24 Year Old Mom of 1 with a Much Needed Fill and Lift - Stuart, FL

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I have never been blessed with larger breast. I...

I have never been blessed with larger breast. I was either 118 lbs with a small A cup or 130 lbs now with a medium B cup. The largest I have ever seen my breast was during pregnancy and afterwards with breastfeeding. I lost 40+ lbs after the birth of my daughter who is now 3 years old. I have always wanted to have perky full breasts with a natural drop to them. I am currently 130-132 lbs and I do not have an exact bra size because I do not fit into bra's comfortably. I wear sport bras like they are my best friend. I would say my current cup size is a B cup and I plan on June 2, 2015 to bring my B cup to a full C. I will be having a lift and implant between 350-375cc silicone medium profile inserted under the muscle to give it somewhat of a natural appearance. I am so excited and nervous but I have seen the work Dr. Giles has done and can't wait.

Tomorrow is the surgery day!

Excited to finally have nice breasts.

Target supply's

Surgery done. Painful but so far worth it.

Feeling better.

It's been 5 hours from the end of surgery and my breasts are feeling better. Friday I will be going in for my post op. The office has called me to check up and they told me they will call me tomorrow as well. They have been great. But I have taken 2 OxyContin, 1 suppository for nausea, and have been drinking fluids and on a bland diet to avoid vomiting. Had a great surgery so far and recommend dr. Giles.

Icing and TV

Can't wait to see them on Friday when the take off the wrap.

Post op day 1

They look amazing compared to what I had. I have minimal pain which I take a had of the OxyContinand it subsides. I was nervous taking the wrap down but I feel better know what was underneath. Can't wait to see the final results!

Post op day 1 photos

first night I slept through

Excited about sleeping through the whole night. I would say yesterday was a success, last night I was eating dinner with my family at the table and I've gained most of my ROM in both arms to the point it's not painful. Shortly after dinner I went back to the couch where I find it more comfortable (with an ice pack) and watched Netflix/HBO until I fell asleep. My guard dog kept me company all night.

Post Op day 3

This morning I saw Dr. Giles. He talked to me about how well I was recovering. His assistant placed new tape on the incisions which looked so fine and I had barely any brusing. I took my first shower today and was very careful. I've been icing my breast day and night and it makes them feel 100% better to the point I don't have to take any pain medication. I bought a few supportive sports bras from target that feel great. I will go back in 1 week to check up on the progress of my breasts. I've been using maxi pads to catch any discharge from the incisions and so far it's been working like a charm. I feel more human today.

Most comfortable bra

At first I was hesitant to purchase this at target because of its looks but I stand corrected when I got home it was so comforting. I just added the maxi pads for drainage (sticky side to the bra) and it's been working like a charm. Makes you feel like this is all worth it when you can put on real clothes.

Day 10 PO

Swelling & Bruising is going down. I've been using arnica bruising lotion and I see the difference, wish I would of known about this...would of been using it when I first started bruising. I just went to my 2nd PO appointment and they said they look great. They took out a few stitches and re-taped them. I was given the okay to go boating again but not to get them wet. I can't wait to see the final result. I am already so happy with how they look now.

Past to Present

1st day PO top. 10 day PO bottom.

2 weeks

Yay! I finally feel like a human again. No problem sleeping at night and I am starting to help around the house. I tried a push up bra for the first time today. I am so glad I had the procedure.

17 Days PO

Went for my 3 week check up and they replaced the tape. Dr. Giles said next week the tape will be gone and I will start using a scar cream. I have only good things to say about my experience so far. I'll keep posting results.

3 weeks tomorrow!

Each week keeps getting better. I love the new additions and I've been wanting to know what size. Most of the swelling is gone and I have no bruising. So my sister and I went to Victoria's Secret and they sized my breast cup as a 34D. I tried a few different bathing suits and bras. I found a few and since today was the last day of their semi annual sale I was able to save $50+. I bought a new bathing suit top and a bra. The idea that I do not need any padding; can I say awesome!!! I'll post a few photos of what I bought.

