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I am 30 years old and live in Australia and All...

I am 30 years old and live in Australia and All booked in for a Breast Reduction in 19 days! So scared and nervous and excited all at the same time! I am currently a 16H, which in other sizes is 38H US, 38i UK, 85J EU OMG Tig ol Bitties lol
I have already had my consultation wi5h the surgeon who was soo loveley and very informative, all been paid for around $7500 surgeon fee, $2000 anesthetic fee and $500 for misc cost like surgical bras, silicone scar plasters, and healing supplements to help reduce scarring and boost healing which are ArnicaEze, Zinc, Vitamin C & Vitamin B5. I have top private health cover so I wont be paying for the private hospital and will be getting a portion of the surgery costs covered.

Uncomfortable Side Boob!

Just wondering if any of you ladies have this same hangup with your big breasts, where your arms don't sit by your sides properly and are always resting on side boob! Having my arms swinging freely is one of the the luxuries I'm looking forward to after this surgery! ?
PS: Oh and also having bra straps that don't dig in xx

Please don't message me to not do it!

For the people who think I should not go through with it here is my reason!
I have no problem with the way my breasts look. My decision to get this done is not based on vanity, it is because of the years of pain I've endured! I want to be able to move freely and chase after my little one and be able to take up running for better health for my future. I have enjoyed the attention I have received from having a big rack through my 20's and that's why I have left it until I turned 30. They have served there purpose as I breast fed my lil one for 15 months so it's now time for them to go and for my back, neck & shoulders to heal. So I may look perfect to you but I'm not healthy and that is more important than what I look like. My husband is very supportive and excited to see me more active once I get this done.

Vitamins for Healing

Apparently the combination of these supplements can increase the rate of healing and minimize scar formation. Individuals who take these supplements heal much faster than normal, with less pain and swelling and fewer complications. As I suffer from keloid scarring im going to give this a go and "SUPER?HEAL"
I have stopped my multivitamin because apparently you should stop it 2 weeks before surgery, I have started the vitamin C and zinc, and will continue taking them with the arnica and vitamin B5 after the surgery.
Here is some info about these supplements for you ladies:

? ArnicaEze (arnica tablets) ?
The active components of Arnica montana include sesquiterpene lactones and flavonoids which are known to reduce inflammation and ease pain. It also contains thymol, an infection-fighting essential oil, and carotenoid, a powerful antioxidant.The proposed method of action is by stimulation of white blood cells and dispersion of fluids that accumulate around surgical sites.  The cumulative effect is a boost in immunity, acceleration of healing and anti-inflammation.  The thymol component also helps the body combat bacterial infection, which is important when you’re sitting in a hospital working on breast surgery recovery.

? Vitamin C ?
Vitamin C is important in the wound repair process, facilitating the building of collagen in the wound, which forms the framework for the building of new tissue. Vitamin C also acts as a powerful antioxidant and immune system modulator. These combined effects make vitamin C essential for the wound repair process. Vitamin C supplementation should be considered even for those who are not deficient to facilitate wound repair after surgery or trauma.Vitamin C is also known to be one of the few actually effective agents to help improve scar appearance.

? Zinc ?
Medical research has shown that zincsupplements can increase the speed of healing dramatically. Zinc has reduced healing time after surgery by 43% in some cases. It plays a vital role in the immune system can reduce inflammation, bacterial growth, and scar tissue creation, whereas a deficiency can worsen the scar. Zinc also helps to aid proper metabolism, balance blood sugar, and increase sensory perception.

? Vitamin B5 ?
Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, can help improve the speed at which wounds regenerate and heal.

Hopfully this works!

