48 Year Old, Lip Lift with Juvederm

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I have my appointment with Dr. Avron Lipschitz set...

I have my appointment with Dr. Avron Lipschitz set for June 20 for a bull horn lip lift. I had originally been scheduled with another doctor to get the Surgisil 5 mm lip implants, but after reading so many reviews about their disappointing results, I cancelled my surgery. In my search for information about the lip implants, I discovered the lip lift surgery option. I had never even heard of it before. I found a positive review of a PS literally 5 minutes from my house in Stuart, FL, so I went to him for a consult. He was professional and took time to talk to me and look at my wish pics. I have a second appt with him on 6/5/17 to discuss more details, look at before/after pics, and pick up pre-op prescriptions. I am very excited. The LL is $2500 and he recommended one syringe of Juvederm, which is expensive in his office at $825. I will get him to do the first one at the same time of the LL, but I will likely do my maintenance Juvederm at a friend's med spa which is considerably more affordable. I needed volume in addition to a lift, so it is just the way it is. I will post pics along my journey.

Lip Lift with Juvederm

Scheduled for June 20 with Dr. Avron Lipschitz in Stuart, FL.

Second consult with Dr. Lipschitz - surgery scheduled for 6/20/17

My LL is scheduled for just over 2 weeks, and I am so excited. I had my first consult with Dr. Lipschitz a couple of weeks ago, but I had more questions that I forgot to ask in the excitement of the meeting. I kept a list of my questions over the last 2 weeks as I read this website and brought my questions in to my second consult today. Below is what we talked about:

1. I asked about use of steroids after the LL for reduced swelling. Doc stated "no way" as steroids can hinder wound healing. He recommended to start taking Arnica and to stop my vitamins, supplements (Fish Oil), and use of Ibuprofen for the next 2 weeks.

2. I asked about painkillers. He stated Extra Strength Tylenol would be enough. I refused the pre-op Valium. I am in recovery, and I am concerned about the use or narcotics for any reason. I try to limit my exposure to them unless it is truly necessary. Doc assured me that it's not a high pain recovery. I had a breast augmentation 2 years ago, and I only used Ibuprofen 800 mg afterward. Doc stated the healing from the LL is easy and life gets back to normal quickly after this surgery. I am going back to work on the 6th day after the surgery.

3. I asked about the length of skin to be excised from my philtrum in my bull horn LL. Doc states being conservative is the best bet, and the bigger the excision, the bigger the scar and potential of pulling on the nose. He states he is shooting for 6mm. My measurement is 1.9 cm now. I trust him.

4. I asked to see some of his own work with LL patients, and he showed me quite a few of his patients. I was so thoroughly impressed and felt so deeply assured that he is good at this surgery. He explained to me at length the bull horn method, and how to adjust for all the different measurements depending on the patient's desired look and quality of skin. He explained the difference between the bull horn and a corner lift. He showed me diagrams. I just felt so happy that he cared enough to reassure me. I had been to another local plastic surgeon a few weeks ago, and I got the feeling he couldn't have cared less to do a LL on my face. The first PS actually said to me when I asked if I was a good LL candidate, "You can get one if you really want to."

5. I asked when stitches would be removed, and he stated 6 days.

6. He will be injecting one syringe of Juvederm in my lips. I think this is a fact of life maintenance issue that will have for the rest of my life. He recommended two syringes of Radiesse in my cheek bone area, and I was so tempted...but I just can't afford that right now. I also want to focus on one thing at a time. I think I would like to enhance my mid face next year, though.

I feel very pleased with the doctor I chose. My surgery is 15 days away, and I am excited. It is also awesome that he is a 3 minute drive from my house!!

Just had lip lift procedure today! Very happy so far.

I just got home from having my LL with Dr. Avron Lipschitz. It was a very pleasant experience. He chatted with me throughout the procedure and Jack Johnson was playing in the background a groovy tune. The lidocaine shots were the most painful part of the whole thing, but that didn't last long. After that, it was pretty painless. The whole process took about 90 minutes from walking into the office to walking out to my car.

My philtrum measured 2 centimeters, and my doc removed 5 mm, and I am very glad he is a conservative physician. I can always go back and have more removed later on. He warned me that this procedure will not stop time nor gravity. I love a practical and honest appraisal from people. My dentist is the same way, always gives the down side before the upside of any procedure. I respect guidance with managing my expectations.

I also had a syringe of Juvederm put in both lips at the same time since I have lost so much volume. So, now I have a prettier upper lip shape and some volume as well. So far, I am very pleased with the results. It's been about an an hour since I got home, and the lidocaine is starting to wear off. My nose and upper lip just feels warm right now. Not very painful. I had some pineapple and banana as soon as I got home. I took extra strength Tylenol right before the procedure, and just now another 2 capsules. I'm want to avoid taking the Percocets they gave me. Only as a last resort. I'm taking my Arnica tablets and icing every 20 mins. So far so good.

