46 Years Old, 295cc unders, 5'1" 103 Lbs 3 Children Petite Frame Breast Augmentation. Finally Courageous Enough - Subiaco, AU

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Well real self has helped me so I have decided to...

Well real self has helped me so I have decided to be brave enough to post in case my story helps others I have found seeing pictures of myself confronting as I don't like to look at myself or anyone else looking at me. This has really affected my confidence in my first new relationship since my divorce 1 and a half years ago. . I have 3 beautiful children, the youngest is 10 and the oldest 18. I have always been slim but during pregnancy and breastfeeding I went from an a to an e and back again three times! It has left me with stretch marks and sag :( I thought I needed a lift but surprisingly all 4 surgeons I have consulted just say I need an augmentation. Apparent my breasts are just empty and will look ok once they are full again. I can always get a lift later if the result is not what I want, they say. I have seen 4 surgeons. One wanted to put in round smooth, one anatomical textured and 2 textured round. All have recommended under the muscle secondary plane due to my low body fat and minimal breast tissue. I am going to post my befores. My sample clinic pictures and finally my rice sisters. I am thinking of 300cc which I only have in rice sizes but my final consultation is in 3 days and I will update then.

Still can't decide on size.

After all my trying on sizes I went one last time to try them on. I loved the look of the 340 cc and chose those but after I walked out I decided they may be way too big for my frame. Going in one last time again on Wednesday. I'll think I'll down size to a 310 or 280. Just can't get my head aond he fact I liked the 340. Also I think I have asymmetry not sure if I'll need different sizes or not. .. Surgery date is 22nd of June Just 10'days away! Wednesday is the last possible day for them to order the implants!

Finally decided on size.

I chose 340cc but then rang them and changed it to 295cc. Part of me is conflicted about not going bigger but I feel this is the best size for me to feel great in myself and not self conscious! 6 days til boobies! Not going back. Feeling very emotional and teary about my new self as I have wanted this for so long! Working 11 hour shifts up until the night before surgery and then 2 weeks off. This time should go fast!

Less 4 days to a new me!

Feeling excited and anxious. I've decided that im going to stop stressing about my choice of size. I'll be happy with my choice of size because there's no way it can be worse than what I already have.!

It's done!

Smooth recovery neatly pain free!. Mild pain only - Very good pain relief the anaesthetist gave me. I am doing my recovery excersises every few hours and they help amazingly when it cramps a little. I,m super impressed with the experience in theatre. Sat n a comfy armchair with a hot blanket and a remote while waiting for my turn in theatre.
I am glad the surgeon came and checked on me and told me not to worry about how high up and hard they were just yet because I'm really not happy with how they look so far. Can't wait for them to drop at the moment implant way too high and nipples way to low!
I hope I'm not gong to need the crescent lift he said I could have if was t happy!

Day 3

Drove yesterday morning less than 24 hours post op to take my daughter to school, no problems. Took 2 kids singing in the afternoon. Still waiting for the appearance to improve but happy with my recovery. Slightly sore today so will take it easy

Still a way to go

Still not happy yet. Hopefully they will drop and change! I had my first real bad night last night. Had back pain and chest pain and indigestion. I probably overdid it with the shopping and washing. Feeling great today but listening to my body and taking it really easy!

13 days worried about uneven incisions.

It's 23 days since surgery. One appears to have dropped one not so much. I am worried because one incision appears higher than the other and that implant is higher and the nipple is much lower. Ther still appears to bee droop in the nipples.
I love them in a bra though.
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