Completed Two Stage Lip Lift - Sugar Land, TX

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I became interested in the Lip Lift procedure...

I became interested in the Lip Lift procedure because in my 40's I noticed my philtrum had grown much longer than it had been previously. The extra long distance from my nose to the top of my lips and the resulting problem that my top lip completely covered my upper teeth when my mouth was relaxed were the main problems that I hopped this procedure would correct. I felt that the length of my top lip was really making me look much older than I am - an idea that I was not at all happy about. So I researched the procedure for about 6 months before deciding to have my surgery with with Dr. Gary Horndeski. I chose Dr. Horndeski because of positive reviews I read on this site, and he has not disappointed me.

My upper lip measured about 24mm from nose to top of lips, and I wanted to remove about 12mm of skin to shorten my upper lip. In our Skype consultation Dr. Horndeski explained to me that he could only remove about 6mm at one time, so I would need this to be a 2 stage procedure (removing 5-6mm each time - with the 2 surgeries 6 months apart).

I live in Dallas and decided to drive down rather than fly into Houston because I did not want to worry about the airport hassles a day after surgery. So my husband drove us down and we stayed at one of our favorite hotels in Houston the first night after the surgery. Before the surgery, Dr. Horndeski measured my lips and marked the line where he would remove skin. Being awake during surgery was a pretty intense experience for me. I have a history of being hard to get numb, so I was nervous. But Dr. Horndeski and his assistant were sensitive to my concerns and quick to respond and relieve any avoidable discomfort. I was relieved to not have to have general anesthesia. The pain was manageable for the first couple of days with the pain medication prescribed, and after that not a problem. I took arnica (to reduce swelling) and slept sitting up for several nights. My swelling was not too bad, but the visible incision kept me hiding in my house as much as possible for the first two weeks. I was apprehensive about removing the stitch after a week myself, but with one small tug it slipped right out. Once the stitch was removed I applied scar gel on the scar several times a day for the first two months. It was amazing; I could almost see the scar become less visible on a day by day basis the first few weeks. The first six weeks after surgery I was self-conscious about the visible scar and found it difficult to hide with concealer. However, at this point it is not a problem; I rarely put concealer on it. The scar is so well hidden that you would never notice it unless you knew exactly what to look for. It is really not a concern at all at this point.

My first surgery was 3 months ago and I am still looking forward to additional lip shortening, but I am also very pleased with the first phase of improvement to my lips. The distance from my nose to the top of my lips was shortened as expected, and I have a small bit of tooth show ( about 2-3mm of the front two teeth only). Also my upper lip just took on more of an upturned youthful shape, that I am delighted with and the beginnings of lips lines that I was beginning to develop are now gone - another perk. I will be back for my second phase of my lip shortening as soon as I can; I would still like to have a shorter upper lip and more tooth show. However, I also feel my lips have already been dramatically improved and I am delighted with their new look. (I am so glad that I did not let a surgeon in the Dallas area talk me into lip implants.)

Photos 5-5-15

Photos with no makeup except lip gloss to show scar is not visible under normal circumstances.

no makeup

Ready for second phase

Next week I will have the second stage of my procedure. I am pleased with the look of my lips, but still would like my philtrum to be shorter and have more tooth show.

This review is for my second lip lift with Dr. Horndeski....

This review is for my second lip lift with Dr. Horndeski. My philtrum had grown very long and I felt the long upper lip (23mm) was dragging my face down and making me look older. When I consulted with Dr. Horndeski he told me in order to remove as much as I would like I would need two surgeries. My first Lip Lift removed 6mm. I was pleased with the improvement. I gained a little tooth show and my upper lip gained a turned up -pouty- look, but I still wanted a shorter philtrum and more tooth show with my mouth at rest. 

