Fat Transfer to Tear Trough - Sudbury, ON

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So, I'm writing this hoping someone will make me...

So, I'm writing this hoping someone will make me feel better. Most reviews and pics I've found for this procedure are good - with great results as soon as 2 weeks out! I am close to 6 weeks out and I still feel very "monster-face-ish". I wanted to get rid of some hollows under my eyes that left a dark line and made me look tired - all the time. I feel like I look so much worse now than I did! :(
I can still feel the hard lump/rolls of fat under each eye. On one side, the roll is tucked up in the soft tissue, right above my bone. This makes a bit of a puffy bag and actually accentuates the dark line that I was trying to get rid of...... And on the other side, the fat roll is on top of the bone (lower), so the edges of it are very clearly seen even when my face is at rest - but especially if I squint or smile. (This side has a bleed in it shortly after surgery, so was very red and much more swollen) I don't have the same dark line on this side, because there is a glob of fat where the line would be.... I'm told both sides were overfilled, though I think the one side that bled has more fat in it. It feels fuller and not as round/tube-like, but more flattened out and hard. I saw my PS last Wednesday (almost 5 week mark) He said I could start massaging to bring some evenness to both sides. This seemed to help for the first day or two, but now I'm not seeing any change again.
Has anyone taken this long to heal and start to look/feel normal again?? I don't feel pretty at all anymore :( My husband says it's getting better and not that noticeable anymore, but it's all I see when I take a picture or walk by a mirror. I'm noticing too, when I go out now that even women who are much older than me don't have bags like this on their face.
I just need some reassurance or something....... not sure if I'm just being impatient or if something really might have gone wrong.

Before pic

I'm just adding my before pic for comparison.

6 week pics

One day after surgery

This is what I looked like the day after.

4 month update

I'm around the 4 month mark now. Things have gotten slightly better, but the same problems remain. The uneven, puffy parts under my eyes are still in different places, and feel like tough scar tissue. And the other day I noticed another one under my "good", or "better" eye - right in the corner, kinda floating in there. This one is not visible, but as I was feeling for the other one my finger ran into it.... it's like a little ball of scar tissue floating freely in there. I don't know what the outcome will be - I'm getting scared of any means to try to fix it. I keep telling myself just to leave it alone, but I really hate the look of it and it's all I see in myself anymore. I'm grossed out by feeling around the area, which doesn't make massaging it fun at all. Sorry I didn't have better news.

9+ months update

I haven't posted pics in awhile, as not much has been changing. I did try the steroid shots in March, and again in May. I just went back after the last one for my 8-week progress check. I have not notice any measurable difference in the fat globs from the shots. My Dr. is wary of cutting into my face when he feels the shots will work if given enough time (he says it's a slooooooow process with the steroid shots because he can only inject a very small amount at a time, so as to not atrophy other areas around the target - yikes). He agreed to book me a surgery date if I tried one more round of the steroid shots, and if I feel at that point that they're working well, we can just cancel or postpone surgery. So I've booked a lower bleph for November. I would at this point much rather two small scars that match than two lumps under my eyes that don't! Anyway, I just took 2 pics of my current face this morning - for your info and amusement :) I am very much looking forward to fixing this!!

5 months after lower bleph

Here's me this morning, 5 months after a lower bleph to remove the fat that was put in. I still have swelling on my left side and it's still a little tender and numbish. On my right side the swelling is all gone, some numbness still and there's some fat that was missed. Better than it was, but still shows up pretty awful under certain lighting. I'm gonna give it a few more months before deciding if and what to do. I have a follow up in May. I'm assuming my Dr. will want to try steroid shots in the last bit of fat again. We'll see what happens.
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