35 Y.o. Mum, 5'3" 108 Lbs, 34B with 325cc Mentor - Subiaco, AU

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35 year old mother of one who breastfed. When...

35 year old mother of one who breastfed. When younger always weighed a bit more and had nice C cups. Then weight loss, age and childbirth reduced them to a barely B cup. I wore 34B but measurements said I should really be an A. They were droopy and like ski slopes, so I've been thinking about breast augmentation for a few years now. Did some research on Drs overseas (Thailand and US) and then discovered local deals on BA. My Dr had great reviews and a few friends also recommended him. He has been brilliant and such a lovely person - everyone I've encountered has been fabulous and I'm just over week past my surgery and so happy with how everything is going so far!

Before shots

All my bras are 34B with big gaps at the top, so realistically I'm probably a 34A. I didn't hate my before boobs, but missed the fullness they used to have and feel like my body was out of proportion. Always thought if my boobs were bigger my belly would look smaller...

Sizers - 300cc

Tried sizers on and loved the way the 300s looked. The 325s just looked that bit too big. But then after going home I read more on this forum and thought that since I'm going sub muscular I should go up that extra 25ccs so the final result looks like the 300s. Everyone says better to go bigger ???? Pics show what I looked like without a bra compared to 300cc sizers... felt so much more proportional!

Surgery Day

Operation day went good! Did heaps of waiting around before the actual surgery but everyone was so friendly and upbeat and I weirdly didn't feel anxious at all. Just took it all in stride and it's all felt a bit surreal to be honest. Saw the Dr and he was great as always and marked me up with the markers and then wheeled me into theatre and I was out next thing! When I came out of theatre I had awful pain when I was breathing, so they gave me pethidine and that helped but then made me feel nauseous. Hubby drove me home and I don't remember much except trying not to throw up. They sent me home with oxycodone and I took some of that and then got even sicker. Woke up twice in the night to throw up and it was a pretty awful first night. Sleeping all propped up on the pilots sucked. Felt sick most of the next day too and could only stomach saltines and ginger ale. Didn't even feel up to having a peek at the new girls until later the next afternoon!

Day 1 Post Op

Finally felt ok enough to take off the compression bra and attempt a shower and check out the implants. They looked MASSIVE! I freaked out a bit, and was suddenly regretting going with the 325s over the 300s, but hubby was the voice of reason and said just to be patient. They weren't sitting as high and round as I thought they would be, and even though they were looking huge I was definitely liking what I saw. Such a weird feeling suddenly having a big chest over night. Especially when it's numb so it doesn't even really feel like part of your own body!

8 Days Post Op

Feeling sooo much more normal now. Can't believe it's only been a week - crawled by so feels like surgery was forever ago. After getting off the hard meds and not feeling sick anymore I felt so much better. So weird not using my arms and felt like a turtle all week just moving super slow to do anything. Like life in slow motion. The pain has been so much less than I expected. The worst has been the sleeping - sleeping on my back has never been enjoyable and less so when propped up at a 45 degree angle. Every night I start out in bed then wake up around 2am and move to the recliner chair. Feels just like a comfy change of scenery. I miss sleeping on my side though. And just sleeping well!

Went back to work on Wednesday (5 days post BA) and wasn't sure I'd be able to do it but have a desk job so just took it easy and got through the day ok. My brain was totally not functioning and it felt weird talking to everyone I work with about my boobs ha ha. Just been tired all the time and then get sore if I overdo it by walking too much or attempting laundry or some other easy chore.

The good thing is the boobs have settled down a bit and not looking so big and crazy and I'm starting to enjoy the size. I've got some nice green bruising mostly around my left breast, and my right one is still numb around the nipple and more swollen, but seems to be coming around. They still look funny from the side and still feel heavy and uncomfortable with no bra on. I only take it off to shower and sneak a peek!

