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Hi girls, I am 35 years old, have two...

Hi girls,

I am 35 years old, have two beautiful kids, ages 6 and almost 3. I'm also married to a great man (9 years!). I have decided to take the plunge and get a mommy makeover. I'm getting a tummy tuck (yay!), lipo of muffin top (double yay,) and 375cc high profile silicone implants (this is where I'm nervous). I am booked for July 15. So far I've been super excited but of course I had to go and keep reading reviews of implants and now I'm a little scared. I have read all these reviews from women saying how they wished that they never got them, they are blaming the implants for all their health problems and I am terrified of getting capsular contracture. I have also been thinking a lot about how much this may actually end up costing my family if there are complications, especially if more surgery is needed. I live in Canada but I'm not sure if corrective surgery is covered or if I would have to pay out of pocket again. On the other hand, I'm a 36 A , a solid A cup, as my surgeon put it, and would love to feel sexy again, to fill out tops properly and to just be comfortable in my own skin. Did any of you have these mixed emotions? What are your plans financially if something goes wrong and you need more surgery? I really do love my surgeon. I left the apt feeling better about my body than when I went in. I was thinking of getting lipo on my thighs too but he told me that I didn't need it. He told me that I have an athletic build and good, strong hips (bless his heart!). I sent an email to the centre outlining my fears but haven't heard back yet. So happy to be here and I have enjoyed reading about the experiences you girls have had.

pics (UGH!)

Okay girls....here are some ugly pics! I hope to never see myself looking like this for much longer or ever again!

New information

Hello again!

I got an awesome response from my surgeon. His capsular contraction rate is 1% and the implants Im getting are listed at 4% for complications. I still know there are risks but feel so much better. I also found out that OHIP (medical coverage here in Canada) currently covers capsulectomy if needed. I can relax a little bit now. I received my prescriptions today. I'm glad I won't have to worry about getting them after surgery. I plan on getting them filled next week. I was wondering if you guys know anyone who has continued to lose weight after a tummy tuck. I have seen the girl on you tube who lost like 25 pounds after and still looks great. Any others? Im getting excited! Im going to Jamaica in October and am hipibg to debut a bikini. I hope my swelling has gone down by then and that my breasts will have settled. The trip is about three months after surgery. What do you guys think?

25 Days to go!

Time is flying by! On Monday I will go in for pre-surgery bloodwork and get my prescriptions filled. I stopped by the mall after work today and tried on some bikinis. I'm hopeful that the surgery will allow me to feel confident enough to wear one again! I read a review today about a woman who developed capsular contracture in each breast almost immediately after surgery. I keep freaking myself out! I hope that doesn't happen to me!

Surgery month!

Happy Canada Day everyone! I am now 14 days away from surgery. The time can't pass soon enough! Things are going well only I skipped my period for June....three preg tests, all negative. I had my blood work and I'm assuming they would have told me if I was preggo. I was hoping to lose more weight but I don't think I will reach my goal in time. I would still like to lose some after surgery but not if it is going to mess up my results. I saw one girl on you tube who lost about 25 pounds after her tummy tuck and she still looks great. I'm hoping to achieve the same results. TTYL!

5 Day Countdown

Wow time is flying by now! On July 15th I'll be getting my surgery! I have to be at the centre for 1215pm and the nurse thinks that I won't be leaving until 8pm that evening so I decided to spend the night in a hotel. The surgery itself doesn't make me nervous is reading comments from others who have had a Mommy Makeover saying that with the lipo and tummy tuck their thighs now look so much bigger! Ugh! I really hope I don't feel that way after! Also I worry about what to say to people when they see me afterwards. My boss knows I'm having surgery but not that it is cosmetic. I mean I can tell people that I have lost weight to explain the tummy but I'm not sure how to explain the bigger boobs. I am supposed to attend a family reunion a couple of weeks following the surgery and nobody there knows anything. I wonder if they will just question behind my back or if they will come right out and ask me if I got a boob job. It might be obvious if I am still in pain. How will you guys handle this?

