Mother of 2, 2 C-sections - Strongsville, OH

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I am 44, two c-sections, small belly pooch and...

I am 44, two c-sections, small belly pooch and some skin laxity. I weigh about 150 lbs,and am 5'7". I wear a size 6. I'm currently getting my cool sculpting procedure done, as I type this...35 min in to first of 3 areas.(4/23/16- date won't enter today as treatment date, so had to put 4/24) They are using the coolmax on my lower abdomen and two curlcurve applicators will be diagonal over my belly button. It was somewhat painful when they turned on the coolmax...pain to sides, like cramping, and pain above belly button. I was surprised how high it was placed; my belly button is in the suction. I will be getting the other two treatments directly following this one, so I will be here for 3 hrs. I will let you know how that goes with the smaller applicator. I will just say that I would describe the first 5-10 min of this as painful. Now it is still uncomfortable; I don't feel like I can take a deep breath or my skin will tear out of the suction. I do feel cooling, but not much actual sensation in the suction. Strangely, I feel gassy rumbling going on in my belly.

Day Two

I woke up this morning with only a little swelling; much less than yesterday. I'm still feeling sore and have developed 2 small bruised areas on my upper/ mid abs. I actually took 2 photos this morning. You can see the marker lines, small bruise and I'm still a bit swollen.

Day Three

I went back to work today and besides a little tenderness and swelling, it was almost normal. I do feel numb, but not completely. I wore a compression tank top to support my tummy, and a baggy top. I am just hoping to make it past the next 4 days without the nerve pain people have experienced! The worst part of it as of today, is that I look chubbier than normal due to swelling.

Day Four

Swelling down even more, which makes me happy...but here it comes: feeling shockwaves of twingy pain. I'm feeling a lot of pins and needles and occasional intense shooting pains around my abdomen. Mostly around my ribcage, but a bit near my belly button too. I'm going to see how I feel tomorrow, to decide whether to get a nerve blocker prescription. If it stays at about this intensity, I'll be okay without anything. We shall see!

Day Five

I'm experiencing terrible itching and burning. It isn't that the pain is intense, but that the constant sensations and itching you can't scratch have me feeling awful. I worked today and it was bad because I really felt uncomfortable the entire time. I left feeling anxious...let me tell you, constant irritation can really get on your nerves... No pun intended lol I felt like I would lose my mind! I teach students with multiple disabilities and am usually beyond patient, but today was rough!

Day Six

I stayed home from work today because of the burning, shocking pains I had through the night. It has me pretty miserable. As long as I can lay around or sit still, after finding a comfortable position, I'm somewhat okay for about 30 min. then it's back again. I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones, now I'm just hoping it starts getting better rather than worse! I can't continue to stay home for work. It feels like surface burning and also deeper shocks of pain. If you have ever held a lit sparkler and had the sparks land on you, it's like that. The pain wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't pretty continuous. It is extremely irritating! Just being honest.

Day Seven

I woke up this morning in a little less pain than yesterday, but that was short lived. I worked all day, which included a 4 hour outdoor field trip. I did pretty well until the very end. The burning pain came back with a vengeance and is probably the worst I have felt. I am using ice packs, but even that isn't doing it. I swear, I'm always surprised when I look at my abdomen in the mirror, because it looks okay, but feels like it should be bright red and inflamed. I feel like the people they show on shingles commercials... This nerve pain is relentless!

Very little swelling left, tons of nerve pain!

Last night was my worst night yet. It took me hours to finally fall asleep! Intense burning : ( Today has also been a little rough, but I'm planning on resting most of the day. I took photos to compare with the ones i took right after the procedure. Swelling is nearly gone, but of course, too early for anything more.

Day Eight

So, last night was probably the worst night I've had for getting sleep. Actually, day seven was my worst day and I decided to try anything and everything to ease my nerve pain. I started taking Super B complex, (which is supposed to help nerve issues), and drank two big glasses of wine, (which is something I never do at home). This did help and I fell asleep, but awoke 2 hours later in pain. I swapped out ice packs all night. It sucked! Today has been much better though. I almost don't want to say it, but I feel like I may have turned the corner with the intense nerve pain! I will definitely keep you posted!

Day Nine

Still experiencing nerve pain, but I do think it is diminishing in intensity. The severe pains are now spread out instead of constant. I cannot wait to feel normal again!

Day Ten

Pain is less intense, more of the itching I had earlier on. It has been okay for a couple hours at a time, then about 15 min of uncomfortableness. My abdomen feels really hot under tight tops to the point I swear I'm sweating...but I'm not! These messed up nerves are definitely acting crazy!!! The majority of people with nerve pain said day 12 was just about the end...this is my hope! As for results; I think it's too early to really see any. I will post pics from this morning.

Day Eleven

I'm feeling much better! I do still have a little pain, but it seems to be getting better each day. I only had to put ice on my abs once, otherwise just a tiny itching/stinging. I don't look any different, but I'm just happy to be feeling this improvement! I still have at least 10 more days until I should even look for a change. If I see a change, it will definitely be from coolsculpting, because I have absolutely done nothing exercise wise, and have been eating as usual. We'll see.