22 days PO


I asked my doctor about the "puckering" on my right side and he told me it will smooth out. Everything is closed and looks great. This area is slightly raised and looks like a fold of skin. The only reason I feel to ask more about it is because the other suture lines looks so flat, small, and even. Just was wondering if anybody had this and was wondering when should I start to see it become flat. The area is 3cm at the most underneath my areola.

No more tape. Starting on the scar cream today.

Today I am 24 days PO. I went to Dr. Giles and I had all the tape removed and a few more stitches. The left areola is larger then the right. He told me that it will even out. The right areola is "puckered" and will smooth out. I will not be back to the office until July 17th. Hopefully by then things will start to even. They told me if things do not it takes 5 minutes to adjust. I feel great and they look great. I plan on starting on a scar cream/sheets do you have any recommendations?

1 month!

Last week I had the tape removed and was started on the scar cream/sheets. I've been using them religiously day and night. I took a 1 month photo and as you can see I have the scar cream on. I feel excellent I even was able to mow the yard today, yesterday I washed my car and this past Sunday we went boating to the sandbar. The scars are minimal and my left areola is smoothing out and looking more like the right. I did have some worries when I first had the tape off but it is looking great. I received my new bathing suit and bra which was fitted at Victoria's Secret 34D. I will keep posting more about how the scar sheets/cream work for me.

These are the sheets/scar cream I've been using.

I will keep posting my results with these products on my post scar treatment.

Scar cream

5 weeks 3 days PO

It's been a long journey but so worth it when I see the before and after.


I have used CicaSolution Silicone Scar Stick Keloid and Hypertophic Scar Glide on in a powerful easy to use applicator - 10 grams. and Mepitac 298300 Soft Silicone Tape, 3/4" x 118" religiously for the past 3 weeks and have noticed a difference in the appearance of my breast lift scars. The scars have smoothed out and have a pale pink color now. They use to be dark red and lightly raised. I would recommend these products and I bought them directly off amazon. I have a appointment tomorrow with Dr. Giles to see my progress. Hope these scar treatments help you too! I will post photos tomorrow after my appointment.
Here are the amazon pages that I purchased the 2 products.

Mepitac Silicone Sheets from amazon:

CicaSolution Silicone Scar on amazon:

Dr. Appointment and PO week 6 day 3

The Dr. appointment went well. He was happy with the results. The scar treatment I am using is really working well and I ordered more to continue. I go back September 11 to see him again for what I believe would be my final check up. Possibly to take after photos. I am back to normal, going to the beach, almost running, achieved my goal weight while healing through diet, and mowed the yard a couple times since my surgery. I so happy I did this and my husband is too. I took some photos close up so you can see the incision scars but they are fading more each day.

2 months 4 days

Every month, week, and day that passes it becomes so much more fun, easier, and totally worth it. They feel and look real. I have been having fun dressing them up or down. Not wearing a bra which is 99% of the time. But what makes them even better is that I feel confident again with my breasts. I would do this again. I love the results and have been so blessed to have a great recovery. The only thing between month 1 and 2 is I have finally started sleeping in every position; not just lying flat on my back. But I do wear a bra or at least a tighter tank top to bed every night. It feels better in the mornings when I wear the bra. I have fully restarted running and exercise. I also feel great wearing different bras and bathing suits. I am still using the silicone tape and stick every morning and night. It is working so well and highly recommend them together. By the way I have been playing around with them to see how flexible they have become and I can if I wanted to have them touch together. I posted a photo with the update.
Stuart Plastic Surgeon

I have searched for a doctor for about a year now and I have seen other friends with great results get their breast augmentation done and look amazing. Now its my turn. His before and after photos look great and the price is just right. He is pleasant to deal with if I have any concerns and the office visits are simple. I am so far pleased with my decision.

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