25 Days and Counting!!!!

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I am 33 years 5'6" and 191 pounds. I honestly...

I am 33 years 5'6" and 191 pounds. I honestly haven't lost that much weight as I started off between 202-204, but I have seen a change in inches. My bra size is a 36H depending on the store I go to. At Lane Bryant I started off at a 44DDD and after exercising and changing my diet I ended up at a 36H. That was the measurement given to me by Nordstroms. Oddly enough my cup size got bigger AFTER I begin my diet and exercise regime as my back got smaller.

The approval process went rather quickly with my surgeon and my PCP was and has been super supportive (I love her!); my family not so much and some of my friends arent too thrilled either. My mom feels like God gave me these and I should be happy with my body, but it wasn't God it was years of Burger King, McDonald's, and fatty foods! :(

My surgery is scheduled for August 26th at Surburban Hospital. My surgeon is super cool and super nice. She always answers and has been very supportive of me since I met her. Very encouraging! I little over eager and slightly pushy, but I guess that's her overall personality. She is a techie though and likes to text which I don't really care for because I need phone time and face to face for a procedure like this esp. considering it's elective.

I've watched this surgery like a thousand times on YouTube; so much so, that I think that I made myself nervous. I'm starting to get a little scared. I am so tired of the neck, back, and shoulder pain. Thinking of not having the pain gives me the strength to move forward. I want so bad to fit in a shirt without the buttons pulling or a suit that's all the same size. I want to wear a two piece bathing suit (after extreme leg toning - cellulite city!). Or wear a dress that fits perfectly without a minimizer and multiple bras showing.

United sent me my approval letter on July 4th and I was stoked! I was a little disappointed after my visit with my surgeon because she said the smallest I would go to was a D, which in my mind still seems large, and I was hoping for a full C. She told me there were legal limits to the amount of breast tissue that could be removed and that she would contour my breasts to match my body proportions. I kind of wish I could lose or would have lost more weight. It has been a LONG time since I saw a C. My doctor said that she tends to leave patients a little on the large size. She showed me a few people that she did and they all looked good except for one, but she freely admitted what she would have done differently.

I'm nervous, but ready (I think lol)! My biggest fear is of going to sleep and not waking up. Hopefully, my family will be able to come down, but I'm not sure. My boyfriend and friends will be around, so I'm fine with that. I am most definitely a ball of nerves. I'm going to take a few small vacations in preparation for the surgery. I've taken two weeks off to prepare. I just need my mind free and the nerves gone.

Nervous I am!!

I've posted a few pics in which I look huge in them all. My surgeon said the scarring is permanent and I'm fine with that and that I may feel zingers and lose sensitivity in my nipples. I'm not sure I have much sensitivity now. They are more sensitive to temperature than anything else. I really don't feel sexy or good about myself. I have become super self conscious in my 30s. I can find fault with everything when I look in the mirror. My friends think I'm going thru something as does my family as I have been on a mission of self improvement. I have braces and having LASIK next.

I have a low tolerance for pain in my mind, so between thinking about the sedation and post op pain my nerves are on edge. I've had lots of sleepless nights just thinking about everything.

I will keep posting updates and I'm hoping for the best! :)

Current Pics

I had a lot of trouble adding my pics this morning. Here they go!

Bra Size

Ok, ladies I have a question. I'm bordline obsessive compulsive about these boobs, but I'm having some fabric cut for a romper and I was doing my measurements pre-surgery to determine my bust size and I used two differen apps that gave me two different crazy sizes and neither is the size bra I have on now. One app said I was a 34N which seems ridiculous and another said I was a 38D. The bra I have on is a 36H. Right now I'm like WTH.......!

14 days away!

I have been getting my last few workouts in preparing for the big day. I ran a 5K on Saturday and rode 10 miles on Sunday. My entire body hurts bug I'm determined to at least drop a few more pounds before this surgery! Fingers crossed :)

7 days away!

I am extremely nervous, scared, excited, and ready! I do not like the idea of being under any type of sedation at all, so that's kinda freaking me out. As I think I mentioned before my mother is not a big fan of me having this procedure at all, so not having her 100% support is upsetting as well. I did drop a few more pounds. Not as much as I wanted, but hey I tried. Overall, I'm pleased with my body and ready for this new step and beginning in life.

Tomorrow is the Day!!!!

Very nervous and very excited! Not a lot of support from the fam, but my boyfriend has come around and been great! I did my final workout today and lost a few more pounds. I can't wait to see my feet!!! Lol! These are some final before pics at the gym this morning.

6 1/2 hours!

Very excited and extremely nervous! My mother spent the better part of yesterday telling didn't need the surgery lol!

I did it!!!!!

I made it to the other side!!! I did it!

It was quite an emotional morning yesterday. I nearly backed out twice due to fear. I had it done and I felt lighter immediately and brave and wonderful!

BUT, before I continue I want to say that I believe there are some people on this site that could be inappropriate due to some messages I received in my inbox.

Anyway, I woke up at 5am a ball of nerves. Super scared. Very fearful. My boyfriend and I got in an argument over headphones which made me cry because I couldn't believe he would start a fight with me the day of surgery. He was an absolute douchbag to me the entire time before surgery. This sent me on an emotional whirlwind of tears.

My procedure was at 1130am, but I got there at 944am. I checked-in at admissions and went back to get prepped immediately. I loved the staff at Suburban Hospital because they were all sooooo awesome! I felt immediately comfortable when my surgeon came because she has a wonderful disposition. I could not have asked for a better team of physicians and nurses pre and post surgery.