So after the 6 month healing period I returned to Dr. Horndeski for my second lip lift. I was excited to be able to return to Dr. Horndeski for this second procedure to complete my Lip Lift. I arrived at his office and picked up my prescriptions for antibiotics and pain reliever and filled them at a nearby pharmacy. When I returned to the office I met with Dr. Horndeski and he took pictures and consulted with me. He said he would take 5mm off the center and 8mm of the sides to raise the corners. He marked the area of skin that he was going to remove. Then the only negative in the process the terrible numbing shots on each side of the nose. They are very painful, but fortunately they only take about a minute. Then the area is numb and the surgery is painless. The shot is painful, but once it is over I was thankful to avoid more anesthesia. Both Dr. Horndeski and Eliza are very attentive and conscientious during the surgery to make sure that the patient is comfortable and not feeling any discomfort. The entire process took about an hour, with about 20 minutes in surgery. Immediately after the surgery I sat up and looked at my new lips in the mirror. My top lip and nose were already swollen, but I was very pleased by the look of my lips and the amount of tooth show. I was also again very pleased with the clean smooth incision and stitches that Dr. Horndeski made. I left the office with a bandage over the incision.
I live in Dallas, so my husband and I stayed in a favorite Houston hotel for the first night. With both the first and second surgery I had a lot of pain the first day after surgery. I doubled my prescribed pain dose and added Aleve before the pain became manageable for me. I am also taking Arnica to help with pain and swelling as I did before. The day after surgery I took the prescribed pain dose along with Aleve for the pain. The second day (today) I took only Aleve and Arnica and I was fine. I have quite a bit of swelling even though I have been careful to remain upright and sleep upright. I have read some others say they had more swelling with the revision and this does appear will be the same for me. I have found a u-shaped pillow (like is sold for long flights) helps with sleeping upright. Eliza recommended that I sleep upright for 4 days.

I will update as my healing progresses.

Pictures of second surgery & Day 2 after surgery

Stitches removed today

I removed the stitches today. Dr. Horndeski sew it up with one long strand, so there are no knots. I just removed the steri-strips and pulled from one end. It was not painful at all, but it feet interesting as I could feel the other end wind through each stitch.
The incision is healing nicely. I will be glad when the ripple along the stitches smooths out.

photos after stitches removed

3 weeks post

concerned about nostrils at 3 weeks post

I'm sorry for the view into my nose, but this photo shows the nostril problem that I am concerned about.

lips before & after

nostril concerns

I just talked w Dr H about my concerns. He told me he has never had to revise nostrils in all the lip lift procedures he has done, and explained that it will take 6 months to be certain that all swelling has resolved.

smile 3 weeks post

Smile before & after

2 Month Post Update

I wanted to post a 2 month update. In summary, I am so happy with my lips and the improvement the lip lift has made in my face overall. But I still have some healing and concerns. The asymmetry after the second surgery in my nostrils has improved slightly from 3 weeks post, but it still is problematic for me. My scar is healing slower this time. Probably due to the fact that this time it had more rippling. The ripples are slowly going away, so I am hopeful. They seem to gradually smooth out by the top layer of skin on the ripples periodically peeling away. The redness on the side of the nostril is from this peeling.

I am optimistic that the rippling and nostril asymmetry will continue to improve.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I had a very positive experience with Dr. Horndeski & his staff in both my first and second surgery with him. He took time to listen carefully to me and fully understand what I wanted and then he told me how we could achieve it. Interestingly, Dr. Horndeski was an engineer before he went to medical school and became a surgeon. I think this additional training allows him to approach the surgery in a unique and precise way, and this is key in his producing the amazing results he gives to his patients. I am very selective about my doctors and after two surgeries with Dr. Horndeski I have complete confidence in his abilities and would not hesitate to recommend him or go to him again in the future. He is a very intelligent and skilled surgeon. His physician’s assistant Eliza is also wonderful. She is very professional, kind and considerate. Jana in the office is also very prompt efficient and helpful. My experience with this doctor and his staff has been very positive.I would highly recommend the lip lift with Dr. Horndeski.

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