More later.

5 1/2 hours after surgery

My evening has been going very well. The lidocaine started wearing off about an hour or two after I got home. I am so blessed to live literally 3 minutes drive from Dr. Lipshitz's office. My nose felt warm and tight and slightly uncomfortable. I would call it a 3 out of a 10 pain, max. I have been just relying on Extra Strength Tylenol and icing. I cannot use narcotics safely, so that script was filled only for the very last resort of pure agony.

Now, it is about 5.5 hours since I got home, and the pain has subsided a great deal to a 1 out of 10, maximum. I hope this lasts! My husband just made me dinner, which was soft, warm, and delicious. (Sadly, nothing takes my appetite away). I work out 6 days a week, and not being active is the hardest part of this recovery. Dr. Lipschitz called me from his personal cellphone about an hour ago to check to see how I was doing. That was a lovely, personal, and caring touch. I am still feeling very happy about this doctor and this procedure, and my lips are looking pretty awesome! I have to wear my bandage for 2-3 days, so there's not much to see yet. I will post more pics soon.

The evening and morning after surgery

Pain was a 1-2/10 while taking Extra Strength Tylenol. I slept propped up, and I woke up at midnight as the Tylenol had worn off. The pain was a 5/10, but is subsided to a 1/10 twenty minutes after taking the Tylenol. So far everything is going better than I expected.

Two days after surgery. Things are going well.

Today is Thursday, and I had the LL on Tuesday. I was instructed to take off bandage 2-3 days after surgery, so I plan to do so tomorrow morning. I need to wash the wound in soap and water 2x day and cover with thin layer of Bacitracin with a non-stick bandage on top. I can't wait to see how it looks under there. I am a real rule follower, so I haven't even peeked yet. The pain is merely a slight discomfort at times, no more than a 1 on a 1-10 scale. My mouth movement is very restricted...smiling is impossible. I have reduced my need to talk a lot. I can chew ok, and my appetite has not been affected in the least. I take my Extra Strength Tylenol every 6 hours, Arnica tablets every few hours, Kelfex 4x day, and collagen tablets with vitamin C every morning. I will start taking all my supplements next week. I miss them! My aminos, my fat burners, my pre workouts, my fish oil, and my multivitamins. Things are looking really good, subtle and natural. I just love the shape of my mouth, and I can't even believe that I can see my upper teeth.

day 2 pics


Initial bandage removed! So very happy with result.

I took off my bandage this morning and washed the wound with a mild facial wash, using a Q-tip to dab away some of the blood and crust gently. Then I put a thin layer of bacitracin on the stitches. I couldn't be happier. I hope the swelling is done, because I like this look as it is. If it does, then I will just get more filler as I need to, My husband just loves the new pouty look. He is really impressed with the quality of my doc's work and the improvement to my facial features. I am just so glad I opted for a lip lift rather than the permalip silicone implants. This surgery has given a better shape to my lips, and the filler will give the volume.

day 3 pics - no bandage

more pics

Stitches out today!

So, it was a little painful removing the stitches from under my nose. Doc says I had a little reaction to the bacitracin, and he prescribed me a different antibiotic cream. I have to clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide and place a think layer of the new cream. It looks good; thin and fine. I feel so relieved that the stitches are out; it felt so tight, and I hated wearing the band aid at work. So many questions....
The most depressing part of this entire process is the hiatus/reduction of my exercise regimen. I don't want to risk damaging the beautiful work on my lip, so I am being very careful and following the doctor's orders. I am taking many long and fast walks, and I will start back at the gym using only light weights in a few days. I am not permitted to lift heavy for 5 or engage in vigorous cardio for 5 weeks according to Doc. I was in process of training for a bodybuilding show this autumn, and I hate the break in momentum. But, my lovely lips are worth it. Have to keep reminding myself of that.
Stuart Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Avron Lipschitz has been professional, courteous, patient, friendly, relaxed, conservative, skillful, talented, and thorough. I especially like his realistic approach and the managing of one's expectations. His staff is lovely, in particular: Cheryl, Anne Marie, Monique, and Belinda, were all very kind to me throughout the entire process. The doctor called me on his personal cell phone later in the day after my surgery to check up on me. The doctor showed me examples of his previous lip lifts, which is what sold me on choosing him the most. His work was impeccable. He's young and cheerful, and his biography speaks for itself. He has trained with the best of the best, and I trust him. He took time to talk with me, and he informed me of the pros and the cons of everything. I'll definitely be going back to him as time and gravity march on.

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