Tummy Tuck Revision Due to Bulging Oblique Muscle. -Stuttgart, DE

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I had a mommy makeover in March of 2011 with...

I had a mommy makeover in March of 2011 with pretty good results. I loved that my recovery was so easy and how great my boobs looked. Now here is the odd part. After we moved to Germany I noticed the left side of my stomach was bulging again. Apparently the oblique muscle was bulging. It cause me some pain and actually caused my belly button to move two inches to the right! So now I am lopsided. I decided to go the dr that has done the majority of the military wives here. I am having a tummy tuck revision with liposuction of the abdomen and inner thighs. I am nervous, more so than the first time, because I am having surgery in a foreign country. This go around the dr has given me a laundry list of things I have to do before the surgery and after, nothing like the surgery before. I am 15 days out... Man I hope these nerves subside soon.


11 days pre-op

So I have 11 days to go before my surgery. I am still worried I forgot something. I have a meal plan and all the meals prepared in the freezer for the two weeks after my surgery. I have my ride to and from the hospital. I have my stool softeners, cold packs and recliner ready. I have to clean the house the weekend before my surgery to get it ready. I know I am forgetting something important. I am so nervous, I just hope I get a good result. I am so tired of my stomach being a mess.

10 days pre op

10 days to go! Starting to realize what I am in for. I have all my post op supplies ready and I have started getting the house surgery ready. I have all the pre op work done and the hardest part is the no smoking. However if I smoke I can't get the surgery. If I did then I would run the risk of fat necrosis and poor healing. That does not sound fun at all. So I am not running that risk. I am so hoping the next ten days go quickly.

9 days ...and counting

I am so nervous. Is it normal to be this worried? I mean I could see if this was my first procedure or if I had severe medical problems or even if my dr did not have a good track record. None of that is the case. Yet I am still worried.
I would also like to say for the record that my first plastic surgeon Dr. Hopkins did NOTHING wrong with my original tummy tuck. A lot of my friends and family have asked why I would need a second one if the dr did the first one correctly. I am the one to blame. I did not take the recovery seriously. I was walking fully upright at four days and carrying my four year old by three days post op. I was stupid to think I could do it all and now I am paying for it by having to have another surgery. I am determined to do it correctly this time so there are no mishaps.

Wow only a week left

I am so worried and relieved that I only have a week left. I go talk to the anesthesiologist on Wednesday and turn in my paperwork. Then it will be back to the waiting game. I hope this week goes quick since the kids are going back to school and my husband returns to work. It seems like time always goes faster when the kids and husband are away probably because I am busy doing stuff around the house. Oh man fingers crossed that this week flies by.

Still nervous

Have five days to go and I am still very nervous. My no smoking initiative is going well and I have not had a smoke in a long time. I am taking my vitamin c and vitamins d3 but avoiding anything with vitamin e in it. I have been trying to find things to do to keep me occupied so the days will pass faster. I go talk to the dragoon tomorrow so I am hoping everything goes well. Man I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Time for the clean...

It's Friday and my surgery is Monday. Time to get the house clean ..among other things. My dr recommends cleaning out your system before the surgery. So I have started the clean out process and it is seriously limiting my mobility. Ugh I can't wait for this to be over. I just worry that they won't be able to fix my problem. I hope they can. I want to look normal and not like I am pregnant on one side.

17 hours to go

Tomorrow is the big day. I have 17 hours til I go in for my surgery. I am a wreck. I just want to wake up and be done with this. I have tried to anticipate everything that could go wrong and have a contingency plan but I am a realist. Plan a never survives contact with the enemy so inevitably there will be some things that will go wrong. I just hope they are minor things not health related ones! 17 hours to go... Maybe I can sleep through a few of them.

2 hours to go!

Well my surgery is two hours away. I have done everything I can think of to prepare. I am so nervous. I just hope that I can finally get the results I am looking for. I know now how important it is to take it slow and I am definitely going to go at my own pace only slower to make sure that I don't rip or ruin anything! Will take a couple more before pics if I get time before my ride gets here.

Pre op measurements and pics

So here are my pre op measurements
Chest 34.5
Waist 37
High hips 40.5
Hips 44.5
R thigh high 24
L thigh high 24
R thigh mid 21
L thigh mid 21

Wow that is really embarrassing. Hope these numbers drop after the lipo is over! I also added a few more pics of my tummy

Home at last

I had my surgery yesterday and spent my night in the hospital. I am home now and getting around kind of slowly. The doctor said he was not able to move my belly button but w as able to sew up my oblique muscle. The liposuction went well too. I am all bundled up in my compression garment and in the midst of swell hell. Will post pics as soon as I have them

Day 2

Many people have wondered what it's like to have a tummy tuck in a foreign country. While I can't speak for all countries or all doctors I can give you an idea of how different the experience was for me. The three biggest differences between my tt in the us and my tt here in Germany are the aftercare, the drugs and the recovery instructions. In the us I was sent home right after the anesthesthia wore off. Here I was told there is a minimum of a one day stay in the hospital to ensure everything went well. Back in the is I gor a prescription for antibiotics and heavy pain killers. Here I got a prescription for antibiotics and a medicine to prevent thrombosis that I have to inject myself with every day. I was told I could take ibroprofen of I has any pain. Back hope I was to to rest and take my to
E standing up. Here I was to to get up and walk at least 15 minutes every two hours. It is definitely different

Man I hate shots

So I have to give myself shots every morning. Actually my husband who is afraid of needles has to do it. Let's just say that I hate these shots. I am tired and having a hard time sleeping. Hopefully think
GS will get better when I go into the dr on Monday and get my stitches out

Day 10 post op

I am in a lot of pain today. I went and had my final stitches removed yesterday. They found a small sernoma that they had to drain. It hurt like no ones business! Still no pics since I have not been able to remove my garment. I will be showering today Yay! So hopefully I can remember to take a few shots

Pics finally

I thought I could wait until the swelling went down before I posted pics but apparently the swelling is only getting started. Lol so here are some of the pics I snapped while taking my shower.
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