Tummy Tuck After Losing 200 Pounds - Sugar Land, TX

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Dr. Horndeski and Elisa gave me the best Christmas...

Dr. Horndeski and Elisa gave me the best Christmas gift I've ever had in my life, getting rid of what's left of the fat girl once and for all!

I check into Lake Jackson Hospital at 10a on Christmas Eve and by 11a I was heading to surgery as I was the only procedure scheduled. Everyone was so sweet and kind to me and my wonderful husband. I was in my room by 5p. Dr. H said my muscles were all jacked up from gaining and losing weight over the years, but he was able to fix them for me. He removed about 5 pounds of skin and fat.

I was on a Demerol drip and catheter, so the night was fairly easy going. The only issue I had was the Demerol was strong so it sent me into dry heaves which hurt a lot. Definitely have your Dr perscribe something for nausea

Christmas day at 8a I was up and walking around using a walker, pretty painful but definitely doable. By 9am they pulled the catheter out and said I could go home once I pee. Well, I drank so much water I felt bloated, but was finally able to go at noon, so thankful, and was sent home

My First and second day home wasn't too bad, I'm able to get up and walk to the bathroom using a walker (Must Have). I'm able to give myself a bath with hot water and wash clothes (feels divine). I'm sleeping about three hours at a time.

I am really happy I didn't do my breasts and TT at the same time, would have been just too much

My drains are still pretty full and we are emptying and documenting every three hours

I'm pretty tired now, so will update later with more pictures after the bandages are off when I see the Dr on Monday

Before Pictures

I can't wait to see my belly without the bandages

Four Days Post Op

I am now 24 hours off the pain meds except for Tylenol 3 so my head feels a lot clearer and I don't have nausea when standing up.

I was able to stand long enough to take a really great sponge bath with soap and hot water and my husband washed and blow dried my hair. I feel like a new girl. The next step is using the bathroom. I am hoping today

I have to watch my sugars, I was a diabetic before losing the weight and the trauma from surgery has elevated my controlled status - taking metformin again till I stablize.

I've had an off and on low grade temp, no higher than 99.9. Doc is not concerned as I'm on Clindamycin and is again most likely from the trauma of surgery. 101 is the worry point so I'm good

I don't have a belly button but I'm okay with that right now. The port for my lap band was really close and with the mesh procedure I had doc feels it's best to do that with a revision. I honestly don't even care about that. My belly is completely flat :-)

I am highly emotional today, not in a sad or unhappy way at all. In fact the tears are from the joys and blessings that have been granted to me. Hint: don't watch videos of dogs getting adopted or military coming home videos :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing Dr. H tomorrow to see what's under the bandages. Will update once that happens

five Days Post-Op

I finally went to the bathroom yesterday and I'm regular again. I feel this is a pretty significant sign of recovery for me. My body is finally getting rid of all the toxins

I went to bed at 8:30p last night and woke up at 12:30 soaking wet with night sweats but I broke my little fever. I also was dying of thirst and couldn't believe I was having hunger pains - glad all my parts are working!! I changed my jammies, had a huge glass of ice water, two sugar free Popsicles, and went back to sleep. I do have to recommend the sugar free pops. I've used them with all my surgeries (so good and refreshing)

I woke again at 5:00a with the most vivid weird dreams I think I've ever had. They made no sense whatsoever, but I was soaking wet again with another normal temp - yippie. It truly is amazing how the body works to heal itself

Another great thing to report is my morning sugar was 159. Not normal quiet yet but definitely better than the 200 it's been.

Saw the doc today. He took off the bandages and everything looks good. The drains won't be coming out till Friday tho :-(

I've got some major bruising on my sides and I'm pretty swollen but the incision line is really low, flat, and he's happy with my progress.

Because of the amount of fat I had after losing 200 pounds, I do have some pretty big dog ears on both sides that will require revision and lipo which I expected.

All in all I couldn't be happier. Traveling to the doctor"s today has really exhausted me so I will attempt a shower and take what pics I can in the morning

Taken From Recliner

I know everyone is excited to see and I'm excited to show, so I took a quick pic from my recliner. I still have my drains in which are coming out both hips and are attached to my recliner so they flow easily and are out of the way.

I no longer have the birthmark next to my belly button in fact I have no belly button at all right now. Dr H decided it was best to do as part of a revision since my lap band port was involved. I could care less. I have a flat tummy. Healing will be much quicker as well he said and I'm heading back to work next Monday.

Nine Days Post Op

Sorry I've been an absentee poster for the last couple days. A tummy tuck is no easy surgery so I've spent a lot of time sleeping and meditating to get through the long days sitting in this recliner and taking short walks (I have no stamina at all)

I saw Dr H and Elisa today and my left drain was removed. It really didn't hurt at all when comparing the drain removal to when I had my boobs done

The right drain needs to stay in longer but I can deal with that. I was also released to go back to work on Monday so YaY for me

I took a couple pics. There is still a lot of swelling, but every day is better

Ten Days Post Op

I am still in swell Hell, I have a JP drain sticking out my right side, none of my clothes fit, I can't stand up straight, I have no stamina and my hair is a complete and utter disaster. #SoNotPretty Life just got REAL!!! I'm gonna have to dig deep deep within to find my inner strength to meet my commitments. #Help! #ICanDoThis #IWillDoThis

Day 21 Post-Op

Saw Dr H this morning. As usual, in and out. I so love their effiency! I had quiet a few questions and Jana was great in answering them all.

I got the drain out today at 50cc. At three weeks we don't want to start worrying about infection

They gave me a new medical grade garment so I pray that will be enough and I won't start collecting fluid.

Otherwise, he said things look great. I am working from home today, but have to go into the office tomorrow and then back working from home Friday so I can get lots of rest over the weekend.

24 Days Post Op

So it's been a rough but also exciting couple of days since my last update.

Wednesday, I finally ditched my friend, JP Drain, and I've never been so happy to get rid of that albatross!!

When they took it out I was still draining 50cc, so I am still wearing the compression garments the doc gave me. I am paranoid about developing a seroma or worse hematoma, so I've only been out of it long enough to shower.

Thursday I had BIG Meetings at work and I was able to at least dress the part and look pretty darn good doing it :-)

The meetings were successful; however, took everything I had out of me and I spent the next 13 hours sleeping

Friday, I felt better but was still pretty exhausted. I made my commitments; but again spent the next nine hours sleeping.

Here I am, it's now Saturday morning (midnight) and I'm feeling human again.

Im pretty sure you will find me sleeping the weekend away - haha It's amazing how much a person can sleep when they are recovering.

I'm super thankful for the husband who has taken care of me every step of the way. I know next week will be even better

Swelling Is Getting Better

Compression garment seems to be working and the swelling is less everyday

26 Days Post Op

I saw Dr. H today. I am 17 pounds down since surgery and I am happy to say I don't have to go back now for two weeks. He said I am doing just great. The compression garment is working on the swelling and I am not gathering any fluid at all. Definitely exciting progress considering just last Wednesday I was still draining over 50cc!! Now if I can just get my stamina up, I would be doing REALLY great!! All within good time, I am positive of that!!

Four Months Post Op

I saw Dr H yesterday and I couldn't be happier. I finally have the body I've always dreamed of. When you are 320 pounds it takes a while but you must never give up :-)

I Lost A Month

Well, according to real self, I'm not four months post op but five. Either way, I am loving every minute life

Thanks to Dr H for doing amazing work on my breast lift , tummy tuck, and most importantly for always being there for me!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr Horndeski is the most amazing doctor and I will be forever greatful to him for giving me my body back better than it ever was

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