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Hello all, I'm writing this review because I...

Hello all,

I'm writing this review because I couldn't find anyone speaking in depth to just using the Cosmelan 2 Maintenance Cream without the the initial Cosmelan 1 mask. I am not a woman of means (not yet) and I don't like downtime and read reviews on Amazon of people having great results with just the cream. And many doctors will tell you, you have to have the step 1 (which depending on the extent of your "condition" could yield better results, I'm sure). For me, I have freckles and mild melasma-esque spots that I have lived with for a long time and done many treatments to rid myself of (I've made peace with the freckles but will never say die to finding a solution for the melasma) but the bane of my existence happened after I decided to try fraxel and ended up with a brown line that runs along the tippy-top of my right cheeck bone making my undereye appear old and saggy. That is why I start this treatment. So, I decided to go with the still pricey, but nearly as pricey, direction of just the cream. My thoughts being if it didn't work by itself I could always go for the mask later, no harm, no foul.

So, I am still early on in the treatment. FYI, my skin is a very light olive from a Mexican/Guatemalan/Irish heritage. I started one week ago to the day. The packaging says to use 3x per day for the first four weeks, then 2x per day the next 4 weeks and then once per day every day after, indefinitely. Per other reviews I read and some doctor recommendations I decided to do just 2x per week for two weeks and then once a day indefinitely (also, at $180 a pop, I wanted to make sure it lasted at least long enough for me to afford another jar).

So, approximately two days in, I developed minor swelling on the top of the cheeck with the brown streak, I think I put too much in that area in the hopes of making it disappear faster. I decided to avoid putting anymore in that area at all until the swelling went down and started putting there again two days later, but much more lightly. Within three days my skin was tight and started to peel majorly. Could go out for two days but kept applying as directd. After it peeled, it was still tight and dry. After another two days it started peeling again, but more lightly.

I am now a week in. Have to say, skin is already looking better inspite of being very tight and dry and flakey. I am really looking forward to my skin feeling "normal" again. Will keep you updated. The line under my eye is still there but does seems a little lighter so far! Wish me luck!
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