28 Year Old. Breastfed mother/weightloss. Breast Implant and Lift 325 and 350CC - Subiaco, AU

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After reading through all the reviews on this site...

After reading through all the reviews on this site and finding sooo much guidance, support and reassurance, I thought I would document my own experience. I am a mother of 2 children under 4, and as a result of breastfeeding/ weight gain and loss have been left with deflated boobies and larger areolas! I also have stretchmarks which I am really hoping will disappear from the top of my breast!!! I have surgery booked for this Thursday and having a small lollipop lift with implants (under the muscle) and areola reduction. The size we are looking at is between 300 and 350CC which we will decide on the day. Picked up my surgical bras yesterday and am so excited for Thursday!!!

Just had my surgery!

So I've not long 'come to' from the a anaesthetic. Boy does that stuff make you so tired and hard to wake up! My chest feels a little sore but completely bearable at this stage. Ended up opting for 350 CC sub pectoral under left breast, and 325 on the right side. At the moment I'm so nervous to have a peak but will post a shot when I can !!

First photo

So its been 24 hours since my op and I am about 5o be discharged from hospital. My chest is feeling really swollen but the pain has definitely been well controlled by the pain killers. What I've struggled with the most is coming out of the anaesthesia. I was only able to stay away for 10 to 15 min intervals up until this morning and also threw up a couple of times. The nurse put some dressings over my breasts so I could have a quick shower and has sent me home with some. Its way too early to comment on the shape etc as yet but I am super happy that I've gone through the procedure!!!

Day 3 post op

So today marks day 3 and I must admit my biggest struggle is coming out of the anaesthetic. I am in and out of sleep about every 30/40 minutes with light headed dizzy spells. I seriously hope it subsides soon because i am sick of being bed ridden and feeling this way. My boobs are feeling very tight, hard and swollen still but bearable. If you are used to working out and know how a sore chest day feels..to me this is much the same. Not taking my strong painkillers as much as requested because I believe they make me more nauseas. Will continue to keep everyone updated!

Post op Day 4

So today I have started feeling a lot more normal! I was able to move around the house a bit more... cooking, folding washing, tidying up. I have also only been taking nurofen today ... no other pain medications whatsoever. Biggest pain at the moment is the bloatedness in my tummy! Apparently around day 4 swelling begins to happen here.. I actually look pregnant lol! My boobs don't feel as swollen but they are still sitting so high and rock hard. I'm scared by the timr I'm due to go back to work in a week they will be so obvious... does anyone know if they tend to drop lower within the first 10 days???

3 weeks post op

Hi all! Tomorrow marks the 3 week post surgery mark... feels like forever ago that I underwent surgery. I'm back at the gym doing lower body workouts/ very light cardio (walking, cycling) and still being very cautious of not engaging my pec muscles. Feeling pretty good and happy with my progress. Dr Vij and the nurses have been fabulous in all respects so far and I am stoked I chose such a talented surgeon. I've noticed my breasts are slowly but surely beginning to settle... even though they still have a long way to go. My right breast in particular seems to have more of a triangular/ uneven shape about it but I know this is to be expected and should even out. I don't have another checkup until next week (1month post op) . Looking forward to seeing some more changes over the coming weeks!

So far Dr Vij and his team have made me feel very comfortable and are incredibly diligent with getting back to any queries I have.

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