Sucess with Melanotan 2,fair skinned - Norway

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I started injecting MT2 for about 6years ago and...

I started injecting MT2 for about 6years ago and have used about 5-10mg pr.year since then.I was extremely white with alot of little freckles and always got sunburned.when i used mt2,i used very little dosages,started with 0,05 ml every day.used it for about 20 days and then every other week with three injections.i got veeeery tan when i hit the sunbed.and i NEVER got sunburned or was amazing.the sideeffects i got was a bit blushing and loss of apetite right after injections,but i always took it at night before bedtime and felt fine in the following day.i think alot of people take too mutch/high dosages,thats why they get blue lips and so on.little goes a long way peeps,and you WILL get a tan!!
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