus-like substance in the crease of the incision line. I put iodine on it and I have to wait and see what happens. She said it should take about a week or so. I can't help but be scared. I have to wait, then what? What if it doesn't clear the puss up? I am scared. If anyone has experienced anything like this, please let me know. When I had my alar reduction with my rhinoplasty, my alars healed fine. I guess I assumed I would heal the same. I believe my allergies made things worse. My nose started running the night before I noticed the infection inside my nose. I am taking Sudafed to dry things up (took a Benadryl last night, but my nose is still running) I hope that Sudafed dries me up. I am trying to keep the area dry and apply iodine 2x a day.

Pics of infection


Wish we could edit older posts. I wanted to add that Elise is supposed to call me today. She can tell I am worried, I am bombarding her phone with questions.

Update on *Infection*

I spoke with Elise and she said that it looked more like serum than pus and that she wasn't worried about it. (whew) It's good to know that she doesn't suspect an infection but I am still worried. I mean I'm not completely out of the risk zone but it was good to hear her say that. I have not seen any yellowish crusting or light color tissue on any other review so I am still uneasy about my incision area. She told me to continue with the Sudafed to keep my nose from running and keep the area dry. She also told me to continue to put iodine on it for a week. (I have Betadine, but it is the same thing). I am to wait until Monday to remove my stich. She wants me to send her a photo of it beforehand. She made sure I had the iodine liquid and not the gel. I am just waiting now. I am believing for the best, but this is an important risk to consider when undergoing any surgery. I feel so silly that I counted myself out for this risk. I just assumed that because I was a healthy, hygienic, active, and non-smoker/non-drinker that these risks didn't really apply to me. They do apply to me. They apply to everyone.

We just moved to a new house and all the packing and cleaning has made my nose run. I think that may have contributed to the problem. The area didn't have a chance to heal. Now we wait and see. I sat in my recliner for a minute, zoned in fear, then I shook myself out of it and said "Well, if a shit storm is heading my way, today doesn't have to fall apart" So I did everything the doctor said and let it go. Now the house is clean and I am spending time with my husband and daughter. I can only do so much. I appreciate all the affirmation and support on here, You all are the best. I am so grateful not to be alone.

Elise says I'm healing!

So it looks like it was probably just serum but we are still waiting to remove the stitch until the area is healed more. The area never oozed white, it "weeped" clear fluid. But the underlying tissue was light colored so I assumed it was pus. I'm still applying Betadine per her instructions. Here is a pic of the progress it has made. If you deal with seasonal allergies like me, schedule your lip lift during the winter or low pollen times. I'm almost positive it was my runny nose that prolonged healing. The scab is darker because of the iodine but the area looks a little better than yesterday!

Before and after profile

I like my lip :)
My alars seem a little pulled down. I hope they tuck back up. I knew that was a risk tho. I'm still very swollen and my alar creases are flat so that gives me hope that when the swelling subsides my nose will bounce back. The lip distance looks shorter and I really like it!

Day 6

Tomorrow will mark a week since I had my surgery. I have one day left of clindamycin. The right side is completely healed. The left side had to rescab because Elise had me remove it a few days ago to make sure there wasn't infected tissue under it. There wasn't, it was just serum. The left side leaked clear yellowish fluid from day one. My right side didn't. I'm glad we made sure it wasn't an infection and applied the iodine, however, my left side is a few days behind because of the scab removal. I took the stitch out today. I gently pulled it out. It didn't hurt. My nose is still super wide. I'm holding onto dr. Hornedski's words that it will go back to its normal width. Ready for the left side to heal and not to have to apply the iodine. Soon I will do more photos but right now it doesn't look much different.

Forgot to add

I think the reason my healing may have been prolonged because of my previous alar reduction. The nasal sills already had scar tissue. I've been reading up on other reviews and I the ones who had revisions said the swelling and scabbing was worse. So if youve had an open rhinoplasty or an alar reduction, healing might be more like the revision reviews

Healing good/ uneven lips

Poor Elise, I've texted her every single day of my recovery. She's been amazing. The swelling has gone down a lot and I'm not sure about my results. I love my profile but the left side of my lip is still lower than the right and it bothers me a little. My right incisor shows but not my left. I'm nervous about being operated on again in this area. I'm still waiting to see if the shorter philtrum brought more harmony and youth to my appearance. I still have months of healing but I am thinking of a revision already.
My left nostril is finally almost healed, the right is healed and the scar is nearly invisible! It sucks to go through all this and only be half way through the journey (if I decide on a revision) next time I'm going in winter when I have no allergies!

