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I new to the site bit has been reading everyone's...

I new to the site bit has been reading everyone's posts for about a month and decided to share my story as your have all been encouraging and supportive. I have always had issues with my belly even before I had children, I have never been petit but have always been active and consider myself to be in good shape. I at my heaviest weight if 160 and no matter what I do cannot se to loose any weight. I have debated waiting until I can loose weight but u am doubtful that that will happen. I am 5 feet 7 inches sp I carry my weight well but it seems to always go in my mid section. I went to see a ps for a consultation and he told me I should get a full tt with muscle repair and lipo. The cost is 9400. I have an opportunity to have surgery aug 21 which would be great by my boys will be taking a 10 day trip to Europe with their dad so I would be able to recover without having to worry about caring for them. My boyfriend will be on holidays during that time and can take care of me along with my mom. My concerns are recovery, pain ohhhh did I mention PAIN!!!! I am afraid. I keep telling myself to be positive and to think of the outcome and my new belly. The ps did say that if I lost 10 lbs that results would be great. I hoping to be able to pull that off. Mind over matter. My next concern is a lot of tummy Tucker's seem to be really active with working out. I eat we'll and consider myself active but I do not do workouts or go to the gym. I have not really gained any weight in my tummy and the tummy I have now is a result of delivering a 10 and a half pound baby. My second was not as big. My belly is a shrivelled up prune. Anyway have not officially booked but must do it soon if i want that date. I sick of wearing clothes and having my muffin top hang over. Hoping to decide soon. Thank you all for posting it stories. It makes this whole process a lot easier knowing that there is support out there.

To booked its official

Well it's official I am getting a Ty on aug 21. Feeling excited but mostly scared. Really concerned about recovery but trying not to stress about it. Hope it goes well and I love the results.

More pictures

Need to loose 10 lbs in 6 weeks....

It was suggested to me to loose 10 lbs before surgery which puts me at 6 weeks. I can't seem to loose 5 let alone 10. I'm just going to have to put my mind to it.


This is the 1 picture I keep looking at to encourage me to get this done. This is what I hate about my tummy. It is so uncomfortable and gross.

Vertical scar above new belly button- from old bb

Love to see a picture of vertical scar left from old belly button. Mine will be brought down and I will be left with a vertical scar above. If you have a picture of what this will look like let me know. Thanks

Feeling nervous and scared

Well 1 week today and I will be out if surgery or so I hope. Feeling panicked because I went ahead and booked surgery even though I found out I had a prolapsed vaginal wall. Not seeing my gynochologist until November and now thinking I maybe should have waited to see how he will correct the problem. Hoping its not done abdominally bc I'd hate to have him cut me after my TT. I'm sure it will be fine. Feeling stressed because I have lots of pressure and feel like my guys are going to fall out lol. Now I will have to worry abou TT and this prolapse. I just hope everything goes ok. Deep breath .... Happy thoughts.....

Freaking out!!!!

Not sure why but I am freaking out. I will be getting my tt in 1 week today and for some reason worry has set in. I am petrified of the pain. It is the unknown. My 2 boys will be in Europr with their dad and this is a perfect time to have this done. I just have to have positive thoughts. My current partner of a few years is great. He is very supportive but afraid of seeing me in pain. He will be off on holidays and will be taking care of me along with my mom. Reading all of ur posts is helping to give me the courage to go through with this and I thank you for the support. I am just racked with fear and doubt. I also need the vertical ap g with horizontal incision due to my bb being too high. I am worried about this but my ps is great and has a lot of experirnce so hoping for the best. keep me in it thoughts and wish me well. I just hope pain is manageable. My friend keeps reminding me that I gave birth to a 10.5 lbs baby with no drugs (not by choice) and split from front to back and made it through. This is true but think this operation is way worse. Happy thoughts. Happy healing to all of you out there...

Wow Wednesday is coming fast. Super scared

I have a tonne of emotions running through my head. Part of me wishes I had not paid so I could back out. I know it's just nerves but I am petrified. Is this normal or do most people feel super excited? I am trying to focus on end result. I think what frightens me the most is the pain and also having a reaction to the anesthesia or not getting frozen and feeling everything. I know they are irrational thoughts but your head can play with you. Here's hoping for great experience with great results

2more sleeps

Hello can't believe I will be getting my tt in 2 days. Here's Hoping I make it through with no complications.cannot imagine doing this without this site and all of the support. Just knowing that if I have a question there is someone out there that can respond is reassuring. Keep me in ur thoughts.