My mom went back with me to have my vitals taken and change. I cried a lot. This was my very first surgery. There were issues with my IV because my nurse couldn't find a vein. That sucked, but not surprising as this happens often when I have blood drawn. The anesthesiologist ended up inserting my IV. He found a good vein immediately. I was happy about that. Once that was inserted I was wheeled to the operating room and cried again because I had to say goodbye to my family. My boyfriend still gave me the mean face which was very unsettling. Haven't forgiven him for that.

I was moved off the bed and to the operating table. I forgot to take off my contacts, so I did that and that's the last thing I really remember. My surgery was rather long and I slept for two hours after in recovery.

Thankfully I found this site because everything and I do mean everything that everyone said happened lol! I was extremely sick and dizzy after the anesthesia. Yesterday (operation day) I could keep nothing day. I threw up everything and could barely stay awake. I had a few teaspoons of soup and I threw that up. Crackers and two small pieces of fruit along with ginger ale are the only things that have stayed down. I'm very itchy. My body not my breasts.

My parents have been amazingly supportive especially my dad. My mom who was not the biggest fan of this procedure has been wonderful. Even my boyfriend has been kind of ok and came around. Along with my ole bras he gotta go too lol!

Moving around sucks life. I'm definitely in pain, but it's manageable. I've taken two pain killers so far. They are not super strong I guess cause I feel everything lol! My breasts are still wrapped up tight, so I don't know what they look since I haven't seen them, but I can tell from my profile in the bathroom mirror that I'm smaller. I'm very excited about that!!!!

No photos yet, but soon!

I go back to the surgeon on Thursday, so hopefully I will have more updates then :)

New Me Inside and Out!

Hello Ladies!!!! This is Day 4! First few days were rough. Lol! I cannot lie. The pain is manageable, but there is some discomfort. I'm off the pain meds. They just make me itch and feel weird. I had my post opt today and got to see them for the first time. They are cute full little perky melons. I love them!!! This is the best decision I've ever made. My back instantly felt better. I'm still walking like baby Frankenstein compensating for the weight that isn't there lol! I'm going to try and get a good shot of them tomorrow when I shower. Still swollen, very light bleeding at the incision, but overall I feel great! There was 500 grams removed from the left and 530 from the right. Still can't believe I did it! Most scariest experience ever! I would totally do it again! So pleased!

Support System!!!!

My plastic surgeon was awesome! Her comforting spirit meant everything to me! I think a big part of this emotional yet gratifying experience is the support and
network thereof. This site and community of people who faces and names I may never know laid the groundwork for success and helped to manage my expectations before and after. I am very grateful!

Pic Time!

I took my first real full frontal view and I must say I'm really pleased. I'm still super swollen, but very happy. The pics make them look larger than what they are in person, but overall I'm very happy. Once the swelling goes down more I will post more pics. PS said over the next few weeks and months they will begin to take their shape more and not look as smashed in. I still have lots of swelling under the arm and on the sides. Took my first shower and it felt great and I feel clean lol! Thank God for parents for being such a great help to me.

1 Week TODAY!!

Today is one full week with the new little ladies. Im more active and walking more. I drove for the first time yesterday and that was awesome! I will be glad when they take on more shape and definition. Im still pretty swollen under the area and I get the zingers a lot. I had a sharp one this morning that threw me off. I can see my feet :) My back feels lighter and I feel pretty awesome overall.

3 Weeks!

It's been three weeks.

No complications to report.

I'm still very swollen especially under my arms. The itching has subsided some as well.

Overall my back feels good. My breasts still look box like with the swelling, but everyday it gets better. I came on my menstrual cycle and boy do my breasts feel like ass. They are super tender and hurt like heck. At first I regretted the surgery and missed my big breasts and the attention it brought especially after I went out with a friend recently. Then I realized I was tripping out. This was the best decision I ever made. The shape kind of sucks but it will get better over time and I'm fine with that. I can't wait to get out this surgical bra. It is so uncomfortable and to be able to sleep in a position other than my back. I start scar treatment on Monday and get the tape at the incision area changed for the first time. That should be interesting. I hope it doesn't hurt. I also have a lot of zingers, too. Every time my nipples get hard it's kind of painful, but manageable. Bargain, overall I feel great! No regrets!

Life After! 92 Days and Beyond!!!!

I cannot believe that 92 days have passed since I had my reduction! I could not be happier!

Life After - I had some shedding of skin, not near my incisions, but on the actual breast itself. That has since stopped. The surgeon said it was normal. My breasts are still swollen in some areas, but the surgeon said that was normal as well. My breasts are relatively firm but getting softer. I actually liked the firmness and was hoping it would last forever. My breasts were also red for a while and that has gotten a lot better. I've been using silicone strips on my scars. The strips are a little expensive depending on where you buy them. I believe that using them is really helping with the scars (which aren't that bad).

Overall, I am very pleased. My breasts are starting to settle (poor word choice lol) and take their form now. The boxey shape is gone. These puppies aren't saggy though and I can go braless which rocks! I never realized how much I loved clothes and buttons.????????

Now that I am free of gigantic saggy boobs I can put a whole mess of everything together and it works! I have added a few pics of my reduced little big ladies as I call them.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Healing! I love this forum. The support I received was invaluable and totally amazing ????

Almost A Year To The Date :)

Well, it has been almost a year since my procedure was performed and I could not be more pleased with the results. I'm actually scheduled to see my surgeon on Aug. 26th. This was a great experience and I would totally do it again. My scars have healed. My internal swelling is pretty much gone I believe. No pain, no numbness, no lost of sensitivity! I actually gained sensitivity that I did not previously have. The shape looks great! Heck, I even wore my first push-up bra lol! Who would have thought I would have ever put on a push-up bra! Ha! I can wear buttons and clothing with zippers. I can button up all my blazers and close all of my jackets. I can workout for hours on end and have no back pain. I am very very pleased!
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