3 Days to Go! Today is Fri.15.Nov

With only 3 days to go, I'm getting more and more nervous! I've noticed that I have been getting up quite early, don't know if it's fear or excitement. Been super busy in the last week, I had my mother fly in from the other side of the country to help me with my 2 year old and running the house while I heal, she will be staying for a month, YAY! Been doing a lot of shopping to get the fridge stocked, open front tops to wear and purchased my surgical bras and silicone scar tape. House is all clean so now im just waiting for my husband to fly in from his work on Monday, which I cant wait to see him, miss him so much, then its the chop shop on Tuesday! Made it feel even more real when the hospital rang to confirm, I will be arriving at 2pm so I have to fast from 8am, which is good cos' I get to have a nice breakfast. I will give another update on the day before I go under

Great Night out with the Girls

Last night I had a bye bye boobies dinner with a great bunch of friends. I showed my girlfiend the before picture and one of them diddnt realise how big they actually where and she said "holy shit, you've actually got a body under all that chest!". That got me even more excited to have them gone! Also today i went into a popular bra shop, 'Bra's n Things' which i usually never do because they never have my size, and browsed all the pretty COLOURED bras and thought to myself 'I COULD BE WEARING THEM SOON!!!!!
I have just realised the closer i get to it the less i am scared and that fear is turning into excitement, Bring on WEDNESDAY!!!!! x

All done!!!

I have just arrived home from the hospital in a bit of pain, mainly under the breast and at the liposuction sites.
When I arrived at the hospital yesterday I was so excited and nervous and starving lol. The nurses where soooo nice and put me into my room where I was visited first by the anesthesiologist who was very helpful explaining everything. Then I was greeted by awesome plastic surgeon, he will have to be one of the most caring people I have ever met. He proceeded to draw up my markings and explained the measurement's. Then I was wheeled off to the operating theatre and that's all I remember! I woke up back in my room with hubby standing over me. "They look awesome babe, so perky and cute" he said with the biggest grin on his face. After he left I just slept on and off through the night. In the morning after breakfast I was very ill and threw up a lot of fluid which the3 nurses where a lil' concerned with. My plastic surgeon came in to check on me and give me some post operative instructions. He said all together he removed 2.8kg which is 6 lbs OMG! Don't know what size I will be, only time will tell. At the moment I'm resting up at home and will keep you all updated on my healing xx


I noticed on my first night post op that my breathing was so much easier and less strained, great to feel the weight off my chest!!

Lots of Zingers

So far so good, getting shooting pains like zingers through the breasts, keeping on top of my pain medication. Any time I catch my reflection I am so impressed on how this surgery has changed me, all I can say is I'm sooooo happy.


Just a heads up for you ladies that are about to have their breast reduction, afterwards you may get sooo blocked up it will make you sad! Because of the general anesthesia and the painkillers afterwords, I haven't gone number two's until today, with the help of some Dulcolax! So stock up on those laxatives ladies and drink plenty of water xx

Going Great So far!

As I'm feeling a bit better and bored with resting I went on a little outing with my mum today and drove us to the shops! When I got in the car, it felt like the seat was way back for some reason then I realised I had all that boob previously filling the space in front of the steering wheel! I felt a little sore while I was out but didn't push it too far. Super excited when I tried a couple of tops on at 'Forever New'. I have always fit in size 20 (US 16) and as of today I am an owner of two size 12 singlets (US 8). I was soo happy I could have cried! I also got measured for some new bras and I have gone from a 16H to a 14DD, once the swelling go's down I should be a 14D!
Off on how I'm feeling and Onto how the new boobies are feeling, I have a dull ache inside both of them and the incisions are stinging a little and itching like crazy. My left breast is a little bit more swollen and harder then the right one. The right breast has soften a little and they both have stopped seeping all together. Even though the seeping was only a penny size each day, not much at all. I can feel my left nipple from straight after the surgery but my left nipple has no sensation at all. Hopefully this will come back but I'm not bothered. I'm still taking ibuprofen but all up feeling pretty good. The only complaint I have is that I am so over sleeping on my back. Will be getting the stitches out and tape changed at my first post operative appointment with the surgeon on Monday, in 4 days time. I will update you all then.


Full sensation in Left Nipple
No sensation in Right Nipple

Sutures Removed Today!