Day 9 and feeling more hopeful!

As swelling goes down I'm more confident in my results. The nostrils still look a little wide and flared but I'm trying to be patient!

Day 11

Liking my results better each day. I think it was successful at making me appear more youthful. I wear makeup now which makes it not noticeable. The scar on the right is nearly invisible. The scar on the left is a bit gaping. It's probably because I had to clean the scab off and let it heal again. Oh well, it's better to be safe then sorry I guess. I may have the left scar revised and a little skin removed from that side to make it even. We will see how it looks in 6 months!

Left nostril pushed a stich out

So I was getting a little frustrated with the left nostril because there was a small hole that wasn't closing. The skin had healed around it and it looked like a zit was forming beside it. I text Elisa (I feel stupid because I keep calling her Elise on here). I told her I thought it might be a stitch. She told me I could go to a local doctor or pull and cut it out myself. I chose to do it myself. So last night I bought some tweezers, alcohol, and some tiny scissors. I washed my hands and face and I prepped the area with the alcohol and sterilized the stuff I bought. I gently pulled on the stitch. It was hard to see so I took my time. I pulled a little, then a little more and I saw a loop. I clipped as close to my skin as possible. I pulled one more time and a knot came out. I washed my face with antibacterial soap and dabbed a little iodine on the area. This morning I noticed the hole is closing! thank goodness! I could really use a break from healing drama.

I love my lips! It is definetly an improvement! The recovery hasn't been smooth for me but I'm still glad I did it. I think he did a good job. My skin just didn't like the stitches at all. My nostrils continue to improve and I feel much sexier now. I am trying not to be greedy but I could definitely see taking a bit more off the corners. Putting all thoughts of a revision away until the 6 month mark. So far, worth it!

23 days po

Nose is still swelling, but I love my lips! Will post more pics at my one month mark. I'm still waiting on the left side to finish healing.

Here are Dr. Hornedski's markings for mischiefmermaids :)

Pre surgery/ post shot. Does anyone know why there is epinephrine in the shot? My hands were shaking and I was breathing really hard/fast. I was like "I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm super jittery" Elisa told me it was normal and that it was the epinephrine in the shot. Could that be why I had 0 allergy symptoms in the first 2 days? Just a random memory of the surgery. Also, I could feel my upper lip resting on my bottom lip which messed with my head pretty good. For me that was the worst part. I'm also adding more pics of the journey and getting stuck in Houston... Nasty business, recovering from surgery and being delayed at an airport for weather! But I made it :)

Full face pics- happy I did this!

I didn't think I was going to post full face pics but I'm so thrilled with my results I wanted to share. I compared two similar pics from before and after (yesterday). My husband says he barely notices but when we compare pics it's a huge difference! You can see the left side was lower to begin with and its still a little lower.

It's 4am

And I am unable to sleep. I felt like making a really raw entry about how I'm feeling about my lip lift. I'm feeling annoyed and frustrated. My lips look great and the spacing between my nose and my lips has definetly made me look younger. Win win right? No! My scar has not stopped spitting stitches. Both sides have little holes and they feel so tight and irritated. I cannot smile or talk normal without feeling like I'm stretching my scar and making it unbearably itchy. I just want to fly back to Dr Horneski and have him cut my incision open and take these gosh awful dissolvable stitches from the pits of hell out of my nose! Ok a little over the top....but it's soooo irritating and itchy. I see all these other girls wearing makeup and looking normal at 12 days. I'm over a month po and my scar is still very visible. New lumps and bumps appear every week and tiny bits of stitches poke and fall out. My body is like "dissolvable my a$$! I'm not eating that crap" and it spits it out. Kinda reminds me of when you accidentally try to chew and swallow the outside of a sunflower seed and you end up spitting out shards of shell. My lip is spitting out splinters of stitches.Dr horndeski and Elise did a great job on my suturing, but healing has been a nightmare for me!!

Almost 2 months post op

Love the way my lips look. I love the tooth show and my smile is slowly coming back. I still notice some nose swelling but I'm used to residual swelling because my rhinoplasty was the same way. What I wasn't prepared for was the constant irritation on the incision line. The other night, I woke up itching my nose. There was a terrible sharp pain on the outside of my nostril where the incision is. It was so irritating it made my eyes water. The next day I pulled some dry skin off thinking it was a stitch but nothing was there. It was so painful and irritating. The next day I tried to pull what looked like a stitch out and it took some time getting a grip on the little bugger but I did get it and it slipped out really easy. It was curved and about 2mm long. My nose has been feeling much better but now the bottom of the right side has started spitting a stich and it is also irritated but no where near like the one I got out yesterday. You can see the little white marks in the photo I attached, that is dry skin and the area where the stitch is spitting. Hope you all are well.