Today is the big day!!

My surgery is set for today. Last night my poor daughter had a fever and started throwing up at 430am. She is sleeping soundly now and hopefully that is the end of it. Unfortunately she has to come with us today. My mom is watching the kids for a few days and they have to come along for the ride today and stay at the hotel with us tonight. I really hope I don't get sick. I don't want to throw up after this surgery. I'll update as soon as I'm able to!

Day 1 post op

HI everyone! So the surgery went well. Unfortunately the anesthesia made me throw up which was no picnic. I did again this morning and Im actually a little worried as it felt like an internal stitch popped. I will mention this to the nurse when she calls today. Im a little disappointed so far in my breasts. I got 375 HP silicone under the muscle but which the doc said should take me from an a cup to a c or d cup. When I look down they only look like a b cup. My mom says she notices a difference and that I have to remember that I have a compression bra on. Wait and see I guess. Other than the nausea, I feel like I did a million push ups and sit ups. I'll update again soon. Ill post pics as soon as Im able to.

Just a pic

Just me and my ice boobs.

post op day 2

Feeling pretty good today, my chest is the worst for pain. My boobs were so sore this morning. I finally gotmy antibiotic switched. The original ones caused me to throw up within 5 minutes of taking them....not fun! I feel like Im back on track now and trying to be more active. The nurse said the wose thing I could do is lie around in bed all day. I will be seeing the doc again on Monday...I wonder if Iwill get the drain out then....Im also hoping he clears me to have a shower, just sponge baths for me so far. Here are some new pics...Im still a little hunched over.

New pics 6 days post op

Hi guys,

Today I am 6 days post op and feeling great although not sleeping at all. I bought some sleeping pills today as I haven't slept for three nights. I have been walking straight since day 5 and this has helped my back. I am also lying down in bed at night now instead of semi-sitting. I was supposed to see the nurse tomorrow so she could remove my drain but I am still draining more than 25cc every 12 hours so I don't think it is going happen. Hmmm what else....I sneezed today, I don't recommend it. I am still in my surgical bra. I have to wear it 24/7 for three weeks and then I can switched to a full support bra. I don't like my compression garment. I know it is the best for results but I would love to be able to take a deep breath. It is going to be a long four weeks with it on all the time. After that I can wear it 12 hours a day for a few more weeks. Anyway, here are some new pics for you. My breast still feel quite firm...I wonder when they will start to feel soft?

update with pics

Hi everyone! Wow 10 days post op and what a difference in how Im feeling. The only thing I can complain about now is my back being sore at the end of the day. Im sleeping better now too. My surgical tape was comping off my scar so yesterday I decided to take it all off. My scar is strange. Its horizontal and there is also a small vertical section, maybe two inches under my belly button. It can still be hidden so Im not too concerned. Ive just never seen one like it before. I will have to ask the surgeon about it. I still havent seen him since my surgery, only a follow up with the nurse, but he did call me personally on post op day 1 which I thought was really awesome. The nurse showed me how to move my implants so I have to do it 6 times a day for 1 year! Oh well, whatever will make me look natural I guess. I was really hoping to have the drain out by now but no luck, still draining too much. The nurse showed me how to remove it myself in case it slows down over the weekend. That should be interesting! I am posting some new pics for you guys. Someone asked how I felt about 375cc HP. I do think that they look a little smaller than I envisioned but I am also tall at 5'10 so I think they look pretty natural. It is still early too. Maybe they will look different a few weeks from now. We'll see. Ttyl!


I pulled out my drain today. Easy and painless. Free at last!

2 weeks post


Two weeks post op today! The time flew by! At my apt today, I wasn't cleared to start running but I am allowed to walk briskly lol! One more week with the surgical bra, Ill be happy when it goes!
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