Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead....sounds Familiar!!! - Suffern, NY

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I have finally made the decision to get Sleeved! ...

I have finally made the decision to get Sleeved! I have 4 kids and I need to be around for them....and their kids. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. It has gone up and down for as long as i can remember. I'm 35 years old and thing started going down hill after I turned 30. I quit smoking shortly before my 30th birthday and gained some weight from that (about 30 pounds). Shortly after that, I took myself to the ER for a pain in my stomach. The pain ended up being a blocked intestine but the Dr. would not allow me to leave because they though I had an aneurysm somewhere in my body. My blood pressure at that time was 220/173 (I'll never forget that number). They never found any reason for my hypertension and we finally were able to regulate it with meds after 6 months of trial and error.
After my Father died (who was my very best friend) my weight spiraled out of control. Since his funeral, I have gained another 50 pounds. With that 50 pounds I have had Pancreatitis (wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy), passed 5 kidney stones, diagnosed with high cholesterol, a hiatal hernia, barrets esophagus (which is pre cancerous), I have 2 bone spurs...one in each foot and I pretty much just feel like crap all the time. At 5'0" tall....there is NO reason why i should ever weight 215 pounds.
I have tried many many diets and as some may work, it's never for long. I need to make a change that can help me change my life. I have way too many things on my bucket list that cannot be done with me being in this body. I had my informational appointment last week and i have my 1st appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday. I have set up all the appointment I needed to and saw my General MD yesterday, who is super supportive of me doing this and wrote my all the note as well as cleared me. She says I'm a perfect candidate. Wow, thats a tough pill to swallow. I never in my life thought that I would be a perfect candidate for weight loss surgery.
I'm excited and hoping to get it over with soon as I'm terrified of the surgery itself. Happy to know that there are new beginnings in site.

Is there any advice that anyone can give?

and the frustration begins.....

I hit a snag today with my insurance. I'm still not sure that they will cover my surgery. I'm still very hopeful that they will, but its really frustrating when you don't know. They are saying tat they don't cover the procedure....but maybe with a medical necessity. They decide on a case by case basis. With that being said, any of the Dr's that I see for the preparation for surgery will not be covered by the insurance if I'm not approved but I need to see these Dr's in order to have all the paperwork to submit to them for them to decide if they will approve it or not. So basically I have to gamble and take a chance that they will end up paying.
I'm hoping that the note from my GP of medical necessity will be enough and I can go forward with the other Dr's.
Has any one else experienced this? so discouraging!
Another snag today, when I talked to the surgeon he said that it's basically been recommended for people with Barrets esophagus to have By pass surgery rather than the sleeve. The sleeve, since part of the stomach removed could complicate things later in life if my Barrets becomes cancerous. If they ever have to remove part of my esophagus then a small piece of the stomach is also removed but since the sleeve makes your stomach tiny it could complicate things if that ever happens. He also believes, in the same breath, that it could help my GERD and fixing the hernia could also help the reflux and obviously losing a significant amount of weight will also help fix these problems.....but....he has to say there is that chance. Bypass he think would give me some long term complications and since I'm only 5' tall that I would end up losing too much weight. He said I would end up around 100 pounds. My daughter weighs 100 pounds but she's 11.
Don't have a clue what to do or what to think. so frustrating and STRESSFUL!!!!!!
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