Day Twelve

Not much to report. Still a little nerve pain, not much of a visible change yet. I took new pictures this morning... Biggest difference is a spray tan lol

Day Thirteen

No real changes! Will mention that I started getting spray tans again...I was a little worried about how it would feel since I have been having nerve pain, and discomfort. I've found it actually feels good! So, that's good lol

Day Fourteen

Pain is now just a nagging tingling, which I definitely am happy to report! My photos appear to show a tiny change, but I think it's just that the swelling is finally completely gone.

Day Fifteen

Almost pain free!! Don't see any changes yet.

Day Sixteen

I am finally pain free! I only feel sore if I press on my tummy; feels like touching a bruise. I'm beginning to forget how bad that nerve pain was! I would only consider doing this again when I'm on vacation from work. I still see no real results, but am hoping I will in a couple/few more weeks.

Day Seventeen

Nearly feeling normal again! I can't believe that it's taking this long to get back to nearly pain and numb free. I really wish I was one of the people that had no nerve pain, because I'm afraid I will need another treatment to get decent results. As of now, I'm not sure I want to deal with the pain again. I guess I will just cross my fingers and hope for awesome results!!! My cell camera isn't working, but as soon as I get it figured out I'll post more pics. I think I'm pretty much looking the same as my last ones. I definitely want to take some on the three weeks mark, which will be on Sunday.

Day Eighteen

I woke up this morning and I honestly could see a small difference in my lower ab pooch! It isn't dramatic, but it is flatter...I noticed in the shower when I looked down and while shaving. Later, I also could see a difference in the mirror. I'm hoping it wasn't just a fluke, and the difference will persist! 2 more days and it will have been 3 weeks and I plan on taking photos to post.

3 week update

No more pain, still a little numbness. I do see subtle results and am hoping to see more! They told me to look for differences as early as 3 weeks post coolsculpting, with optimum results two months after the procedure. Do I look any different or is it in my mind??

Quick 3 week update

Just wanted to write this quick update to say that I've noticed my results getting a little bit more noticeable. I noticed again while shaving in the I can see my pubic bone area without having to look over my tummy pooch. I'll post more on Sunday, which marks 1 Month post treatment.

One month update

I definitely do see changes! No, they aren't dramatic, but still noticeable. I still have a little numbness in areas, but otherwise, I'm feeling back to normal. I weighed myself this morning, and haven't lost or gained anything since my procedure; I'm actually up 1/2 lb. but I always fluctuate a tiny bit. I'm posting my latest pics and they accurately show the differences I am seeing.

5 weeks update

So I like my results and am definitely leaning toward changing my rating to "worth it"; I just want to wait make sure my results are sustained and not temporary! I have had no weight change. I go for my official before and after pics at the provider on June 17 and will get the whole picture then. I am considering getting another treatment done on my lower abs... possibly using two of the smaller applicators diagonally placed. I do have skin laxity, but it hasn't gotten much worse than before, and my tummy being flatter is worth that.

6 weeks update

I am still seeing results, but say the most noticeable changes happened really early for me; 3 weeks post. I have my 2 month follow up on June 17th, and am consulting to see if I can get more treatment on my lower abs. We shall see.

2 month follow up

Today I went for my 8 week follow up appointment. They took my after pics, and I was able to see the before pictures. Omg! There was definitely a difference! The pictures I have been taking here have been accurate in showing progress. I couldn't quite remember what I looked like before...I do now! I have changed my rating to "worth it" and scheduled another treatment on my lower abs. I will be using 2 Coolcore applicators diagonally across my very low abs in a v shape. I'm very confident that this will give me the satisfying results I'm looking for. I've actually gained a few pounds, yet the difference from my before to after pictures was great. I know I will probably have the awful nerve pain again, but this time I'm more prepared for it. I go on June 23rd.

Back for round two

Currently having my lower left ab area coolsculpted. It wasn't as painful as last time, when I had the coolmax applicator. Just want to get through this day and also the nerve pain I experienced last time. Planning on 2 weeks of awfulness! Last time I saw decent results at 3 wks out. Hoping for great results! ( Just remembered the massage...ugh!

New markings June 23rd

This is a pic taken a few hours after my second procedure, done on my lower abs. Marker lines show placement of two of the smaller applicators. I have asymmetry to my lower abs due to my on/gyn sewing me up off center after my second c-section, so we are hoping to counteract that. My left side grabbed up much more fat than my right. Right side barely hurts or is numb either.

Quick update...

Yes, I am experiencing the nerve pain again: ( It is happening in smaller areas than it did my first time around though! I haven't had to pull out my ice packs yet, but they are ready on standby in my freezer! All in all, this second treatment has been much easier.