I can't wait to be able to try more clothes on and see how things fit and look but it's still to awkward and careful to do that yet. Not looking forward to another 5 weeks in these ugly paper thin compression bras, ugh.

Home alone with 5 year old

So hubby had to go away for 5 days and it's only day one on my own looking after our 5 year old. I'm back at work now 5 hours a day too so it's all super exhausting. Didn't realise how much hubby had been helping - making lunches, my coffee, school drop offs, making meals. All such hard work! I'm worried I'm using my arms too much. My right boob is still more swollen and had no feeling in the nipple or bottom half and I wonder if that's from using my right arm too much? Should I try to be left handed? Respect to all the single mamas out there going through this!!

Might need some new swimwear ????

Couldn't resist trying on two of my favourite bikini tops... can't believe how small they are now! So funny I can barely even get the bandeau on! Excited to shop for swimwear in a few months ????????

Getting worried about new bruise...

Just posted a question for the dr's but feeling a bit worried today about my left boob. It's had some green bruising since op but now it is hurting more and there is an angry little purple bruise there. I know it's tiny but I'm worried as I've definitely felt more painful today. Praying it's not early sign of hematoma - hoping someone out there can ease my fears until I can call surgeon tomorrow :/

Not so paranoid today

Think I was just having a little freak out yesterday - my boobs have definitely been more sore (especially the left) but I think that's because I'm feeling so much more normal now and starting to do a lot more activity. I've read a lot about hematomas now and am not worried about my tiny bruise. So hard not to sit and obsess over every little change and feeling - just need to relax and let the healing take its course!

Best comment I've read so far was from a dr who said BA is actually having two surgeries - one for each breast. And because they are two separate surgeries they will have different healing. That put it in really good perspective for me.

Taking it one day at a time... And trying so hard not to be impatient!!!

From sweet to scandalous...

Don't think my husband will ever let me go to bed peacefully again - my comfy cotton nightie suddenly looks like suggestive lingerie!!!

Holy sensitive skin :/

So I read that my nipples and skin might become hypersensitive after my BA but I guess I never realised that would mean actual PAIN! My left boob continues to be great - dropping nicely, getting a tiny bit softer, normal sensation. But my right one is another story - still high and tight and numb from my nipple down and now my nerves are going totally haywire. From stabbing pains to feeling like a sunburn or chafing or itching while burning. I've started wearing a nice soft medical pad my hubby found for me in the first aid box as the feeling of my post op bra or clothes on that side bother me so much. I really hope this part doesn't last - I've been moisturising lots and even rubbing that side a bit as I feel it just needs it. My dr doesn't recommend massage at this stage so my only other saving grace is my son's Lightning McQueen ice pack lol.

Sleeping is still hit or miss too. Starting to be able to turn slightly on my sides now and laying flat which is awesome, but some nights are still just awful and uncomfortable.

Wow I sound like a total whine-fest today! In all other ways I'm feeling so much more normal and am loving the size and shape my implants are taking. I'm so impatient for these first 6 weeks to go by so I can enjoy them fully!

Going to start walking again this week too if the rain stops. Definitely gained a lot of weight with all this inactivity and comfort eating I've been doing. Wanna get this bid in shape so it can keep up with my new assets!

Toss and donate!

Went through my bra and sports bra drawers today and said GOODBYE to the lot! There was one sports bra and one bralette I can keep but otherwise all I have in my drawer now are the oh-so-stylish post op bras. Eek! Lots of shopping to be done - can't wait to do t but going to try to restrain myself until 6 weeks...

Bandages off and bra shopping

One month post-op today woohoo! Felt like it would never come and suddenly it's arrived. Peeled the tape off my incisions today and was a bit nervous to look but they looked way better than I expected! Healing nicely I think. Time to moisturise and feels a bit weird having the scars exposed. Still sore from where the tape came off and with clothes rubbing there.

