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I'm hoping to have my neck back and no jowls. Also...

I'm hoping to have my neck back and no jowls. Also having fat grafting to replace loss of volume. I spent too much time in the sun and between that and menopause and stressful life style I need to do what I can now before I look any worst. So I'm having a lower face and neck lift and full face fat grafting.

Does anyone know if it is ok to take Vitamin C, Arnica, Bromelain before surgery?

The days seem to be flying by and my date is getting closer. I want to first thank all the lovely ladies and men for all their stories and before and after pictures it has really helped me prepare. I just order the Auriga auriderm xo oxide cream that another lady here is using and said it made a real difference in her bruising and swelling. I too ordered it on Ebay, I was trying to find her name but can't right now will continue to look so I can give her the credit. So I was wondering if I can get any advice on taking vitamin C, arnica and bromelain before surgery. Also if any ladies have any suggestions on on to take pictures to post when alone that would be great. I will try to post some before pictures even though I'm a very private person. Nobody ever sees me without makeup.

The Countdown Begins

I don't think I've ever spent so much time in front of the computer as I have the last few weeks. I'm so grateful for all the ladies on here that have shared their journey while going through this major life changing experience. That is the way I feel about going through this, once in a lifetime.

Everyone has been so nice and I feel the passion and emotions as if the person is sitting across from me. I hope that doesn't sound too silly. I never reached out here when I had my TT or my BA because I was so nervous about anybody finding out what I was having done. I believe I'm all ready to go but I still like some of you have those fears of something going wrong. I will be driving my car, if they ever get it fixed, on Halloween and have surgery the following day. I am going to try now to put up some before pictures, yuck! so everyone here can see what is bothering me and then the daily pictures after. Good luck to all the men in women that have chosen to have PS it is definitely a personal choice.

The Dreaded before pictures :(

Here are a few pictures of before, I thought I would do this now while I have the courage. I will be posting after my FL, NL and Fat grafting after Nov 1st, my big day!
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