6 days post second treatment

I am muddling through the nerve pain, just like I did the first time! Using ice is the only thing that helps. Coincidentally, I had this second treatment on June 23, and my first treatment was on April 23. I have been re-reading my posts from last time to get through this pain. Going by last time, I should be feeling much better by July 2. I'm hoping! I got out my red,white and blue bikini to see if I may possibly be able to wear it for the 4th... honestly, not sure I'm there yet! I still have a little swelling, and obviously no results from this round!

8 days after second treatment

Nerve pain is starting to subside, thank God! I took pics today; swelling is gone, or nearly all gone. It's too early for real results to be here from procedure two, so I am patiently waiting!

Happy July 4th!

I don't think I'm ready for the red,white,and blue bikini just yet! Hope all my coolsculpting friends enjoy great results and celebrate Independence Day!

2 weeks after second treatment

No changes yet...I keep looking. I saw a difference at 3 weeks post last time, so I'm crossing my fingers it will happen again! I ate terrible last week and gained 3.5 lbs, not good. I'm getting back on track now!

2 weeks post

Seeing some results!

I noticed a small reduction in my very low abs this morning. It even feels different to the touch; less flab! It will be 3 weeks in 4 days and plan on taking pictures at that time. I'm hoping these changes are real!

3 weeks after second treatment

So here are my latest photos. I do see a slight difference in the lower portion of my abs, just not as drastic as after my first round. I think that 20% of a smaller fat area is just that, a smaller reduction. I also had the large applicator on my lower the first time around. I currently weigh exactly what I weighed before any treatments; I had a few pounds to lose to get back there because I had gained a few in the last couple weeks. It's also my time of the month right now : / My skin is a little looser in the lower, center area and I still have a little asymmetry to the area from my c section. All that said, my abs are flatter, and in a higher waist swim bottom or in clothes, it's awesome! I don't wear spanx, I really never did, and now I don't need to!!!

I month after second treatment

I haven't seen any more changes...I don't think I will. I'm happy with my results, I just seem to get max results early on. If I do see anything, I will update my review. On a side note, I had blood work done last week and my triglycerides went down significantly since a year and a half ago. It's strange because I've actually gained 7 lbs, and not from muscle gain...I need to work out more! My other cholesterol readings stayed pretty constant, and have been good. My triglycerides had been high, not anymore! I have lost a lot of belly fat, maybe that influenced it? Idk. I'm going to try to come back here to update as time goes by, like one year out, two etc. That's what I would have liked to see... longevity of coolsculpting results.

6 weeks post second treatment, 14 weeks post first

So I went on an 8 day vacation and ate like crazy! I gained some weight and was nervous to get home, take pictures and have to compare them. But, here they are, and when side by side to my last pictures, they're not worse at all! Coolsculpting really worked for me.

Pictures for above post

4 mos after treatment one, 2 mos after treatment two

Still seeing good results, even after gaining 7 lbs... not thrilled to report the weight, but happy to see coolsculpting results! I'm posting pictures from this weekend.

5 mos after first treatment, 3 mos after second.

The results are definitely more subtle from my second treatment, compared to my first one. But...there are results! I still need to lose some weight, but my tummy roll is smaller. No doubt. My latest pics are comparing now with after the first treatment. The only place I had done the second time was below my belly button, so results are only there.

6 mos after 1st, 4 mos after 2nd update

It has been 6 months since I had my first treatment and 4 months post second treatment. Results are still there. My weight has stabilized at about 3 lbs more than my pre treatment weight. I really need to start working out, but I have not. If I had never had cool sculpting, there is no doubt in my mind that I'd have a major low ab pooch/roll just like I used to. Now my abs are much flatter, even though I haven't lost an ounce. I'm posting a photo from today next to a photo taken after 2 treatments taken in mid July. I want to continue to update this profile, honestly giving people what my results are up to one year out. I had a very hard time finding reviews that showed what results were like long term!

9 mos after 1st treatment

So, it's been a while! I have continued to struggle with losing any weight...I'm 3 lbs. heavier than my first treatment weight. That being said, I still see results from my coolsculpting. I took a couple of pics this week, which I'll post. I think I would have had even better results had I lost like ten pounds. Coolsculpting definitely removed fat in my targeted lower abs area!

9 mos after 2 treatments vs after 1 treatment

9 mos post 2 treatments vs 3 mos post 2 treatments

This shows a tiny rebound of fat very low on my abs. I don't think it has to do with coolsculpting; just weight gain : ( I would recommend this treatment for sure, but be aware that the most dramatic results come from the first treatment!

Latest pic. 9 1/2 mos. After

Still giving coolsculpting a thumbs up

A year and a few weeks after treatment 1

Results still remain, even though I am about 5 lbs heavier. Have gained girth around treatment areas, but not too much in the actual areas I had coolsculpting. I would still recommend coolsculpting to others, and may eventually do my arms.

Comparison pics...after one year

I'm posting the pic taken the day after treatment one vs now, and also after results from my one treatment vs today. Keep in mind I have not been working out or eating my best, and am actually 5 lbs heavier now.
Ideal Image

Lady seemed nice enough! Can't recall her name, though.

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