Couldn't resist trying on some bras at Target today - they just didn't fit quite right. My boobs are still too firm and sitting high - it was less like wearing a bra and more like wrapping a bra around my chest ha ha. I couldn't quite fit a size and was right between a 12C and a 12D (34C and 34D for US peeps). And being on those awful dressing room lit mirrors made me realise how much of a toll the last month of not exercising and eating poorly has done to my body. Paid all this money for great breasts and now the rest of me needs to catch up! I'm allowed to exercise again at 6 weeks, and can't wait. Have started walking a bit this week but it's been cold and rainy. Suppose I should try to eat healthier in the meantime!

Still not totally in love with my boobs yet. They look good in pics but in person I feel like I've gone too large. I initially wanted 300s and keep wondering if that would've made a difference? It's so hard when I can't try on my normal clothes and have trouble finding things to wear everyday that look ok with the surgical bras. I also worry that they are too big and are making me look bigger as a result. Will definitely have to change how I dress - loose t shirts now look like I'm hiding a massive belly. I dunno - I hate feeling so negative but just want to embrace them. And feel like I can't yet. Haven't even showed anyone besides my husband, mom and one friend (and the last two only saw pics)

Ok onwards and upwards - one month down two weeks to go!!!!

Forgot my 4 week post op pics!

The right one is still much higher and tighter - liking how my left one is sitting much better! The bra I am wearing is a D! Was a bit loose on the sides though, but the C seemed to small. Will wait two weeks and try again :) Bandage tape off today yippee! Time to moisturise and massage...

5 weeks down, 1 to go

These first 5 weeks have crawled, and now I'm so excited there is only one week left so I can start wearing different bras to the post op ones I've been living in 24/7! Also cannot wait to sleep on side (although I've started doing this in small spurts through the night) and to be able to work out again beyond walking!

Feeling really good though - hardly any twinges and only soreness like a bruise when I roll onto my side or hug someone. Still no sensation in my right nipple and the bottom part of both breasts is numb. I'm sure they are changing shape but I just don't really see it yet, it's slow going. The scars are healing well though and I'm pretty stoked with those.

Things that still annoy or are hard to do are:
- wiping down bench tops (I don't know why this is so uncomfortable but it is!)
- shutting the trunk door on my SUV
- reaching for things up high (feels like pulling on my incision scars)
- shivering (this feels SO odd and gross like my implants are separating from my body, eek)
- hand-over-hand steering in the car

Have my appt with my PS in 3 more days and can't wait to get the all clear for normal bras and working out!

Tanning with a view

There was a bit of sunshine today so I rolled the straps off my shoulders and laid down to soak some up. Glanced down and had another one of those "yikes!" Moments when I couldn't even see my own feet because my massive chest is in the way. Ha ha it'll take awhile to fully get used to the fact this is my own body! Still worry I've gone too big, and moments like these are "eek!" moments indeed!

Woohoo 6 weeks done!!!

Had my 6 week appt with my awesome PS yesterday and he gave me the green light to do all the things I've been counting down to. I can officially now:
- wear any bra I want, or none at all
- sleep on my side
- raise my arms overhead as much as I want
- start normal workouts
- sleep without a bra

Feeling really good and even slept on my side last night without guilt - isn't as sore as it was even a few days ago. They are really starting to feel a part of my body now and I'm starting to actually embrace them.

Went and bought some inexpensive wire free bras from Target and fit in their 12D (34D) which was a bit of a surprise because a couple weeks ago when I tried the D was a bit too big! Feels sooo good to be wearing normal bras and I'm excited for the hardest part to be behind me and the fun part ahead!

Some pics of my new purchases :)

Waiting for right boob to drop

I'm getting really impatient with my right boob - it's still higher and tighter than my left and the nipple is still completely numb and not really responsive. I'm happy with how the left is looking and how soft it's getting but the right one just isn't changing at all it seems! I know lots of people have this same thing but I'm hoping it starts to change soon. I feel like when it does I will love them so much more - at the moment they just seem so uneven and I'm really focussed on how the right one looks...

