52 Year Old Grandma :) Tummy Tuck with Lipo of Waist and Smart Lipo of Arms - Sudbury, ON

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I am scheduled for a tummy tuck as well as smart...

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck as well as smart lipo of my arms and reg lipo of my waist . I am currently 160 pounds and 5'8" . I am anxious and happy to finally get it done . I had smart lipo of bra area june 2016 Which will make my top half look balance to my bottom half. haven't had my procedure yet but will update once my surgery is complete.

My arms before

Feeling awesome

Well, it was an uncomfortable night Mainly because I was sick from the medication ... My tummy can't handle it very well so now I'm just in Advil ... Vertically no pain tho I'm pleased so far

5 days

I am so happy with my decision to go ahead with my tummy tuck/lipo and arm lipo ... I am five days post op and I went into work for a bit today....
My drains were strapped to my arms and pinned to my garment... Anyone that saw me had no idea I had just had major surgery. I stayed for about an hour to check up on my business ... Did a few things and then went home to bed for a bit. I think the hardest part for me is sitting still.. I have zero pain and I feel awesome... I know that I have to take it easy but that's the hardest part sitting still....

9 days post op

Three weeks

So although I am feeling great about my decision I am a little disappointed in the time this is taking to heal loli know, I know, patience ... I do still feel very swollen and my arms are filling up with fluid that I need to get drained this Friday... they hurt!

My arms


Almost four weeks

Almost four weeks and I am feeling much better. Although I am still wearing the binders on my arms and tummy, I do feel much better and happier about my results. I am able to do most things now but still careful about lifting anything real heavy. I've been lifting stuff since the beginning but I am very careful. My incision is healing nicely and I am am sure there wil be minimal scaring. I am disappointed in my weight tho... I weighed 180 going into surgery (I am tall at 5.9") and I weighted myself this morning for the first time and I am the same *_* anywho, as soon as six weeks comes along I will start my running regime everyday.. so hopefully this is just temporary..... k Gtg have a great day ;)

What a difference four weeks makes!

Sudbury Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Barr is an exceptional PS. He did my facelift I had in 2014 and answered my questions and told me exactly how my procedure would be done. Felt very comfortable and at ease with any examinations. He did my smart lipo in june 2016. His building is extremely clean and easy to navigate.

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