Had my check up with my plastic surgeon today and he said I was healing really well. Had the sutures removed which was only uncomfortable at the T junctions. My right nipple didn't hurt cos its still numb but the the left nipple has hypersensitivity so even touching it makes me cringe, so the suture removal was a little uncomfortable there too. I have healed do well on the right breast with no seeping of pain or scabs at the incisions. The left breast has a slight ache still and my T junction needed a little alginate to give it a little healing boost as it is not completely closed, with a 3mm opening, which it tiny but still worrying. It is also still draining a tiny bit of bright yellow fluid which doesn't smell and only leaves a dot on my bra. Hope it closes soon. Cant wait to start running.........patience, I keep reminding myself.....patience. Still soo very Happy Still!

A little Hiccup •°?*.

About 4 days ago I woke up totally off, tired and shivering. I couldn't get out of bed and my skin felt sensitive all over my body like burning then chills and then goosebumps coming and going, it was horrible. I just put it down to coming off the pain meds and rested for the next couple of days as I have a check up appointment that following monday which was only in a couple of days. Well I went to that check up and my surgeon said that it's mastitis in my left breast and I was fighting a tiny infection in a healing milk duct. So I am back on the antibiotics! Otherwise my incisions are looking wonderful, bruising is down and everything is healing nicely. I feel heaps better today just a little sore and still getting slight chills but I was well enough to try on a dress at the shops today. Got myself an awesome maxi dress that you have to go bra less cos of the lace. Best feeling ever to go bra less and have your ta ta's stay up, I am so friggen happy!

1 month, feeling pretty awesome

Had my 1 month check with my plastic surgeon. The mastitis cleared up pretty fast with the antibiotics, so I'm feeling great! Had all my steri tape removed and everything is healing perfectly. The trouble spot at the T junction on my left breast has completely sorted itself out, and I got my first glimpse of the baps without the tape all over them. My surgeon still wants me to wear the steri tape for another 2 weeks so I got the nurse to take a photo for me before it was replaced! I love how the scarring is minimal, I really think it was the vitamin combination I used that helped. He said I can start exercising without any bounce of the breast, so hill climb walking here I come! I have just started sleeping on my sides again comfortability. I will be back in another 2 weeks for an update.


The lines you see in the last photo is just from my compression bra lol

New Year • New Me

Happy New Year Everyone! Finally going Tape free, that stuff was driving me insane with itchiness! My scars are minimal which I love, and now I can start scar treatment. I will be using Silicone Gel Sheeting which are in the shape of the anchor incisions. Went and bought my first bra today and I love it. I am a 16DD. Not sure if I am still going to go down a cup cos' I dont feel swollen, only time will tell. Still get a few zingers here and there, I am also sleeping on my side really comfortably now. Tomorrow I am starting back at the gym on the weights and cant wait, my trainer hasn't seen me since the op so I think he will be pleased at the result and now I wont be so restricted on the things I can do. Just soo happy and healthy!

Everything is Going Great

A long overdue update, this has changed my life, I haven't had any back and neck pain since the reduction, I can properly exercise which has led me to lose 25kg (55 pounds) since the operation, and with that weight loss my boobs are still a DD cup, and haven't dropped which is awesome! My last check up with my surgeon was yesterday, he said the reason the weight loss hadn't affected the size of my breast was because they where so dense with tissue and hardly any fat. My incisions are fading greatly, I am still taking the healing supplements and using the silicone sheeting, the vertical scar is nearly invisible. Yesterday I also went and bought my first bikini from Seafolly, I couldn't be more happy. ?

2 years since last update

Big update! This has been an awesome journey. I am now into pole fitness and dancing, running and going to the gym, i couldn't do all of these things because of two massive reasons, due to all the activities, i have lost a total of 35kgs and kept it off, i feel amazing! Size is still 14DD, Scarring is minimal and also in the last 6 months the right nipple has slowly regained its full sensation. Still the best decision ever, such a life changer ?
Australia Plastic Surgeon

Couldn't have asked for a better surgeon! He is very informative, kind, and very professional. He spends a great deal of time with you explaining every aspect of the surgery from your first consultation, the hospital time and after care appointments. Great surgeon and great personality. And I love how he only specializes in breast surgery. He really knows his field and you can tell he loves his job.

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