Comparison pic

I'm not really seeing much change at all from 10 days. Feeling discouraged. I just want them to drop and soften and look natural and the same size! Am I just not seeing it??? :(

Whoops pic attached

Top is one day post op
Middle is 10 days
Bottom is 6 weeks
(my right breast is pictured on the left)

Uh oh boob greed

So this whole time I've been worried that my breasts were too large after my BA - and suddenly I'm wondering if I haven't gone big enough! Gosh I had no idea what a head game this would be lol. I think because I'm getting used to them now they just don't seem that big at all anymore. All my clothes still fit and even some of my bathing suits and sports bras, and people keep saying how you can't even tell I've had them done. I mean, I know it's meant to be a compliment, but after spending nearly 10 grand and going through all this because I didn't like how they looked before that isn't exactly what I want to hear. Now I think if they were just a bit bigger they'd be more proportionate to my body. Boob greed is real! Hope it passes soon...

2 months post BA and pics

Wow two months post-op! Feeling so good now - have days where I don't even think about my boobs all day and they just feel like a part of my body. Still a bit sore and stiff feeling in mornings but have even been able to sleep on stomach for small spurts.

I'm totally used to seeing them on me now and can totally see how so many women wish they'd gone bigger at this stage. I change between thinking they're perfect then thinking they're too small. They look great in my wirefree bras and I can't wait to try on some underwire ones and get properly sized!

Im back to the gym and have been doing Kayla Itsines BBG workout to try to get this bod in shape for summer. Still can't do push ups or some of the arms overhead moves but can run and do Bodystep and burpees and light weights so feeling good. Bit worried about hurting my implants but I guess they'll be fine??

Pics attached - right is FINALLY starting to drop slightly and soften, although at some angles it looks totally high and tight still. Scars are nice and flat and using Siltape daily. One is a bit funny and red still so hoping it fades.

All in all I'm feeling positive and excited for life with the new girls! Starting to warm up finally so I can start showing them off a bit! Hubby comes home from work in 2 weeks and he'll have been gone 7 weeks so he's pretty excited to see them too ha ha

Bathers that fit!

Woohoo we are having one random hot day and I am headed to the beach! Haven't had any time to shop for new bathing suits but found the one I bought when I was pregnant and it fits! Also bought a bright green one on sale online for $12 and it fits too, although not sold on the colour. Excited to finally show off the girls a bit!

3 months post BA - 34D!

Yay 3 months! Finally went out and tried some underwire bras on last week and got sized - I'm officially a 34D (12D in Australia)! I think I am probably more like a 32DD but it's too hard to find that size here. I was a 34A (but usually wore a B that was too big) before surgery.

Victoria's Secret was having a sale so I bought 6 new bras online and amazingly they all fit! Here are a couple pics.

I'm so happy with how the girls are sitting now and the right one is finally catching up, although it's still numb and the nipple is super sensitive and numbish and fairly unresponsive.

Life is fully normal now - doing all my gym workouts (still holding off on push ups but can do mist other things), can sleep on tummy and for the most part don't even notice them anymore. They feel totally like a part of my body now! So happy with the decision to get them done - summer is just arriving and I can't wait to show them off finally!

Still having nipple pain

My right breast has dropped and I've been so happy with the way they look - everything has been going great and they totally feel like part of my body. But my left nipple is still numb and not very responsive and just this week I've been getting heaps of pains and soreness in it - is that normal this far out? :/

Nearly 7 months!

They are such a part of me now and I love them! Still a 34D (12D) and love the way all my clothes and bras now fit. So happy that I went through with it!

Dr Vijay has been brilliant - kind, caring, knowledgeable and approachable. He's answered all my questions knowledgeably and professionally. His staff are all friendly and helpful also. Great bedside manner and put me so much at ease on the day of surgery. His recommendations and input have been invaluable and so far I am beyond pleased with the results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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