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Went in for a upper and lower bleph and neck lift....

Went in for a upper and lower bleph and neck lift. Came out without the lower bleph as the DR stated that I was bleeding too much too risk it. And I appreciate that, of course! Better safe than sorry.

Have several gigantic concerns with the outcome though.

Upper Eyelid: My eyes were not symmetrical as one was lower than the other therefore wanted correction but came out worst (see pic).

Redness/bruising under both eyes due to something he injected (assume local anesthesia) before deciding on forfeit the lower bleph) has not gotten any better since the surgery and I took pictures of it every day to see if changes occurred.

Did I waste my money and instead worsened my look instead of improve it? Not sure what to think anymore.

Assymmetry is rampant!

I was told that I must wait for healing which I have done. I have followed all the post op instructions to a "T". It has been a month and I am starting to realize that the asymmetry in the eyes is not solely on the eye area but the entire face. I have had people ask me if I had a stroke as one side of my face seems to melt downward. I do not know what do. Should I continue to wait for a miracle?
See updated picture :-(

Still uneven

Spent a lot of money doing tests with hematologists, endocrinologists and reumatologist in order to find out why I bled so much during the procedure and I am glad to say that I am fine. :-) The hematologist suggested that maybe the PS hit a vessel.
It has been 2 months and 1 week and I am still very concerned. The asymmetry is still the same, no improvement. I decided to see an eye doctor to check on my eye lid. He measured the lids and the right is 8" and the left is 10 1/2" !!!! He noticed (what I knew from the beginning) that the incision on the left eye was done too eye above the fold and therefore took skin from the eyebrow to the fold instead of the eye lid perse,
After hearing this, I decided to then go to another plastic surgeon and get an eval on my surgery. He noticed the same issue on the ye lids as well as the difference on both side of the neck/aw line. In addition, he does not understand why the incisions under the ear were performed so low as it's usually close to the ear to minimize visibility.
I am devastated and broke therefore unable to fix this!!!! :-(

October just arrived and my issues are still visible

My eyes are still uneven and make up does not cover it! My jaw line is uneven as well plus have ugly bumps and indentations. The doctor still tells me to wait, well how long? My sister had the same surgery and never had these issues! Although I know that changes will continue to occur, the asymmetry is too radical and it's obvious that it will not fully be corrected with time.
Had botox done to lower one eyebrow in hopes that would correct the eye problem but nope! Now I can only raise one eyebrow (which looks odd) and still my eyes look weird.
Not sure what to think anymore as I did my research before electing a surgeon and thought I chose correctly.
I seldom go out as I am deformed and it is affecting my work and my emotional state

Eyes are still very uneven as well as the jaw lines, also nech is a mess!

Have an appointment with the surgeon today (requested by me), let's see what he has to say....

Eyes are still very uneven as well as the jaw lines, also nech is a mess!

Have an appointment with the surgeon today (requested by me), let's see what he has to say....

Revision for neck lift next month

As always, the surgeon was very nice and took time to listen and answer my questions. He still thinks that my eye lid issue is the brow. As to the jaw, he wants to do a revision. Wants to see me in 2 weeks to go over everything. I hope this resolves the bulges and lumps.
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