Suffering from nerve damage after Lipo and BBL

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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

In June, 2016 I had lipo and BBL by Dr. Media in the Dominican Republic. For starters, Dr. Medina was as sweet as all of the comments you'll read on here. I am 4 months post op now and I just want to write a little bit about my personal experience because what I'm currently dealing with is something I didn't read about before my procedure. The morning of my surgery I took the little blue pill and knocked out. I woke up from my surgery with severe pain in my right leg and foot, the nurses and Dr. Medina told me it was normal and should go away within a few days. Dr. Medina recommended I do oxygen treatments, (I don't smoke) in my opinion this treatment did not help my healing at all, it just added an additional $600 to my bill. I am now back home in the US and have seen, neurologist, podiatrist, and my general doctor to try and find out what went wrong because communication with Dr. Medina after my surgery has been very brief, she has said very little to help assist in what went wrong…. My doctors have come down to the conclusion that my nerve and possibly my lymph channels were injured during surgery causing the pain and swelling in my right foot. I have been on crutches and now in physical therapy trying to recover. In the beginning the pain in my foot felt like pins and needles continuously stabbing my foot, now it feels like electric shock. I'm now able to slightly bend my toes, which I haven't been able to do in 4 months. I am now on Lyrica 150mg which is now helping with the pain. I'm seeing small progress now and I hope to fully recover, my doctors say if i do recover at all its going to be a very slow process. I rated Dr.Medina poorly due to her dismissal of my condition after the surgery, it's as if she didn't want to take ownership of what happened to me. A nerve injury is one of the worst pains anyone can go thru and her only response to me was, "its going to take time". I just wanted to shed a little bit of light on this because while this is not common this can still happen to anyone.

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