Allergan 410 gummy bears, 295cc MF

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I have never loved my breasts, they have always...

I have never loved my breasts, they have always been small and slightly droopy. Since breast feeding, gaining and losing weight they just seemed to look even worse.
I have been thinking about getting a breast augmentation for over 5 years now, but have never had the courage to go through with the op. Well, after seeing and comparing surgeons I decided to take the plunge and have them done. Choosing the right surgeon hasn't been easy, they all seem to have different opinions and prices! I did loads of research, looking at implant makes, shapes, sizes, under or over( sometimes you can do too much and have implant overload). Eventually, I found a surgeon that I felt I could trust and booked in for my op.
During that time I did the usual rice test, and had a final consultation to decide what size. I didn't want to go big but new that they needed filling to give them better shape and lift. With my surgeon we discussed 3 sizes ( allergan 410 sizes MM 245, 280 and MF 295) and he said that he would decide on the operating table which one he would use,depending on which one looked best. I personally liked the smaller option because I hated the idea of being huge.
So to cut a long story short, I was operated on the 13th of August and it is now 4 days post op.
My surgeon chose MF 295, saying that the suited me better. To be honest I am in two minds about them. They look so much better than my old boobs but I still think they look too big. I know that the sweeling has to go and they have to drop and fluff.
My main concern is to have natural looking breasts.
I thought that I would write this experience so that you girls out there ( with saggy small boobs) can have a story to relate to.
I will keep you posted on how they turn out, fingers crossed they won't look too out of proportion.

Post op pictures

1 week post op

Well it has been an emotional week and I've done a lot of crying. I seem to be obsessed by them and am finding it difficult to accept the new look. I still feel that my breast are too big and am worried about being able to get dresses to fit me.
Anyway, the breasts themselves seem to be healing fine, stitches are good and the swelling is slowy going down.

Before and after photo

It is just over 2 weeks since the op. Swelling has gone down and the pain has lessened. Sometimes the stitches still pull when I move around or am in bed.
I saw my surgeon on Thursday and he was happy with the results. I asked him about being able to feel the implant at the sides but he said it was normal if you don't have a lot of breast tissue.
I have been worried about rippling and can vaguely see some when I lean over....( boyfriend can't seem to see it though!)

4 weeks post op

Hi everyone,
It's now 4 weeks since the op and things are going well. The scars are healing nicely, although one is slightly larger and more evident than the other ( it sticks out from the side of the the breast).
I can still feel the implants at the sides especially if I lean over but it isn't very visible to see and they feel very firm still.
I think the overall look is fine, and considering that they are only 295 cc they are quite full!! I've gone up from empty 32B to 32DD.
Hopefully they will start to soften up soon and be able to push into a cleavage.
Dr Jon Clibbon

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