Made it

Hello well I made it!!
I'm at the clinic for the night and restless. Caught a peek at tummy when changed dressing and looks good. So far pain is manageable. About to take a perkocet now but last one 6 and a half hours ago. I'm surprised but feeling ok. I'm assuming this is bc k have not walked yet, in bed with cartheder. I'm sure tomorrow I will be site from walking.


Here I was thinking pain not that bad until they sat me up In bed. Omg it hurts. Just took 2 more percocets so hopefully they kick in. Heading home shortly


Well I woke up today feeling a bit better. Changed my dressings and managed to snap a picture. Can't really see my bb as it has gauze on it and I must leave it on but gives you an idea. Still pretty swollen but going to start taking arnica today. I only took it 1 day before surgery then I stopped as it was a higher dose 200. I was just told it was fine to take with pain pills so I am going to take them. Really bruised on my bum when chandler rides up. Hoping today is a better day

Feeling much better

Well yesterday was the hardest day thus far. Think I did too
Much and was super sore by the night. I was not on any pain pills just advil extra strength but at 11 pm I decided to take 1 Percocet to help me sleep. Woke up rested and feeling better. Mustered up the energy to take ahave a shower. Sat on a stool in shower and washed my body and hair with the help of my hubby. Felt much better after shower. Pulled out the gauze from bb and what sight. Put some antibacterial ointment on gauze and stuffed in bb. Still draining about 60 in a day. He wants me under 20 on Tuesday or drain stays in. Manages to get cg lower. For us the trick was put on while standing up. Even though I'm swollen I love the results. I know it will only get better too. Happy healing everyone. Miss my boys. Hope they r having fun in Europe with their grandmama and their dad. They faced timed me on Thursday. It was so nice to see them. They were worried about surgery. Although I miss them it would be that much harder to heal and rest with them here. This was why I planned it for when I did. Happy healing everyone.


Well here is a bit of a look at what my incision looks like. My ps was able to avoid a vertical scar by coming up a bit on incision. I'm ok with this. Still lots of swelling on my waist so don't see much of a difference with lipo and waist line but my muffin top is gone. It will only get better from here. I am still swollen. Going to see ps tomorrow am. Anxious to hear what he has to say on results/outcome. Anxious to see final results

1 week post op today.

1 week ago today I had my surgery. 1 have to say that I feel great so far. Still swollen but it will only get better as time goes on. I am walking straight now and have energy back. I do tire at night and have to rest. Overall I am happy that I have done surgery. For those who are considering a TT believe me when I say if it is what you want go for it. I was so ridden with fear but I kept thinking of the end result and it helped me through. The pain was manageable so not to worry. Looking forward to healing and seeing final resilts

Update on picture


Well it's been little over a week and the swelling is brutal. I am starting to feel the critters and butterflies in my stomach but I was told this was the nerve endings reconnecting. Here are a few more pics of the progress

2 weeks po

Well it's been 2 weeks since my tt. Feeling great. Went for a lymphatic message today. Wow it felt great. I could actually feel the fluid draining from my belly. They demonstrated how to message my stomach which was very informative. The only problem is it grosses me out to touch the scar or my stomach. Overall feel great except for the fact that I still sleeping in my recliner. Anxious for swelling to go down.


Well just when I was thinking everything was going great I go and get edema. I noticed last night that I was very swollen and when I pushed on my belly it was like a water bed. I went it this morning to see the nurse at the clinic and she gave me freezing and extracted the was so gross and I don't gross out easily but this was weird. They took out 40 cc of fluid I have to go back next week. Overall still happy with my decision but hope to relax this week and hopefully swelling will go down

Before and after pictures

Wondering if I will get any smaller

Feeling a bit blahhh today. My sister tells me I look the same as I did before surgery. I know I look better without a doubt but I still seem to have a pot and a don't think it's swelling g. I never really seemed to be as flat as other peoples pictures I look at. Don't get me wrong i like my results but I still seem to have love handles. I had lipo to flanks and hoping this is just from lipo and will heal but I'm just not sure. When I sit down I can pinch flab.

Love my results

Feeling great about my decision to have a tt. I feel so much better about myself and have more confidence. It was worth every penny. A bonus to the tt is that you also get a little muff lift at the same time. Just being honest. This was a pleasant surprise. They not only pull down ladies. They also pull up from the lower end and you end up with a nice little lift in that area. No regrets.....

No regrets

Hello just wanting to post that I have no regrets and am very happy with my results. Swelling is going down and getting better. I love my new body and have never felt better about myself. For those considering a tt. do it you won't regret it. Just make sure you research and get a good surgeon and you will love it.
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