22 Year Old, Ultra High Profile 320cc Under the Muscle

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Ive been waiting so long for this time to come! ...

Ive been waiting so long for this time to come! A little over two weeks and I finally have boobies!! I've been stocking this website and everybody's reviews for probably two weeks now and I'm obsessed. My family isn't very supportive of my decision for a breast augmentation, so reading everybody's comments on here to each other has really helped me with any negative thoughts I may be having about this upcoming procedure. I will be getting ultra high profile 350cc. I'm 5'2 108lbs with a 34a cup now and looking to be a full C small D! When I was little I used to fill up water balloons and put them in my sisters Bra and walk around the house with them! I always knew this was something that I was going to have and now it's time!!! I'll upload some before pics soon :). Please comment a smiley face if you are following my journey! Thanks :)))))

Before pics

Here are some before pics! You can see my left breast is a little bigger and lower than my right. I asked about putting in two different sizes but he said that it would look odd and the smaller boob would sit much higher on my chest which I can picture happening. Last night I told my dad, he was the last person I needed to tell. He handled it much better than I was expecting! Yay! Can't wait!! Only 16 more days. Everyone on here is so stinkin nice!! Thanks for all the positive comments :)


Hey everyone! I'm a week out from surgery and to be honest I'm not really sure how I feel. I have like no emotions towards this upcoming procedure and I'm not sure if it's because I'm excited and nervous at the same time and it's kind of canceling each other out. I just hope this isn't my gut feeling trying to tell me no. The night before surgery I'm gonna take a bunch of pictures in different things for before and afters. I hope everybody's having a great week :)

2 days!

IM NERVOUS!!!! I'm freaking out and it doesn't feel real. I keep thinking to myself is this definitely something I want to do?! Am I going to regret this? I know this is something I really want so idk why I'm having these thoughts. I think it normal to think like this though?? PLUS!! Hurricane Matthew is supposed to hit my town the night of my surgery!! I'm just praying I don't lose power. They said they will call me tomorrow to let me know if it needs to be reschedule. I really don't want that but safety always comes first. I'll do an update tomorrow about the storm. I'll also post some pics of my post op bras and my 45 degree pillow I got! :)

Stupid hurricane

We had to reschedule due to hurricane Matthew for the 20th at 1:15. I'm very annoyed to say at the least. I mentally and physically prepared myself for tomorrow ugh I guess safety first. Here are some pics. Sorry some are upside down lol


We made it through the hurricane. We got very lucky and had no damage or even lost electric. I was happy that the surgery was postponed. 1. I was very nervous about the hurricane and not having power during my recovery. 2. I didn't explain myself well enough to my doctor and I felt this was my chance and a sign that I need to better explain myself. When I went into my consult all I said was "I just want bigger" WHY WOULD I ONLY SAY THAT?! Ugh I was so mad at myself. I get very shy but this was not the time! So I reached back out to them and explained myself better. I feel 350cc UHP may be too big for what I was trying to achieve. They were so kind and told me it wasn't a problem. They will have 300, 320 and 350cc for the day of surgery. I suggest 320 since I've seen a lot of comparison pics that iv really liked. 3. This gave me more time to think about my decision. I was having some doubts so I just stopped thinking about it. Stopped looking at all the reviews on here and I stopped talking about it. This actually really helped me. It brought me back to the state of mind I was in when I first committed to this. And now I can say again I CANT WAIT!!! :) 6 more days Ladies!! Also I've seen some comments on my review saying don't do it, you look perfect the way I am... it's not about what you see, it's about me. I love my natural boobies but Everytime I look at them I say to myself I just wish there was more to them so that is why I am getting my BA.


Hey everyone!!
I made it! :) 320cc Uhp under the muscle. I was in at 11am and out by 1:20pm. I only live 5 miles away so the car ride was fine. I've thrown up 7 times though :( I'm scared I'm going to get too dehydrated. I took medicine for it about an hour ago but I threw up again 15mins ago. I'm hoping that's the last time. I need water!! Lol but besides that the pain isn't bad at all! I haven't been able to take anything for the discomfort since I'll just throw it up. I have a heating pad for my back, A MUST HAVE! I've barely tried to look at them. I don't care to look because I already like them. :) I'll post some more pics tomorrow.

Update and some pics!

So I was finally able to stop throwing up. I was able to eat some pizza and take some meds. I'm just feeling tight and sore right now. Haven't taken anything since 12 midnight. Waiting to get some food in my belly. At 4am I woke up and decided I had to take some pics since they change every day. They're high and swollen but I'm very happy with the results so far! My 45 degree pillow saved my life for sleeping!!! Get one!! $40 on Amazon and it is so worth it!! I'll prob use it in the future too for watching Tv in bed or if I get sick and need to sit up to sleep. Win win

Day 3

I'm in love ???? although they still feel foreign to me I know within a couple of weeks they will feel like my own. Last night I had a little discomfort but I was moving around a lot. This morning I felt great. Took my 2nd shower and got lunch with my boyfriend. After lunch I was pretty tired so I'm just going to relax for the rest of day. So far this recovery has been pretty easy. I prepared myself for the worse pain of my life and I think that helped a lot lol


I'm so over the creepy guys on this website!!!!!! Don't message me saying "text me if you want to talk about you results" WHAT ?! There needs to be something that doesn't allow this :( this website was so helpful for me and I want to keep my reviews up but not if this keeps happening. This is the 3rd guy that's messaged me like this.

Over it

I deleted all pics of my breast because I am still getting creepy messages. I have reported them but Realself hasn't done anything about it. Be careful what you post ladies

One month update

Loving my results! Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I could. My recovery went so smooth.. it made me nervous! lol after two weeks I was cleared to start doing lower body exercises and now at one month I can do anything that does cause pain. I'm able to sleep on my belly again too. After two weeks I was aloud to sleep on my side. I couldn't believe how easy my recovery was.... I would do it again if I had to. I believe it was the Keller funnel that took away a lot of the pain. Every day they get softer and squishier. Ask me any questions! I would love to answer any :)

Incision update

Here are some pics of my incisions taken today at the 5 week post op mark

8 week update

I feel my boobs have finally dropped and fluff and I love them even more. I've not no problems besides what's expected.. nerve zings and numbness around the scars. I'm a 34c/32D. I'll post some pics soon :)

Pic of 3 month post op

I finally went bra shopping yesterday and wow!! I used to hate trying in bras but now I want to try them all on!
Dr Giles

Great doctor. Felt so comfortable with him. He's very professional and informative

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