Bride of Frankenstein -6 months

Did the liplift make me look younger? - yes
Did it improve the overall balance of my features?- yes
Did the liplift make my upper lip appear fuller?- yes
Did it leave me with a different nose? - yes, the nostrils are pulled down a little but for some reason I like my new nose better. Go figure
Now for the unfortunate truth:
Did the liplift leave a noticeable scar? YES

My liplift didn't heal well, from the start. It didn't want to close on the left side and has only just recently stopped spitting stitches. From month 3 to month 6, my scar would regularly (almost weekly) spit out tiny particles of stitches leaving holes and making the area extremely red. I think my body rejected the dissolvable stitches. Where I was instructed to remove a scab to ensure no infection, that side, the left side scarred terribly. There is like a crater groove around that side and only gets more noticeable with makeup. This scar makes me very self-conscious. The right side also has a shallow groove and bunching at the bottom of the nasal sil that is noticeable to me. I am really eager to seek help from a dermatologist or someone who can help me smooth and flatten my scar!! I don't mind wearing makeup on redness but these are topographic and texture problems that are nearly impossible to conceal :( If I can't smooth out these scars then all the ones warning me against this procedure were right. The risk is high with nasal distortion and scarring. However, I love the fullness of my lips and the balance of my features.... That part of the liplift was successful. But who cares how perfect your features are if you look like one of those collages made from pictures of beautiful celebrities all pieced together. Here's Megan Fox's eyes, J-Law's nose, and Angelina Jolie's lips... Put them together and you have a really creepy collage. I don't want to look like a collage....somehow the line across my lip/nasal sil makes me feel like I'm not one whole piece. The rhinoplasty, liplift, and the scar that devides them, make me feel very much like I was sewn together in an evil scientist's lab where some Igor pulled a lever to bring lightening down to bring me to life. Hopefully a scar specialist can bring me back to the land of anatomical normality. I'd rather be a "normal" pretty girl then look like I was made in a lab. Of course these criticisms are way bigger in my head but I wanted to use that analogy to express a real, deep part of me that no longer feels I'm apart of normal humanity because my nose and lip are oddly attached.

Smile Comparison

Smile is finally coming back although it's still a little tight. I can't fully pull a wide smile yet so the top lift seems to spread more on a flat line vs. a "v" shape. But it's barely noticeable.

One thing I never mentioned

After my surgery I told Dr. H about my experience modeling and how photographers would instruct me to part my lips a little..this always made me feel awkward because I had no tooth show. Dr. H then said a chin implant would also help me (with modeling). I think it's awesome he wanted to help me with modeling, but I had to set myself straight when I got home that I liked my chin and never saw anything wrong with it. There are so many things that could be "perfected" about me and could maybe even help me with modeling, but somehow it doesn't seem right to give someone advice about their imperfections (unless they ask). The rhinoplasty and liplift were "my" wants, if someone else told me I needed them I probably would have told them to take a hike. Maybe I'm just proud. But something seems off about planting ideas of imperfection in someone else. Truth be told, I never needed any of these surgeries. But I like myself more now and am more confident and social... That's the point right...Not perfection or fitting the "model" mold. Either way, I understand he was just trying to be helpful. Luckily, modeling is only a hobby and I don't have to look a certain way to find work.

My Rhinoplasty doc

Dr. Grigoryants in Glendale, CA
Check out romyt112. She's a recent Grigoryants patient with great results
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Horndeski was polite and to the point. I didn't spend a lot of time with him to comment on his bedside manner other than he was nice and I love my lips! One thing I do remember is that he was kind and reassuring while I was having my surgery and kept me included in the conversation. I've had other doctors talk "around me" but not engage me. I don't know how I would have coped with my healing obstacles without Elisa. She is a true gem. She responded to every text promptly and was always patient (I was very needy) and reassuring. Jana and Victoria were very kind to me and that made a huge impact on my experience. They picked me up from the airport and drove me back. I have had other cosmetic procedures and my aftercare and treatment at Dr. Horndeski's office has surpassed them by far. I couldn't speak higher of my experience with him and his team.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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